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Part One

Introducing DignityPtolemys Table of Essential DignitiesThe Use of Dignity in JudgementEssential DebilityAssessing Dignity/Debility through 'point-scoring'The Use of Reception between DignitiesTake a test on planetary dignities & debilities

Understanding Planetary Dignity and Debility
Assessing Dignity/Debility through Point-scoring

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Will I win the tribunal?


The numerical scores of the opposing parties are as follows:

Querent - Mars
Employers - Venus
Dignities Dignities
In own face +1 In own exaltation +4
Direct in Motion +4 Direct in Motion +4
Free from Combustion and Sun's beams +5 Free from Combustion and Sun's beams +5
    In 5th house +3
    Swift in Motion +2
    Occidental +2
Debilities Debilities
In 8th house -2 None  
Slow in Motion -2    
Occidental -2    
Total: +4 Total: +20

The numerical totals show the employer's position to be much stronger than the querent's. Venus is strongly dignified and suffers no major debility. Mars is less dignified and suffers from debilitating factors that represent loss and weakness. Correspondingly, the tribunal ruled in favour of the employer and the querent lost his case.

The concluding part of this article examines the meaning of planetary 'reception' and the descriptive interpretation applied to it in horary.

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