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Where is my diamond earring?

Judged by Sharon Knight

Where is my diamond earring?

I had lost one of my diamond earrings and drew up a horary to find out where it was.

As a personal possession the earring is shown by the Sun, ruler of the 2nd house, an appropriate significator for gold and precious things (CA. p.354). Though peregrine, it is well placed in the 11th house (of good fortune and friends), disposed by Mercury, to which the Moon applies by sextile. This shows good hopes for recovery, as does the Moon's trine to the ascendant, and the fact that both luminaries are above the horizon (CA. p 357). In addition, the antiscion of the Sun is at 25°42' Cancer, conjunct the ascendant. This reflection between the Sun and ascendant is a positive indication.

On the negative side, the Moon is besieged by Mars and Saturn, which I took to suggest that the earring had become 'wedged in' between two objects. Venus, the natural significator for jewellery, is also combust, indicating that the earring is hidden from sight.

If it was to be recovered, the earring had to be in my flat. The lord of the ascendant is angular and the hour ruler is succeedent, showing goods which are not far from their owner (CA. p.349). With the ascendant in Cancer and the Moon in Pisces, my first thoughts were near water, but despite diligent searching of the kitchen and bathroom I could not find it.

The next week, a friend going into the bathroom looked down to the bath mat under the sink and saw something sparkle. It was my missing earring. Its spike was lodged (besieged) in the weave of the mat so that I had not found it, despite having shaken it.

The earring was found by a friend, as suggested by the Moon's application to Mercury, which along with the Sun, Venus, and Fortuna, is located in the 11th house; in the bathroom, as shown by the Moon in Pisces.

About Sharon Knight

Sharon Knight Sharon originally studied with the Faculty of Astrology but completed her qualifications on the QHP course (Qualifying Horary Practitioner) in 1993. Sharon subsequently went on to become a Tutor for the QHP and taught astrology at evening class for the Kensington and Chelsea Adult Education unit. She has run small workshops and spoken at astrological events and given talks to interested groups.

Sharon has had many clients from around the world, and from many diverse backgrounds. Although her preference is for Horary Astrology, she also does natal work, but in the Traditional manner. Sharon has also helped couples undergoing fertility treatment to pinpoint the most likely time for a successful conception using the Jonas method.

Sharon was the astrologer for Here! magazine until it was bought out by a rival company, and became Now. In addition to her work on Here! Sharon has also written articles for the Daily Mirror, the Astrology Quarterly, Traditional Astrologer and the Astrological Journal here in the UK and for The Horary Practioner in America. Sharon now edits the Newsletter for the Association of Professional Astrologers International and is a Fellow of the same organisation. She is also a member of the Association of Astrologers and a member of the Astrological Lodge of London. Sharon recently successfully completed her M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.

Sharon can be contacted at
Telephone: 01825 750733.
Sharon is based in East Sussex, not far from Gatwick Airport and London.

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