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Claire Chandler - Mundane Matters

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Claire Chandler offers a well constructed argument that we cannot take a glib approach to dealing with charts of nations. How do astrologers capture the moment that defines the identity of a nation? Can one chart ever be appropriate, or should we look for threads of recurring emphasis?

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Claire Chandler is a Consulting Astrologer based in London, England. Claire is a past president of the Astrological Lodge of London and a previous editor of Astrology Quarterly. She has also been the secretary of the APAE (the Advisory Panel for Astrological Education) since 2001. Visit Claire's personal website at

The article made available for download is copyrighted to Claire Chandler and is offered here, with her permission, for private and non-commercial use. It may not be reproduced further without her specific agreement. Published online December 2008.