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The Stock Markets in 2019
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 8:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I enjoyed reading this piece as I'm getting pretty hacked off with Trump's Tweets mucking up the shorter term Astro Opportunities.

Thta drove me to doing some more indepth Analysis and really it is Jupiter that is maintaining the Optimism. But it is nearly ONLY Jupiter that is doing that and come the 17th June in a minor way for a while and November in a major permanent way, that buoyancy disappears.

Then we are into The Darkness.

If you've calculate properly you'll find that Trumpy has kicked the Huawai Tariff threat till mid Oct and the EU Auto threat till mid Nov. If my memory serves me correct.

And pretty well he's shot his Bolt. There is little left to do Tariff wise. And Jupiter will have passed over his Moon, South Node, Lunar Eclipse combo and into Capricorn. Also out of the USA's first House.

So really it is ONLY Jupiter that is keeping some pretty -VE energies at bay just now.

As Your Man says here ...

"Another day, another trade-related headline – and that's a worrying sign, according to Oliver Pursche, chief market strategist at Bruderman Asset Management in New York.

That's not just because of the strain a protracted trade war between the United States and China could place on the global economy. It's because, in Pursche's view, U.S. equity investors aren't paying enough attention to the signs of economic trouble that already exist. Among them: a raft of weak industrial production data out of the United States, China and the Euro Zone, as well as underwhelming U.S. and Chinese retail sales data. ..."

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 9:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So ?

Remembering the +VEs in that Neptune is applying to r.Pluto, r.Saturn to Neptune, and r.Saturn separating from r.Pluto, and r.Jupiter applying to Neptune and to r.Saturn, I am wary of Venus in trine to r.Saturn and r.Pluto.

Luckily, or maybe NOT, the r.Pluto phase peaks over the weekend.

That seems to have completed by the probable "Get Go" for The Short Seller next week that of the 3rd June.

It'll be helpful once Venus is making the run for Gemini and away from r.Pluto next week. Venus moving into Gemini and Mercury into Cancer should help.

However, paragraph one really does suggest that any decent Sell Off will reverse very quickly if it gets going at all.

Any -VE News therefore has to be welcomed. ie Italian Budget penalty next week from the EU.

However, although June and the first 2/3rds of July is pretty full of Technical -VEs, America's strong Economy isn't going to disappear because of some Technical -VEs but we should get some decent Volatility and Prices moves.

So perhaps it will be Action Stations towards the end of this week. Further, the Chinese Tariffs are due 1st of June I understand, a Saturday, so it'll be the Monday before the Markets fully react.

As Venus let's go of r.Pluto early this Monday coming, the 3rd June, Speculators might begin to feel a bit uncomfortable. We'll know that the Chinese meant what they said I'd imagine.

Also we'll know if the EU Commission is bluffing about punishing Italy.

I like the look of Venus competing the trine to r.Pluto and Mercury passing 27° Gemini and Mars nearing the Node and opposition to r.Saturn and r.Pluto. Those are subtle changes to the -VE.

It is a New Moon too so things may move quietly as the Tide temporarily turns to the -VE for a few weeks. Also I'm looking forward to r.Jupiter passing away from r.Saturn and Neptune by July or so.

But r.Saturn Neptune and r.Pluto and Neptune will remain and strengthen till towards late Summer. With them in place I doubt there will be more than a few -2% to -3% Sell Offs.

r.Jupiter has passed over Trump's natal Moon but still is activating his Uranus. I feel he has shot his Bolts now. Which other Tariffs can he threaten ?

I hear he has delayed any Auto Tariffs on Japan till after the Election there in July.

He is sort of stacking up implementation dates toward the Autumn. Luckily Time will be running out then.

Jupiter is about the ONLY buoyancy left. Gott help us when it passes towards Capricorn in the late Autumn and away from the various Points it has been activating.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok so yesterday's US Selling spilled over into Asia and into this morning's Trading.

Apart from some Asteroid Activity I can't really see any reason for it other than perhaps r.Saturn is tracking The Node, and perhaps r.Saturn is helping Venus find a true level of Comfort.

r.Saturn tracking the Node should be a real Ball Buster for the Overly Confident and Arrogant with It.

Hopefully we'll bounce back over the 2,800 Level by the end of the Week. If NOT my next Support Level is 2,745 or so.


PS Let's see what the Techno are saying
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 8:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pretty intersant situation developing now.

SP bouncing back and testing the Key 2,800 Level.

For me it is now about Venus's trine with r.Saturn and then r.Pluto.

The sort of things Gann would be loving. A clear strong +VE energy peaking.

I won't pretend I know what the Translation brings. Even stronger ?

Also Mercury in play too +VEly.

If I didn't know that China gave a June 1st deadline for its Tariffs I'd say we'll push up thru that 2,800 Level tomorrow.

I still think we will but that'll be a sign to Jump Off.

Because I can't see how everyone and his dog won't be closing Long positions tomorrow towards the Close of their respective Session/ Markets.

And that means Asia tomorrow early doors too.

Let's hope we get some key Pivots from the Chart Guys in the next few hours.

Worth watching this too if you haven't already.

I feel we are close to a considerable change to the Downside.


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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 8:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok so Trump has stepped in with this punitive Tariffs on Mexico overnight. To be implemented on the 10th June I understand.

So it is unlikely the 2,800 Level will be broken and now we are looking down at Support Levels below.

My weak spot as don't really know how to find then (yet). Hence why I look at The Chart Guys work.

Note he is talking Over Sold Bounces here but I feel we'll be in for a protracted Down Turn now.

I doubt we'll get too many bounces. I wonder if even Trumpy will be able to talk the Markets up.

Yes the Outer Planets (except Uranus) are still NOT disharmonious but their combined retro motion is what has been quietly dragging the Markets lower.

The same way when you see completed Waves retreat into the Sea dragging sand with them.

A sort of mini rip tide effect.

And now we have all sorts of Techinical -VEs coming in on top of that back sliding.

That's why they call it Cycle Predictions.

Here is a Saturday Night EDIT.

The SP wouldn't go much below 2,750.

I've just checked thru next week remembering that my original, and often better predictions, are my older ones and I picked up two +VEs.

r.Jupiter 135° Uranus next week and Mercury makes a sextile to Uranus too.

The former is the more powerful and builds till very late on the Thursday 6th June UKT. The latter is quicker and peaks mid afternoon on the Friday 7th June UKT.

Certainly towards the end of the week that suggests at least some Support.

As I'm extremely BEARISH now till the 22nd June it is good to have the Heads Up that any Sell Off may be short lived this week ahead and then resume the week after.

The 10th June.

A classic trap for the Bears 5th-mid 7th June ? But falling away as we move towards the Closes in the UK and US on the Friday 7th June.


OK So the Chinese Tariffs have kicked in.

"Xi and Trump are expected to meet during the G20 Summit in Osaka on June 28 and 29."

A US committee meets on the 17th June to discuss more Tariffs.

Who blinks first ?

That 2,750 Level I feel will play out this week.

Careful analysis of this link may prove helpful.

Note the r.Jupiter 135° Uranus falls into the stronger +VE category.

So I'd feel the Markets will bounce back from what ever happens on Monday into Tuesday.

I also feel that although things have been playing out Bearish, the Selling hasn't be shocking.

Something is offering Support.

I think they call it the Powell Put.

Further, I read that Draghi is probably going to disclose more QE from the ECB and that't be this Thursday.

It fits with r.Jupiter 135° Uranus to peak around Midnight that night.

Remember to a great extent it doesn't really matter too much what happens on Earth. Although it helps.

The real reason I don't think we'll Tank just now is that the Outer Planets although retro aren't disharmonious.


Neptune r.Pluto applying
r.Saturn Neptune applying
r.Saturn r.Pluto separating
r.Jupiter free of r.Saturn
r.Jupiter Neptune

There might be a downward current from the retro energies but we ain't looking into The Abyss.

All Ears now on what China's White Paper reads like tonight around 1am.

Worth waiting up for I'd think.

The Feel Good Factor we are experiencing is Venus trine r.Pluto across two powerful Earth Signs.

Powerful Love but that will evaporate as the day progresses Monday 3rd June.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 4:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok so China published its White Paper explaining their side of the Trade War escalations.

TOKYO, June 3 (Reuters) – U.S. stock futures, Asian share markets and oil prices slipped to multi-month lows on Monday on mounting worries growing Sino-U.S. tensions and Washington's new tariff threats against Mexico could tip the global economy into a recession.

The Markets probably will fall a bit further than the Futures have so far in the EU and US.

r.Jupiter is forming a moderately strong +VE 135° with Uranus to a peak late on Thursday evening.

Draghi is talking about more QE this Thursday.

I'm sure we'll here soft words from Trumpy and I don't expect Market Chaos this week, once we've had the initial reactions today in Europe.

Worth watching which Support Levels kick in as they are useful for future reference.

So far again 2,730 has been highlighted.

A Bounce you say ?

But that contradicts what you said last week about Our Man at Chart Guys I hear you cry.

With Astro and Homeopathy ABSOLUTE HONESTY is required I feel.

This type of Top Down Rolling Analysis can't be rigid.

Originally I tried to be 110% on top of the themes but with 50 Cycles to follow really to some extent it is necessary to see what bites the most.

To look out for trends.

This week's r.Jupiter 135° Uranus I had originally factored in but then overlooked. Also the Mercury sextile Uranus hadn't be noticed.

I'll try to close some Short positions and then reopen them late this Friday.

Between now and then it'll be interesting to see if the +VE outweighs the growing number of Technical -VEs.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Last one for this week.

Basically it is the Downside Risk being generated by Venus separating from r.Pluto, Mercury crossing the 27° line of no return, Mars closing in on the Node, and the Outer Planets being retro (except Uranus) ...


the Upside generated mainly by r.Jupiter 135° Uranus applying, and the other Outer Planets generally NOT being disharmonious.

We could be Bouncing around A LOT but should Rally towards late Thursday 6th and into Friday 7th June.

And no Moon just now keeps any fall out from the Weekend muted too to start with but therefore News from Sudan is all the more grave.

Because if you do get Emotions running High when there is no Moon you know "It is For Real" and DEADLY SERIOUS.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well a Roller Coaster of a Day.

I did close my Short positions first thing and went Long. And I then closed most of them with a decent Profit.

Contradictory Info coming out and worrying that Tech had a bad day.

There is potential -VE Asteriod activity around but I'd hope Tech will benefit from r.Jupiter dancing with Uranus stronger and stronger now.

I'd think we'll Bounce higher as the week progresses but I didn't enjoy the US Session at all.

Be warned that the Downside is creeping in even if r.Jupiter Uranus keeps it at bay till this Friday morning.

""Unless there's a circuit breaker, and it may come in terms of a Fed cut, or it may come in terms of more Chinese stimulus or the European Central Bank later this week...equity prices and bond rates are going to continue to go lower," said Greg McKenna, strategist at McKenna Macro."

I'd imagine we'll be back near 2,800 on Friday morning. And it should be possible to Jump Off at leisure but we are pushing Theory to the Limits now here.

Saner people would just sit it out till late on Friday 7th June and then go Short.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As some Joker once said ....

Woo Hoo .... Things are really moving to the Upside.

Now it is a case of trying to work out whether we get a sudden Reversal.

There is still Asteriod Fear around till late afternoon this Thursday 6th June UKT.

So we might really break free into the evening of Thursday and Friday 7th June till about 16hrs UKT.

Loads of QE and Rate Cut chat building. Some Fed Dude muttering about a Rate Cut being sensible.

Any even semi +VE r.Jupiter Uranus Tango is up there in League One of the +VEs.

And that is till late this Thursday 6th around 00:00hrs Friday UKT.

I also think that Mercury coming in on the sextile to Uranus is a pretty healthy +VE. Till 15:30hrs Friday.

I'd imagine if we do get a Market Sentiment driven Pull Back, and NOT a News driven one, we'll quickly recover and push far higher.

But this is pushing this Theory to the Limits.

Anything above 2,800 breaks it as a Resistance and brings it in as a Support.

What ever the rules are about how long that needs to be. Probably a Double Bottom on 2,800 makes it a Support.

I feel Friday 7th June afternoon UKT will be a pleasant time to stack up the Shorts.

However, it is necessary to do some Chart Analysis on the NYSE and NASDAQ natals now.

Their Points might be getting triggered by r.Jupiter.

If I do that Analysis I'll post the answers on Mr Bullets thread about Louise McWhitter.

Why would we dump is the ECB and Fed go for QE and Cuts ?

Or where will the money swill to ?

Swill like in Fat Pigs that is.

Realise that in a true Bear Market people are trying to Exit so when there is a Bounce they cut and run.

That kills off the Bounce.

Are people wanting to Exit ?


PS I'll tell you what is ironic but often happens such.

I understand Draghi will update us on the ECB's View and Actions on Thursday 6th June around lunchtime UKT.

I think he tends to speak around 12.30hrs or even 13:00hrs UKT.

Now there is a -VE energy in play till too to, you guessed it, 13:00hrs UK Thursday 6th June. EXACTLY.


And I think the World will hold its breath. We don't know what Draghi will have managed to get passed the Bundesbank Hawks till around 13:00hrs this Thursday.

Oooooowh !

After that a strong Uplift should kick in. Even if an overall -VE Shadow is forming that will be felt next week and for a few weeks after.

OK I think the Resistance Level to watch after 2,800 is around 2,845 I think. I think we could well smash thru to that sort of level.
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm NOT wishing to dominate this part of the Forum but we are at a very very significant moment Astrologically and that is being reflected in the Markets.

1/ This week I'd expect the Good Mood to continue thru the humour of r.Jupiter and Uranus, Mercury and Uranus.

2/ The Big Question is what comes after that and whatever QE / Rate Cuts it delivers.

I see loads of Turbulence and temporary Technical -VEs thru till into the week of the 24th June.

And again in July.

BUT we have r.Jupiter applying to Neptune in square. Both at Home. That might point to some movement in Natural Resources including Oil.

Neptune never really delivers for me.

Anyway they apply to each other till the 17th June. Neptune will be SR then too.

The 17th is around the peak of the -VE I see. We could see loads of strife in the World and that can threaten Natural Resources.

So ?

But I'm afraid I can't at this minute tell what r.Jupiter applying to Neptune means but it can't be ignored.

More later to this post if I get an idea.

But it does suggest an increase in the prices of Oil and Metals I'd say during a period of Turbulence.

Also there should be QE money sloshing around looking for a Home.

Note also that the SP closed about the Key Resistance of 2,800. That over time then becomes a Support Level.

The Resistance is now 2,845 which is a game changer. It is suggested e'd move into a Bull Market if that is passed, but I doubt it will be.

Or it'd be a signal to Sell heavily if we did.

But don't forget the Doors to the Abyss aren't open.

See what these Guys think and any Levels they talk about.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Right so we are really now focusing on what comes from late this Friday pm UKT thru till the end of the week of the 17th June.

[Till then I'd expect Uplift generally nearing the 2845 Level].

And r.Jupiter square SR Neptune is the Unknown. And it is very problematic to my "Nice Little Sell" Off hope.

You can look back at the period in early Jan till the 14th when these two danced again.

Neptune is said to relate to Natural Resources, especially Oil and Gas. But also Debt.

We know that there should be QE and Rate Cuts and that relates to Debt I feel or sort of loosing. All related to Neptune.

r.Jupiter suggest over egging it. But I think that back in Jan Oil actually fell in price.

Further The Chart Guys Guy feels that Oil and the SP will walk hand in hand where as I feel we'll hit (Geopolitical) Turbulence pushing Oil and Natural Resources higher but the SP lower.

Add in Cheap Money.

So All in All confusing. And I don't know what I'll be doing. But that is partly because r.Jupiter is 135° Uranus just now, and there is Fear around too.

Better to let that all play out till Friday pm UKT.

A very simplistic look back at early Jan suggests Oil rose steadily till about the 20th Jan. But then continued to rise. So meaningless to do that.

For me this r.Jupiter SR Neptune square is more about the Debt. Some sort of Sorting of Natural Resources values too will happen.

It may well give a general Feel Good factor when I actually don't want that.

Although I stick to Astro you can't see passed. Cheap Money. Even if it is slowing a Strongish US Economy. Trade Wars. Serious European Economic Problems.

That all fits with general Confusion with a Who Cares attitude thrown in.

Right I think truly that's enough. Maybe catch you next week once things have begun to play out.

But I'll be going Short late on Friday unless I work out something completely contradictory is involved.

Also I'll be watching 2,845 and 2,800 very carefully. Below that 2,750. 2,730.

It is a pity because I've waited a long time for this 7th June till 22nd June Opportunity and it has been confused by r.Jupiter SR Neptune.


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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm going to start this Post and add to it over the Weekend.

1/ Things look pretty +VE till into Friday 7th UKT. r.Jupiter 135° Uranus peaks about 00:00hrs on Friday 7th. Midnight.

And Mercury sextile Uranus follows that.

2/ It what comes from then till the Full Moon on the 17th June that is now exercising me.

And I've just remembered that the Full Moon will be in Sagittarius and close to r.Jupiter.

That is an Unwelcomed piece of +VE.

3/ That'd put SR Neptune square to the Lunation. And still leaving me scratching my head about what the r.Jupiter SR Neptune square will bring.

But I think things a looking less -VE.

Plenty of Technical -VEs but possibly a too strong a moderate +VE in play.

You've got to step back and think what r.JUpiter in Sagittarius square SR Neptune in Pisces brings.

There is a lot of power in there. Just a question of how will it play out ? What are the themes.

Does it point to some sort of Rotation in Speculation which is what I think it does ?

Does it relate to Cheap Money and QE ? I think it does ?

Will Oil and Natural Resources go up or down ? If there is Conflict then up you'd feel.

And I think we do get Conflict and then Fear.

I'll add to this Post if I get anymore ideas. But I am at a bit of a loss now.

It doesn't look so good for a Sell Off. But that may very well change as r.Jupiter passes Uranus.

Is r.Jupiter translating light to SR Neptune ? If so what does it mean.

What role is SR Neptune bringing to the Geopolitical situation ?


OK So my original Hypothesis was that from late pm Friday 7th June UKT I'd be going Short.

Stacking them on. I'll still probably be Short then.

But r.Jupiter SR Neptune is in applying square till Sunday the 16th June. So right across my late 7th June till say 20th June Downside opportunity.

1/ I think we'll see a Rotation of Stocks. Increased buying into Oil and Natural Resources as Turbulence and Conflict increases temporarily.

2/ The Full Moon falls on top of r.Jupiter in Sagittarius, and right on top of Trumpy's Moon, South Node and 129/136 Lunar Eclipse Point.

So Trumpy will be taking action that weekend for sure.

Now if you Reverse Engineer that I wonder if that suggests he'll need to be talking up the Markets ?

Running into the Weekend the fullish Moon passes thru 150° Scorpio. That points to Paranoia.

3/ The other point is that the ECB talks tomorrow. Perhaps the Fed will follow.

I feel the r.Jupiter SR Neptune square points to optimism generated by Cheap Money being spread to Widely. Thinner.

Anyway, I think all in all the QE won't have a strong affect even medium term. If that is so then you can see why things might deteriorate into the Weekend and thru till late on Friday the 14th June. After the initial Euphoria.

Remember printing more money is a sign of Central Bank failure. For me it is actually a sign of coming Disaster late this Autumn. November.

That's as good as I can do but it isn't very Water Tight at all. I struggle to see the Rally continue next week and expect a drop off before the Close in the US this Friday 7th June.

Probably dropping down towards the 2,800. But we may well power thru the 2,845 Resistance tomorrow evening Thursday 6th June.

I'd imagine this Friday will offer a calm Jump Off point. We need to watch that 2845 Level.

That's as good as I can do.

r.Jupiter square SR Neptune till the 16th June is Unknown. And strong with it.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK so Draghi under delivered. Perhaps Neptune's weakening is in amongst r.Jupiter 135° Uranus.

However, the latter has some torque left in it till about 02:00hrs tonight. Mercury also sextile Uranus, and the Fearful Asteroid is moving away.

The Markets might be underwhelmed but I doubt we'll Sell heavily today.

But it looks like a bit of a Stall.


Mercury sextile Uranus runs out about 15:30hrs tomorrow Friday 7th June.

I'd expect us to start sliding and the US Non Farm Payroll data will have come by then too I think.


Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm !!

I couldn't see how the r.Jupiter 135° Uranus would deliver once we'd the passed 13hrs UKT Fear Point.

REMARKABLE. Gann would have been proud.

SP pushing passes 2,850 now where I have my Strike Prices. Though I have been converting them into Short positions on the June 20th and 21st contracts. Also some for the mid Jul contracts too.

It has taken us above a possible Support Level around 2,845 though. See how it ends tonight.

Ok so the Close was around 2,845. The r.Jupiter 135° Uranus completes tonight around 02hrs UKT.

We should begin to Pull Back after that.

May be tomorrow won't see Heavy Selling but I'd imagine we'll close under 2,820 tomorrow in the US.

And really there isn't much I can add. I believe we are hitting Turbulence and that should run thru into the week of the 17th June.

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius and over r.Jupiter early on the Monday 17th June around 08hrs UKT.

It looks like the +VE of the Moon may well get absorbed during the Weekend.

So I'm saying we have a "Reasonable Chance" of several Bearish weeks.

Let's hope so as there are doubts.


So the gains held overnight and were picked up by the European Markets.

Mercury sextile Uranus builds till 15:30hrs.

However the Unknown in r.Jupiter square SR Neptune may involve Jupiter translating and causing something like this

"Oil & gas stocks are leading gains this morning, up 1.2% as crude prices recover from a sharp slide which took them to 5-month lows hit earlier in the week."

Simply I don't know but it is a strong energy till the 16th June.

I see conflict coming Astrologically and that normally drives up Oil prices and hence we may get some sort of Rotation.

Sorry I just don't know how the above square will play out in the Markets.

No point in try to add to my thoughts further.

But don't forget the last 24 hrs have been dominated by Fear and the strong Speculative energy of r.Jupiter 135° Uranus.

And the Chinese spoke on the button about Easing last night.

So at this moment all a bit Unknowable.

I still expect a Pull Back generally start towards the Close in the UK today Friday 7th June.

And a Bearish Theme to be the Theme till around the 20th June.

I don't want to try to run a Commentary. It'll be clear if that is correct.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2098

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Right so it hasn't began to play out as I Predicted.

Certainly it has been a Cwazy 48hrs with a lot of Market moving News.

I am Short now thru ill the 20th June, and some further Shorts till around the same time in July. The 18th I think.

I read one Pro saying we might move heavily Up or Down and so far it has been Up.

But I feel plenty of Technical -VEs are blowing in and over this weekend too.

It is incredibly early days and personally I should have waited until the very last moment tonight before Shorting.

But I didn't.

I read this this evening ....

"The percentage of individual investors who are pessimistic about the short-term outlook for stocks remained at an unusually high level, while the percentage with an optimistic outlook continued at an unusually low level, according to the latest American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) sentiment survey."


Here we are the morning after the Rally the Night before. Ooooomph !!

So I don’t wish to dominate this part of the Forum. So I’ll wrap this up now till the week of the 17th June. Try to target when r.Jupiter is out of the way for a few weeks in late June.

I expect Turbulence. Even some sort of Teh-Roar Ah-Takk or Military Aggression, when Mars hits the Node. Add in r.Jupiter 150° to that zone, and even Neptune, and r.Saturn opposing and something may well go Boom.

That'd be this Wednesday coming 12th into the Thursday 13th morning. And the Moon enters Scorpio about Dawn in the UK on the Thursday too.

I CAN'T SEE HOW those 36hrs won't be full of Crash Bang Whollop. A nice Short Opportunity.

Anything on the Radar from the 12th June? Or early on the 13th ?

A nicely place Fullish moving crossing Scorpio adds the needed Paranoia if such an Ah-Takk happened. Entering Scorpio around 06:00hrs Thursday.

Mars then egged on by r.Jupiter moves to oppose r.Saturn and then r.Pluto.

That all runs till a peak late on the Friday 14th June, and even till late on the Sunday 16th (error- actually check those figures as the r.Pluto phase doesn't complete till Thursday the 20th June) I can see why I got Over Excited about this Short Selling Opportunity.

The Full Moon will have passed over r.Jupiter mostly by the time we open again in Asia on Monday the 17th June.

However, as the Outer Planets (except Uranus) aren’t disharmonious hard to see how we’ll get prolonged Heavy Selling. Watch that 2800 Level closely.

We’ve moved above that 2,850 Support and pressed up against the 2883 Resistance. I’d imagine we’ll bounce off 2,800 again.

Friday continued Rally after 15:30hrs UKT can be explained by the fact Mercury rules Fridays and was itself turbo boosted by Uranus.

Next week is another week. Fullish Moon crossing thru Scorpio but ending up on top of r.Jupiter. But the latter at the Weekend. Full Moon very early on the 17th June.

BUT THE 150° BETWEEN r.JUPITER AND THE NODE MAY BE THE FINAL STRAW TO MY SELL OFF HOPES. I think that runs right across my Turbulent phase till the 25th June.

An Unknowable but if anything reasonably +VE. Does suggest that this Short Selling Opportunity won’t materialise. What to do with my Positions ? I’ll give it a few days to see what begins to play out.

Further, Neptune doesn’t get too far from the Node either in trine over the Summer. And when r.Jupiter turns direct on the 12th Aug it gets another run at the Node till the 11th Sept.

This points to the Outer Planet providing one last Uplifting Wave till the Big Dump this Autumn. Or at least resisting Heavy Selling.

And I’m just working on The Autumn just now to see when “The End” might be. Trumpy has certainly stacked up his Tariff threats for then.

So truly truly I am going silent now. Soon after this Opportunity maybe kicking in Monday 10th June, the next Selling could come late June as we move into the July Eclipse Season. r.Jupiter is free of the Node and of Saturn, and Neptune too.

In fact, I think apart from Neptune Pluto the stabilising Outer Planet pattern will be mostly gone for a while.

The Jury is Out but clearly we could be hitting the Turbulence I'd be foreseeing any moment now. I am glad "I Check It All" again.


PS Might get some important Support and Resistance Levels from these Guy

Pretty sure these are the ones to watch

2,883; 2,850; 2,820; 2,800; 2,780; 2,750;

Pleased to see that I wasn't the ONLY one getting Run Over on Friday.

And therefore a good moment to summary how I see June playing out.

1/ Plenty of lack of Outer Planet Disharmony, and the Unknown +VE of r.Jupiter applying to the Node.


2/ Loads of temporary Technical -VEs that should kick in very quickly tomorrow Monday 10th June.

And Thursday was Jupiter day, and had a pretty strong r.Jupiter 135° Uranus +VE, and Friday was Mercury day, and had +VE Mercury being turbo boosted by Uranus. Mercury is Market Makers and Traders.

And above all Uranus is Speculation and Exploration. So no real surprise looking back why the Markets pushed up.

I have to ask myself personally why I got sucked into over Bearish Plays ?

Should the Markets Rally for more than few hours into the US Session tomorrow Monday 10th June then I've misunderstood something.

He talks about the VIX tightening range and give Supports and Resistances?

Further, he feels a Breakout is coming towards the end of this Week ahead.

Assuming it is an Upside Breakout then that fits well with my Analysis.

NB I see an error with my Mars r.Saturn r.Pluto opposition calculations. You should check those and every detail I post.

Mars doesn't complete the r.Pluto phase till early on Thursday the 20th June UKT
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Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

On the Rally goes ? But VIX NOT happy !

1/ I've done this for over 10 years and ONLY 2 or 3 times I haven't been able to explain the Markets movements.

Today is one more.

2/ I can ONLY assume it is r.Jupiter (and Neptune) lubricating The Node and Mars.

We had Asteriod Fear around last week and that has passed.

Any r.Jupiter 150° is a strong +VE and maybe the Node has just sort of flaked out.

3/ Any time Mars approaches the Node there is Trouble.

And r.Saturn is stressing the Node all the time now. So things are primed to Go Off !!!

That can happen suddenly and I think little Selling movement in the VIX is showing that Others are wary too.

4/ However, if r.Jupiter is activating Good Vibes from Neptune and The Node, or even Neptune activating Good Vibes from Mars and the Node or both, then this Rally could just push on Up and Up, and mostly ignore the building Tensions. Where ever they are ! And where are they ?

I don't think I'll be chasing that Rally though.

5/ I've had a little time to think about this. They say don't bet against The Central Bank and r.Jupiter square SR Neptune peaks over the 18th-19th June Fed Meeting.

6/ As to today the Mexico Tariff decision wasn't actually completed till Saturday so I suppose it'd spill over into today.

So I'll have to wait and see if we begin to Pull Back now. But it needs to start soon if it is going to deliver.

Helpful that Jupiter's dance with Neptune completes around 18hrs this Sunday 16th June, well before the Fed Meeting.

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