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israel election 2019

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3963
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:16 pm    Post subject: israel election 2019 Reply with quote

looks like an election is coming... will comment further later today hopefully.. venus retro going over the ascendant while sun opposes natal sun by transit... mars opp mars... things haven't panned out exactly as planned for netanyahu anyway... lieberman resigned and bennett demanding the defense ministry chair... presently netanyahu is overseeing 3 different portfolios is memory serves me correctly.. speculation is an election next march..

i keep on updating this fwiw...

here is an article from today on what i am talking about..

edit to change title of thread - march 26 2019..

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3963
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:50 am    Post subject: election is april 9th 2019 Reply with quote

sometime around the time i posted this, the election was called for april 9th 2019.. it is happening very soon... we have a chart for netanyahu of 930am.. looking at adb now, i see that this has been modified to 1015am, off a time that was apparently given to an astrologer from netanyahu.. thus - we do not have a confirmed time for his birth... see the source notes in this link..,_Benjamin

i was looking at the 930am chart earlier today, not realizing the cloud around the 930am time! looking at the 1015am time here is better in some respects - sharper definition!

the guy was and continues to be under the cloud of criminal charges.. i suppose that shows in the pluto square moon - ruler of his 8th using either chart - both with sag rising.. the solar return strongly highlights saturn in the midheaven, which is the ruler of the 2nd.. below is a biwheel using the 1015am time and the solar return he is presently living..

i believe the sales pitch trump gave on golan heights belongs to israel, was a good sales pitch to help get netanyahu elected.. it is interesting to me seeing the parallels in trump and netanyahus charts... - mars in late leo, strong saturn-venus contacts in both charts - trump the conjunction and netanyahu the square.. in fact, you can see how the square is highlighted via the solar return chart in the outer wheel... the angles of the 2018 sr are on the square! in vedic astrology, venus and saturn are said to be friends.. saturn dominates in netanyahus chart.. to me, a transit of neptune to the opposition of saturn is very undermining.. it sounds as though netanyahu has done plenty to undermine himself here, but regardless, this is not a positive transit - just the opposite..

the profection year is virgo - where his midheaven resides, if we are to believe the few birth times we have for him.. this emphasizes 10th house issues and the importance of mercury in the natal and solar return chart.. mercury is well placed in his natal chart - in hayz and in mutual reception of a type with saturn..

in the solar return mercury is set up nearly as favourably.. the overlap in the 2 charts shows mercury in the 12th natal and squaring onto natal pluto in the 9th...

it is hard for me to offer a view on this in any concrete manner.. i think he might win in spite of the criminal charges hanging over him.. it is a sad kettle of fish as i see it.. hopefully i am wrong and some other candidate will succeed in replacing him..

i read this article much earlier today, written by gideon levy on the topic of the election, israel and netanyahu.. it is a bit disturbing, so reader beware..

here is a bio on one of the other candidates - benny gantz..
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Joined: 24 Mar 2007
Posts: 160

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:02 pm    Post subject: Israel Reply with quote

James I agree with you--I think he will get re-elected but who takes his place if he is found guilty? ALso, as I remember, some people on this forum mentioned about the chart of israel being under stressful transits AMY
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3963
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 4:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi amy - good questions!

i have no idea how it works, but it seems to me netanyahu will be unable to get out from under the criminal charges he is under... again - the parallels with trump are interesting..

as for israels chart.. a few things.. the transit of uranus into taurus directly affects this sun in taurus nation.. as it happens, the transit is thru the 8th house, so very transformative with the potential for a complete rebirth, given the sun is involved.. this is part of the cycle we are moving towards...

at the same time, israel was born with the north node in taurus squared onto a saturn-pluto conjunction - a difficult set up and the set up very similar to what is happening in the sky at present with saturn-pluto in opposition to the north node.. this pattern is directly on the midheaven axis of israels chart, so it makes sense the leader is under a cloud of criminal charges and etc...

finally, israel is also undergoing a jupiter return in this election year.. the chance for a complete revitalization of ideology -- politics, philosophy and etc - is more pronounced here... perhaps all of these astrological factors will lead to a positive outcome over the course of the next few years with a change in outlook..

looking at the solar arc directions to the 4pm chart, saturn has been square the midheaven degree the past year - again signifying the challenge to the leader under criminal charges and the overhang of that on israel... pluto gets ready over the next few years to do the same - conjunct ascendant and square the midheaven in the next 3-5 years.. solar arc sun will conjunct natal moon in approx 3 years as well, with moon ruler of midheaven..

this year is a virgo profection year coming up starting in may... virgo sits on the 12th house cusp in the natal chart.. this also suggests a difficult year for israel in the short term anyway...

so, the short synopsis is a difficult year for israel in anticipation of something more positive after some type of purge - a good 5 years out.. it is hard to know how the uranus transit to sun-north node will work out.. perhaps as taurus is a fixed sign that likes concrete and conservative values, it will be a quite difficult transit.. uranus is placed in gemini in the 9th of the natal chart.. perhaps it will bring the political changes necessary for israels continued existence in the middle east..
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