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Angles & Houses
Midnight Sun: in search of Astrology's Dark Roots
House Rulerships in Practice
I: The Polar Horoscope
II: Polar Houses
III: The Polar Arcs
IV: Polar Meridians
V: Global Horoscopes
V: Global Horoscopes II
The Problems of House Division
Topocentric Houses: Loose ends and Unrapt parallels
It's the Oblique Sphere Stupid!
Placido and the semi-arc method of house division
Progressing the Angles: A Comment on Directing
Regiomontanus Cusps from Placidus Tables
Angularity & the Strength of Houses
Houses in Horary | House Cusps & Orbs
Lilly's "Of the Twelve Houses, their Nature and Signification"
Aspects & Numerology
  T-Squares: An Introduction
Bonatti's Table of Perfection
  MASHA ALLAH: What is reception?
  Sun & Neptune through the Aspect Cycle
  The Classical Origin & Traditional Use of Aspects
  The Classical Basis of Antiscia and Contra-antiscia
  Table to Show Traditional Orbs for Aspectual Contact
  An Introduction to Aspects and Chart Shapes
  Sun aspects - natal interpretations
  Moon aspects - natal interpretations
  Mercury aspects - natal interpretations
  Venus aspects - natal interpretations
  Mars aspects - natal interpretations
  Jupiter aspects - natal interpretations
  Saturn aspects - natal interpretations
  Uranus aspects - natal interpretations
  Neptune aspects - natal interpretations
  Pluto aspects - natal interpretations
  The Classical Use of Triplicities
see also:
    Johannes Kepler and the Music of the Spheres
Decumbiture, Humours & Herbs
The Astrology of Depression
Hippocrates, Humours & Temperament-Theory in the Traditional Teachings of Astrology and Medicine
The Doctrine of Signatures by W.P. Swainson (1930s)
Culpeper's 'Astrologo-Physical Discourse of The Human Virtues in the Body of Man' (PDF)
  Can astrology bring you a baby?                         
Intro to Decumbiture I: Defining the Moment
Intro to Decumbiture II: Decumbiture and Humoral Physiology
Intro to Decumbiture III: House Rulership in Decumbiture
Intro to Decumbiture IV: The First House: Health & Vitality
Intro to Decumbiture V: The Sixth House and Disease
Intro to Decumbiture VI: The Seventh House and the Physician
Intro to Decumbiture VII: The Tenth House: The Medicine
Intro to Decumbiture VIII: A Case History - A Study in Infertility
Intro to Decumbiture IX: Supplementary Significations of Disease
Intro to Decumbiture X: The Eighth House - Death
Intro to Decumbiture XI: The Application of Decumbiture
  The Art and Science of Reflexology and Astrology
  Evangeline Adams' Decumbitures
  Excerpts from Temperament: Astrology's Forgotten Key by Dorian Greenbaum
  Melancholy: The Saturnine Temperament
  Sanguine: The Jupiterian Temperament
  Mind, Body & Spirit: A Case History
The myths of Mistletoe, by Dylan Warren-Davis
  Comfrey - the embodiment of a Saturnine Herb
  Dandelion - the embodiment of a Jovial Herb
  Garlic - the embodiment of a Martian Herb
  Valerian & Fennel: Two Contrasting Mercurial Herbs
St John's Wort - A Solar Herb
Made in the Image of the Heavens: The Cosmology of the Hand
see also:
     Life & work of Ptolemy - for discussion of planetary humours
Electional Astrology
  Guido Bonatti's 4th House Elections
  Marriage Elections: Comparing Different Rules
  Electional Astrology - chapter from John Frawley's Real Astrology
  Electing by the Moon                                    
  Electing for Financial Gain
Historical / Biographical
  The Life & Work of Vettius Valens
  Notes on Dorotheus III: the haylāj, Kadhkhudāh, and terms of life
  A Brief Biography of Vivian Robson
  An introduction to Al Kindi
  An introduction to Lois Rodden
An Annotated Lilly, volume I; pages i - 114
Henry Coley's Clavis Astrologiae Elimata (includes PDF of text in modern type)
  An introduction to Charles Carter
  An introduction to Johannes Schoener
  An introduction to Ibn Ezra
  An introduction to Dane Rudhyar
  An Introduction to Abu Ma'shar
  An Introduction to Vettius Valens
  Tomorrow's news today: astrology, fate, & the way out
  Planetary Symbolism and Medieval Literature
Ptolemy's Terms & Conditions
  Extracts from Persian Nativities Vols. I, II & III
  Gauricus and the Warning of Death given to Henry II
  Pythagoras: Father of Numbers
  Charts & symbols in early astrology: a study of the chart form of L 497
  Zodiac and Swastika by Wilhelm Wulff
  The Life of Guido Bonatti
The Individual and the Cosmos
Albertus Magnus and Prognostication by the Stars
A Brief Biography of Alan Leo
  The Louis de Wohl I knew
  Placidus and the Rosicrucian Connection
  Henry Coley's English translation of Ptolemy's Centiloquium
  Henry Coley's English translation of the Centiloquium of Bethem
  Henry Coley's English translation of the Centiloquium of Hermes Trismegistus
The Influence of Marsilio Ficino
  A Brief Biography of Evangeline Adams
Julius Firmicus Maternus: Profile of a Roman Astrologer
  Nicholas Culpeper: Herbalist of the People
  More than Just a Footnote (History of women in astrology)
The Rise and Fall of the Astrological Almanac
Heavenly Imprints: Development of the Zodiac
The Seven Faces of Raphael
  Time, the Egyptians and the Calendar
  The Astrology of Jean Baptiste Morin
  Notes on the nativity and death of Jean Baptiste Morin
  Johannes Kepler and the Music of the Spheres
  Kepler's Belief in Astrology
  The Central Sun: The Copernican Revolution
Hypatia : Life is an Unfoldment
John Dee - The Inspired Melancholic
The Irrepressible Galileo Galilei
Galileo's Astrology
The Life & Work of Ptolemy
The Life & Work of William Lilly
Lilly and the Alchemist
Tycho Brahe - A King Amongst Astronomers
Isaac Newton and the Ocean of Truth
Lilly's War Charts: If Prince Rupert should gain honour by our wars?
The Life & Work of Abraham ibn Ezra
A Century of Reform: The Rise and Demise of Astrology in 17th Century England
John Gadbury: Politics & the Decline of Astrology
Cromwell's Nativity: Gadbury versus Partridge
  Sepharial: That Terrible Iconoclast
Al Biruni & Arabic Astrology
Al Biruni's List of Parts
The Bickerstaff Papers
The Moon & Ancient Calendars
see also:
    Comets in history
    Shelley: A Tragic Romantic
    Life & Horoscope of Casanova
    Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen
    Vettius Valens: an Ancient Judgement of Wealth
MS Ashmole 209: Jeffery Neve's Treasure Trove of Horaries
Christian Astrology (read / download the text)
Lilly's Considerations
16th century medical horary from Simon Forman
Timeliness, by Zane Maser
The Definition of Peregrine
Freewill and fate in the practice of Horary Astrology
An Annotated Lilly, pages i - 86
  Which House Rules Cars?
The Astrologer's Dilemma
  MASHA ALLAH: What is reception?
A review of the astrological tradition concerning the perfection of significators and its denial (part I)
A review of the astrological tradition concerning the perfection of significators and its denial (part II)
  Prediction, Providence & the Power of the 'Self' in Horary
Hour Agreement and Radical Questions
Derek Appleby and Horary Astrology
Lilly's War Charts: If the Earl of Essex should take Reading?
Lilly's War Charts: If Prince Rupert should gain honour by our wars?
Lilly's War Charts: If his Majesty should procure Forces out of Ireland to harm the Parliament?
Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson's Sick Boy
  Attention all Shipping!
   Introduction by Deborah Houlding
   Aphorisms for Travel at Sea
   The Safety of a Ship at Sea by Palchus 479 AD
   The Disaster of the Braer by Cynthea Tasker
   An Astrological Warning of Trouble at Sea by Dennis Elwell
   Judging for 'many persons absent' by William Lilly
   An Example of a Ship at Sea by William Lilly
   Will I get There? - travel horary by Deborah Houlding
  Relationship Horaries
   Introduction by Deborah Houlding
   Will she leave her husband for me?
   Will this be a permanent relationship? by Olivia Barclay
   Will he marry me?
   Will they get back together? by Cynthea Tasker
   Is there a future in this relationship?
  Lost Object Horaries
   Where is it? Introduction by Deborah Houlding
   Where is my money? Judged by Sharon Knight
   Where is my ring? Judged by Deborah Houlding
   Where is the hook? Judged by Max J. Pokus
   Where are my glasses? Judged by Deborah Houlding
   Where is my diamond earring? Judged by Sharon Knight
  Horary Astrology - chapter from Real Astrology by John Frawley
  How to Beat Time - by John Frawley
John Gadbury on Thefts, Fugitives & Strays
  A Modern Art of Horary by Dennis Elwell
  Questioning our Horaries by Deborah Houlding
  Is the scorpion still around? - example horary
  Traditional Aphorisms for Pregnancy Charts
  Learning Horary, Part 1 - By Deborah Houlding
   Introducing horary
   Identifying Significators
   Traditional Sign Rulerships
   Houses in Horary | House Cusps and Orbs | Test 1
   Angular, Succeedent, Cadent | 'Public and Private' | Colours | Test 2
   Planetary Joys | Turning the Chart |
   Example Horary: Will my parents be OK this year?
      The problem | Approach to Judgement | Judgement and Outcome
   Summary and Final Test
  William Lilly's Horaries - 'If Attaine the Philosopher's Stone?'
Lilly and the Alchemist
Miscellaneous & Philosophical
  Tomorrow's news today: astrology, fate, & the way out
Letters to the BBC
Ophiuchus puts his foot in it, but its Cox who sticks the Boot in
Extracts from 'Introductions to Astrology' by Ben Dykes
Of Judgements on the Lunar Nodes
Why Astrological Prediction Works, by Melina Leon
The Cosmic Harmony of Time and Space, by Nunzia Coppola
Monas Hieroglyphica: A Study of Dee's Famous Symbol
Mayo School 'Foundation-Level' Beginner's Course
Monas Hieroglyphica: A Study of Dee's Famous Symbol
Monas Hieroglyphica: The Inner Journey
  The Seven Bodies of Man in Hermetic Astrology
  Astrology is a Foreign Language, by Dennis Elwell
William Lilly's Prediction of the Fire of London
From Allegory to Anagoge: the Question of Symbolic Perception in a Literal World
Astrology and Gemmology
A Brief Comparison of the Use of Reception by Historical Authors
  Fate - and how to avoid it, by Dennis Elwell
  Astrology, Divination & Enchantment by Patrick Curry
  Astrological Physiognomy: From Ptolemy to the Present Day
Fortune, Spirit and the Lunation Cycle by David Plant
The Star of Bethlehem by David Plant
Glossary of Archaic Terms by Kim Farnell
Astral Portraits of the Seven Metals - Nick Kollerstrom
Astrology of Colour - David McCann
Astrology, Sex & Great Lovers - Kim Farnell
  Glossary of Traditional Terms
Astronomy & Astrology of the Solar Hero Myth - Robin Heath
Traditional Aphorisms Concerning Wealth
Mundane Astrology
  Understanding the mean conjunctions of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle
  Crisis on the Korean Peninsula War? (PDF file:783 KB)
  William Ramesey's Fourth Book "Astrologia Munda" (1653)
  2009 - The Global Situation
  Mundane Matters: The National Chart
  Bombs & Floods (pdf file)
Clues in the Cosmos: The case of the Black Panther and Lesley Whittle
Everyone talks about the weather, nobody does anything about it
A Basic Guide to Astro-Meteorology
An Introduction to Astro*Carto*Graphy
  Asteroids and Comets
  Unexpected Visitors: The Theory of the Influence of Comets
  Hale Bopp: Harbinger of Government Flop
  Eclipses: Darkening of the Light
  Traditional Rules for Judgement of Eclipses
  Eclipses: The Kings Cross Eclipse
  Eclipses: Timing the Effects of an Eclipse
  Eclipses: Tables of Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  Eclipses: An Astrological Warning of Trouble at Sea
  Disaster of the Braer (analysis of event chart)
  When Charts Expand Horizons (review of Diana crash chart)
  The Alma Revisited... was it an Accident?
  Ingresses: An Introduction to Mundane Astrology
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Charts of interest to mundane astrology featured on this site (some with commentaries) include:

Tony Blair | Napoleon Bonaparte I | George Bush | Prince Charles | Winston Churchill | Bill Clinton | Oliver Cromwell | Princess Diana | Queen Elizabeth II | Prince Edward | King Henry II of France | Abraham Lincoln | Martin Luther | Nelson Mandela | Mary Queen of Scots | Eva Peron | Joseph Stalin | Margaret Thatcher | George Washington | Prince William | Duke of Windsor

Bastille (fall of - solar chart) | Braer (oil disaster) | UK national chart (1801) |
Natal Studies
  T-Squares: An Introduction (Natal analysis of Roman Polanski and Margaret Thatcher)
Neptune & Jimi Hendrix
Sex with Claudius Ptolemy
  Sibly's Historical Horoscopes
The Jupiter Cycles of Lady Diana
  Happiness in Medieval Astrology
The Astrological 'Parts' in Action
Albion Rising: Reflections on the Nativity of William Blake
Nativity of John Allen Muhammad (Washington Sniper)
The Race for the South Pole (Natal analysis of Scott & Amundsen)
Patton: Swiftly Running Waters
Tolkien: Heir to the Grand Tradition
Life & Horoscope of Casanova
Percy Shelley: A Tragic Romantic
The Immortal Genius of Beethoven
Astro-Profile of Johhny Depp
Papillon and the Soul of Republican France
Cromwell's Nativity: Gadbury versus Partridge
Lilly's English Merchant: concerning wealth (paraphrased)
Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen
J. Paul Getty's Phenomenal Wealth
Other nativities on this site (many with commentaries) include:

Evangeline Adams | Albiruni | Muhammad Ali | Tony Blair | Napoleon Bonaparte I | Tycho Brahe | Marlon Brando | George Bush | Prince Charles | Agatha Christie | Winston Churchill | Bill Clinton | Sean Connery | Nicholas Copernicus | Joan Crawford | Oliver Cromwell | Charles Darwin | John Dee | Princess Diana | Marlene Dietrich | Michael Douglas | Queen Elizabeth II | Prince Edward | Albert Einstein | Marsilio Ficino | Jane Fonda | John Gadbury | Galileo | George Galloway | Mohandas Gandhi | Bill Gates | Germaine Greer | Darrelyn Gunzburg | George Harrison | King Henry II of France | Howard Hughes | Michael Jackson | Mick Jagger | Warren Kenton | Johannes Kepler | Martin Luther King | Rudyard Kipling | Bruce Lee | John Lennon | William Lilly | Abraham Lincoln | Jennifer Lopez | Martin Luther | Madonna | Nelson Mandela | Bob Marley | Mary Queen of Scots | Marilyn Monroe | Jean Baptiste Morin | Wolfgang Mozart | Isaac Newton | Nostrodamus | John Partridge | Anna Pavlova | Eva Peron | Edith Piaf | Brad Pitt | Raphael | Christopher Reeve | Dane Rudhyar | Winona Ryder | George C. Scott. | Sepharial | Frank Sinatra | Christeen Skinner | Steven Spielberg | Mark Spitz | Joseph Stalin | Shelley von Strunckel | Elizabeth Taylor | Margaret Thatcher | Alan M. Turing | Tina Turner | Mark Twain | Vincent Van Gogh | Leonardo Da Vinci | George Washington | Orson Welles | Simon Wiesenthal | Oscar Wilde | Prince William | Duke of Windsor | Oprah Winfrey | Wilbur Wright | Catherine Zeta Jones
Johannes Schoener's table of dignity scores
List of articles on The Sun
List of articles on The Moon
List of articles on Mercury
List of articles on Venus
List of articles on Mars
List of articles on Jupiter
List of articles on Saturn
List of articles on Uranus
List of articles on Neptune
List of articles on Pluto
Abu Mashar's Planetary Significations: Saturn | Jupiter | Mars | Sun | Venus | Mercury | Moon
Introducing the Planets: Sun | Moon | Mercury | Mars | Jupiter | Saturn | Uranus | Neptune | Pluto
Understanding Planetary Dignity and Debility
The Exaltation System in Babylonian Astrology
The Philosophy of Sign Rulership
William Lilly's list of planet-mineral correspondences
How to read planetary positions in an ephemeris (for beginners)
Astral Portraits of the Seven METALS
  Planetary Symbolism and Medieval Literature
Parts/lots, nodes, antiscia, &c
The Classical Basis of Antiscia and Contra-antiscia
The Classical Use of Triplicities
  Notes on Dorotheus III: the haylāj, Kadhkhudāh, and terms of life
Ptolemy's Terms & Conditions
Al Biruni & Arabic Astrology
Of Judgements on the Lunar Nodes
Fortune, Spirit and the Lunation Cycle by David Plant
Predictive Techniques
A Correct Prediction: the NYC buiding strike, 1991, by Robert E. Zoller
An Easy Introduction to Primary Directions, by Deborah Houlding
  Introducing Primary Directions (Sample Chapter by Martin Gansten)
Progressing the Angles: A Comment on Directing
Regiomontanus Cusps from Placidus Tables
An Introduction to Astro*Carto*Graphy

Working as a Professional Astrologer
Astrology & Social Media
Data Collecting: Its History, Its Importance and Its Unsung Heroes
Conversing with Heaven
Astrology is a "Trusted Science" rules India's Supreme Court
The Backstory to the AA's Petition (and why Twitter Chums stick together when the Beeb makes a Boob).
  Legalities and liabilities in British Astrology
  An Interview with Deborah Houlding
  An Interview with some American Astrologers
An Interview with Dorian Greenbaum
  An Interview with Benjamin Dykes
An Interview with Maurice McCann
An Interview with Robert Hand
An Interview with Bernadette Brady
An Interview with Kim Farnell
An Interview with Robert Zoller
An Interview with Darby Costello
An Interview with Bernard Eccles
  An Interview with Dennis Elwell
An Interview with John Frawley
An Interview with Darrelyn Gunzburg
An Interview with Mike Harding
An Interview with Warren Kenton
An Interview with Garry Phillipson
An Interview with Christine Skinner
An Interview with Shelley von Strunckel
An Interview with Komilla Sutton
  Five Issues in Astrological Counseling
Starting out in a Professional practice and Setting Fees
Psychological Astrology
Synchronicty - extract from 'Jung & Astrology' by Maggie Hyde
The Eternal Triangle by Liz Greene
Carmen Astrologicum of Dorotheus, book I
Carmen Astrologicum of Dorotheus, book II
Carmen Astrologicum of Dorotheus, book III
Christian Astrology vols I & II
MS Ashmole 209 - Jeffery Neve’s Trove of Horaries
The Traditional Astrologer (online reproduction: #16, March 1998)
The Impractical Astrologer (online reproduction: #1, December 1995)
Avelar & Ribeiro: On the Heavenly Spheres (2010)
Beck: A Brief History of Ancient Astrology (2006)
Pictures of Lilly: review of three recently published texts focusing on the life and work of William Lilly (2014-15)
Bonatti: Book of Astronomy (2007 translation of 13th century treatise)
Boxer: A Scheme of Heaven (2020)
Brady: Astrology: A Place in Chaos (2006)
  Brennan & Mann: NCGR Research Journal Vol. 1 #1: 'Moving Forward, Looking Back (2010)
Brunhubner: Pluto (1934)
Burnett & Greenbaum: The Winding Courses of the Stars: Essays in Ancient Astrology (2008)
Campion: Book of World Horoscopes (2004 updated edition of original: 1988)
Campion: The Dawn of Astrology (2008)
Campion: A History Of Western Astrology, Volume II (2009)
Campion: Cosmologies: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Sophia Centre Conference (2010)
Campion: Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West (2013)
Cossar: Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile (2012)
Crane: Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy (2008)
Curry & Voss: Seeing with Different Eyes (2007)
Davis: From Here to There (2008)
Dykes: Works of Sahl and Masha'allah (2008)
Dykes: The Book of the Nine Judges (2012)
Elsbeth Ebertin: Can Assassinations be prevented? translated by Jenn Zahrt PhD
Elwell: Cosmic Loom (1999 revised, expanded and updated edition of original: 1987)
Esoteric Technologies: Solar Fire v.6 (released: 2006)
Ezra: The Book of Nativities and Revolutions (trans. M.B. Epstein, 2008)
Farnell: Astrology of Sex (2004)
Farnell: Flirting with the Zodiac (2007)
Frawley: Sports Astrology (2007)
Gansten: Primary Directions: Astrology's Old Master Technique (2009)
Garcia and Usher: Scala Coeli: Collection of Astrological Essays (2012)
Graves: From Sibly to Simmonite: Source texts of the 19th Century English Astrological Revival 1784-1854 (2014)
Graves: Godfather of Modernity: The Alan Leo Legacy Vol. One - Early Astrological Journals 1890-1912 (2014)
George: Astrology and the authentic self (2008)
Gillman: One after Another (2010))
Greenbaum: Temperament - Astrology's Forgotten Key (2005)
Greer: The Art and Practice of Geomancy (2009)
Gunzburg: Life after Grief (2004)
Hampar: Electional Astrology (2005)
Holden: Biographical Dictionary of Western Astrologers (2013)
Kolev: The Babylonian Astrolabe: the Calendar of Creation (2013)
Kollerstrom: Gardening & Planting by the Moon (2010)
Krissdttir: Descents of Memory: The Life of John Cowper Powys (2008)
Lewicki: Astrolabe Companion CD (2004)
Louis: The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns (2008)
McGillion: Blinded by Starlight (2002)
Nasser: Under One Sky (2004)
Newman: Declination in Astrology -The Steps of the Sun (2006)
Pankenier: Astrology and Cosmology in Early China: Conforming Earth to Heaven (2013)
Thabit Ibn Qurra: De Imaginibus (2005 translation of 9th century treatise)
Ramesey: Astrologiae Restaurata (2006 CD presentation of 17th century text)
Regulus: A Rectification Manual: The American Presidency (2008)
Roberts: The Star of the Magi (2007)
Rochberg: Heavenly Writing (2004)
Schmidt: Definitions and Foundations (2009)
Sela : Abraham Ibn Ezra's The Book of Reasons (2007)
Sellar: An Introduction to Medical Astrology (2008)
Skafte: When Oracles Speak (republished 2006)
Tarnas: Cosmos & Psyche (2006)
Tompkins: The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook
Warnock: Mansions of the Moon (2006) & Renaissance Astrology CD Library (2004)
Watters: Astrology for Today (2003)
Westran: When Stars Collide (2006)
White: Babylonian Star-Lore (2008)
White: Three books by Gavin White: Babylonian Star-Lore (revised), The Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Night (2015)
Wright: The Great Ages and Other Astrological Cycles (2007)
Xiaochun/Kistemaker: The Chinese Sky during the Han (1997)
Signs of the Zodiac
  Virgo's Wings; and Other Musings on the Mutable Signs
  Aries, the Ram | Famous Arians
Taurus, the Bull | Famous Taureans
Gemini, the Twins
Cancer, the Crab | Famous Cancerians
Leo the Lion | Famous Leos
Virgo, the Maiden
Libra the Scales | Famous Librans
Scorpio the Scorpion
Sagittarius the Archer | Famous Sagittarians
Capricorn the Goat-fish
Aquarius the Waterbearer | Famous Aquarians
Pisces the Fish
Stars & Constellations, Zodiac Systems
  Breaking News: Earth's axis just changed direction
  The Twenty Brightest Stars
  The Horror-Scope of Algol
Heavenly Imprints: Development of the Zodiac & the early origins of Aries & Taurus
  For & Against: The Zodiac Debate
Star Influences & Constellation Mythology
Andromeda | Aquarius | Aquila | Aries | Argo | Auriga | Bootes | Cancer | Canis Major | Canis Minor | Capricorn | Cassiopeia | Centaurus | Cetus | Corvus | Crater | Crux | Cygnus | Draco | Eridanus | Gemini | Hercules | Leo | Libra | Lyra | Ophiuchus | Orion | Pegasus | Perseus | Pisces | Pisces Australis | Sagittarius | Serpens | Scorpio | Taurus | Triangulum | Virgo
Gavin White's Babylonian Zodiac
The Hired Man: Aries (PDF)
The Bull of Heaven: Taurus (PDF)
The Great Twins: Gemini (PDF)
The Crab: Cancer (PDF)
The Lion: Leo (PDF)
The Maiden/Furrow: Virgo (PDF)
The Scales: Libra (PDF)
The Scorpion: Scorpio (PDF)
Pabilsag: Sagittarius (PDF)
The Goatfish: Capricorn (PDF)
The Great One: Aquarius (PDF)
The Tails: Pisces (PDF)
Full list of stars featured on this site (in zodiacal order)
Shelley: A Tragic Romantic - Study in the Fixed Stars
Fixed Stars: Why Bother? by Bernadette Brady

Recent additions:
The Life & Work of Vettius Valens
by Deborah Houlding
Can assassinations be prevented? by Elsbeth Ebertin
translated by Jenn Zahrt PhD
A Guide to Interpreting The Great American Eclipse
by Wade Caves
The Astrology of Depression
by Judith Hill
Understanding the zodiac: and why there really ARE 12 signs of the zodiac, not 13
by Deborah Houlding