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The Stock Markets in 2019
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2110

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Further rises on the Asian Markets overnight make me now mostly an Observer on the Markets now till the 21st June.

I'll add to this post over the coming days but things are fascinating. I'd think anybody is mad to think this near term Rally will continue.

But my "Feelings" are that it will. Those are Gut Feelings and nothing to do with Analysis.

r.Jupiter's Buoyancy in Sagittarius dominates so much of things especially once the Moons fill towards it.

That is a about 5 month period from say 2 Moons ago around the 15th April.

Very interesting that the VIX isn't signally confidence. People out there are concerned.

It seems that 2,880 is a Key Support. Dropping below that suggests a Sell Off starting.


OK Here We are on Wednesday afternoon 12th June.

Worth watching this for general Energies and Support Levels.

Trumpy has come out with a List of Demands from China. The next action is at the G20 at the very end of June.

Nearer term it is the Fed Meeting next Tuesday and Wednesday 18th-19th June.

By then r.Jupiter will be close to the Node in a +VE 150°.

However, Mars and Mercury are closing in on a VERY TURBULENT Run across r.Saturn and r.Pluto. And the fill Moon will shortly pass into Paranoid Scorpio.

Normally that'd be VERY -VE.

In my mind r.Jupiter is lubricating the stresses and strains there so things should pass off smoothly.

Can you see a Heavy Sell Off when the Fed may well Cut Rates ?

The problem is that r.Jupiter will have completed the square to Neptune this Sunday 16th June.

What does that mean for r.Jupiter ?

Don't know. Probably that it is more helpful to the Dangerous 16°-22° Cancer Zone.

Of course the Fed may NOT Cut.

Neptune too is form a strong +VE to the Explosion Zone so it looks like things may pass off calmly.

Clearly talk of a US Rates Cut is the biggest Calmer for the Markets there is.


Another Dud ?


It does suggest Neptune is doing what Neptune does best. Fueling Illusion.

r.Jupiter is there too but breaks free from Neptune before the Fed Meets.

If Neptune is working a trine from Pisces then we'll get a Rate Cut or Calming Words.

As they stand r.Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are VERY BIG energies.

Ignore them as I seem to have tried. r.Jupiter 150° to the Node ?

Neptune is applying to r.Pluto, and r.Pluto is free of r.Saturn. Another VERY BIG energy.

And they all pretty well remain in play in some for till the Autumn is in full swing.

I doubt we'll be going far down till then.


So the Moon is passing thru Paranoid Scorpio till the Weekend.

Somebody attacked the Oil Route but the Markets barely blinked.

Unfortunately for the Short Seller r.Jupiter is dominating this Moon and the next two to come.

I'd say Jupiter dominates till around the 16th Oct. Very hard to get a Sell Off going against its buoyancy.

However, the Explosive Situation remains till early on Thursday the 20th June, and Mars crosses the Node tonight.

That usually brings out Aggression.

And then Mars runs across r.Saturn and r.Pluto, but also r.Jupiter.

Will r.Jupiter make him more Aggressive or NOT ?

r.Jupiter remains in square to Neptune till this Sunday is completed.

A right Old Mix but with a combustable Theme.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2110

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Right I'll start another Post as we are heading into a "Cwazy" few days.

Cwazy ! Cwaaaaaaaaaaazy !

I'll add to it as we run thru to the Cooling Off around the end of net week.

We are getting Red Flashing Screens and clearly Oil and gold have to be considered as Long Options.

VIX isn't moving too much. I'm afraid r.Jupiter rules Full Moon, and r.Jupiter Neptune are getting in the way of decent Panic.

However, as they both will be waning by Monday we can believe that things will have changed a bit to a more Sober Moob by then.

In fact the US's reaction to the Tanker Attacks has been muted. However, my memory suggests that as Mars crosses towards r.Saturn and then translate to r.Pluto Iran will get a Kicking.


Of course it is the talk of Fed Rate Cut that is keeping the VIX calm and the SP 500 from dropping.

You'd feel that as it is such a Big Thing. So pivotal that it's show up clearly in The Stars ?

I'm afraid NOT. From my view anyway. ONLY r.Jupiter 150° The North Node. But r.Saturn is tracking the Nodes too.

It points to desperation which of course is what the ECD did. China called. And the Fed may do too.

For a while r.Jupiter gets ahead of r.Saturn and applies to the Node till around the 25th June.

That fits. We've had much of the Yang Energy related to the talk of the Rate Cut, ECB and China, and it might run on for a few weeks.

But r.Saturn arrives in early July for a Sucker Solar Plexus Punch on the South Node. And during a Total Solar Eclipse.

The Long and the Short of it is that there are two contradictory things going down just now. Or next week especially.

1/ r.Jupiter gets a wee smoochie, a wee cuddly, a wee dance with the Node in a +VE 150°. That's good for the Main Markets. Till the 25th June or so.

2/ Mars runs -VEly across r.Saturn into r.Pluto in opposition till early on the 20th June. That points to several things kicking off.

a/ US action against Iran. AGGRESSIVE.
b/ Hong Kong getting out of hand. CRUSHED ?
c/ Volcanoes ? Exploding.
d/ Bolivia too ? Lamas escape ?


Sunday 16th June UK Brunch Time ....

As my Money is MOSTLY where my Mouth is usually then you can imagine I’m feeling pretty sore just now. And remember I post these Thoughts as a way to clarify my Thinking and to give some insight to the Thought Process some use to make Astro Driven Speculations.


The Stars under-delivering badly just now I feel. You’ve got to blame somebody don’t you ?

HONESTY IS ESSENTIAL with Astrology. Youc an't force The Stars to do what you want, or to fit nicely into your Investment Plans. The Stars run The Show. We follow.

So ?

I think I’ve said enough times (are you listening WooWoo?) that Jupiter, especially r.Jupiter, and lack of disharmony in the Outer Planets make a decent sell Off hard to deliver just now. And that remains till late Oct.

Then there is Neptune. A bit of Reading on my part confirms that Neptune is potentially the Ruler of National Debt. Federal Debt ? Sniff it Up and away we go type Debt.

And with r.Saturn releasing Neptune this week ahead, and r.Jupiter too, that just leaves r.Pluto in sextile to Neptune, and I think that points to a Fed Rate Cut. More Power to Debt ? And the fuel delivers an Uptick.

HUURRAH !!! That ONLY took me about a Fortnight to work out.

Add in r.Jupiter applying to the Node and I think the Upside is the one to beat. HARD THOUGH.

In fact the Energies of the Outer Planets are easier to read now. SIMPLER.

Basically Neptune continues to apply to r.Pluto till early August, and r.Jupiter dominates the next two Moons. Then turns direct on the 12th Aug and reengages with the Outer Planets but less with the Moon.

So really it will ONLY be on the Waning Phase of these two Moons and the current Moon that we have a chance of Selling.

In reality then things will Hang in the Balance (a better phrase ?) to the Upside over the Summer and into the Autumn. THIS IS SO SO SO r.Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Worth repeating that the Outer Planets are probably more Harmonious now. Easier to read. Brrrrm the Fed cuts and off we go for another four months of Happy Delusion.

And during those four months Temporary Technical –VEs won’t deliver their complete Downside Experiences.

What a pity ! JUST THE WAY IT IS !!

Sticking 100% to Astro clearly there are temporary Technical –VEs around just now and an Eclipse Season to be enjoyed soon too.

So Oil, Gold, Cryptos, and even the VIX may move up but with Trumpy watching the Markets I doubt anything too radical will be persued by The Americans.

But Heh WooWoo you cry Eclipses are pretty unpredicatable, aren’t they ? The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd July is weak and Lunar Eclipses, one on the 16th July, are more Emotion than Substance.

Worth watching the run up to the 16th July as r.Saturn and r.Pluto are involved and the Eclipse NOT weak. And it is a South Node Eclipse. And you know what that means don’t you !

Mars translating from r.Saturn to r.Pluto till early this Thursday does suggest some American Aggression. There is some Asteriod driven Fear around too and through July and into August.

Standing back I think that all fits well with what is likely. Trumpy is a Headcase but measures his success against the Markets. He uses Economic War rather than Military Might. ECB QE, Chinese Infrastructure Spending and US Rates Cuts are the excessive Fertiliser for a Late Summer/ Late Wave BUMPER HARVEST.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2110

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK so you are well advise to read the longer edit I made to the above post.

1/ Although the Non-Disharmonious "Holding" Pattern of the Outer Planets is breaking up for a few months there is no clear Downside from them.

2/ r.Jupiter is, and has been, dominating the Moons +VEly but for the next three Waning Phase, offer Short Selling if there is going to be any.

3/ Upto and into the 20th June there is temporary Technical -VEs, and then the Eclipse Season is upon us.

4/ Fear from an Asteriod is also around too.

5/ The Outer Planets are easier to read as they will have mostly separated within a few days of today.

6/ r.Jupiter applies to the North Node in inconjunction, and r.Pluto to Neptune in sextile. STRONG Supporting Energies.

So any Selling might be seen as a Buying Opportunity. Buying Dips.

7/ Trump has mostly kicked his threats of Tariffs down the road, but there is the G20 at the end of this Month, very close to the Solar Eclipse. And Eclipses are said to start upto 10 days before the Exact, though I'd go more for about 3 days.

So the 2nd July Solar Eclipse may relate to the end of June G20 Meeting.

But it isn't a very powerful Solar Eclipse. And it is a North Node one which is more Karmic and less Greed.


I am pretty disciplined in sticking to my Method of Judgements but after that I do read Pros works and also several Newspapers.

Newspapers such as Tim Wallace in the 'Graph and Ambrose there too. And Prof Steltzer in the Sunday Times.

And the latter feels there won't be a Fed Rates Cut this Wednesday 19th June, citing ONLY 23% of Traders believe it, but 100% think the July Fed Meeting will deliver one.

I'd say a lot can happen in 6 weeks. The July Meeting is on the 30th-31st July.


So really it is Waning Moon's phases now to watch. Probably about 20 days from a day after the Full Moon.

One would hope that r.Jupiter's outsized Buoyancy would disappear equally as quickly as it was felt in the 10 days running up to the Full Moon.

That's about all there is for a Counter Trend.


So the Chat is No Rate Cut but one in July. Um ? Of course this is a very effective tactic as the Markets can power on until the Fact is delivered.

"The Fed's rate-setting committee is due to release its statement at 2 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT) on Wednesday, with Fed Chair Jerome Powell holding a press conference shortly after."

r.Pluto sextile Neptune. R.Jupiter trine The Node, and free of Neptune and r.Saturn.

But Mars has to deliver a shock late this Wednesday or early Thursday 20th June and Mercury is caught up in that.

Much then depends on what Powell says. Or how it is interpreted. r.Jupiter passes the Node soonish and that'll leave just r.Pluto Neptune for stability.

There won't be much to power on the Markets till the late July Fed Meeting.

I'll probably take further Short Position on the July 19th contracts. Surely we'll get a drop off now ?


Well the Central Banks are pulling out all the Stops now

"LONDON, June 18 (Reuters) – European shares rallied and the euro took a sharp hit on Tuesday in a knee-jerk reaction to European Central Bank President Mario Draghi's comments indicating a possibility of new rate cuts or asset purchases.

The euro fell 0.24% to 1.1191 as of 0845 GMT after Draghi said the ECB will need to ease policy again, if inflation doesn't head back to its targets, and that there was still "considerable headroom" to do it. ...

Those signals come a day ahead of the widely anticipated U.S. Federal Reserve policy decision, where expectations are running high that Draghi's counterpart Jerome Powell will likely lay the groundwork for a rate cut later this year. ... "

And promising something is a very powerful Central Bank Tool. Got to look now at what things a Dollar denominated as they should rise in price as their Dollar worth decreases.

We seem to be heading into a Complete Waste of Time phase as you can't beat Central Banks even while they are pushing Water Uphill.

I need to start, or complete, the Work on when it all begins to Collapse. And where the money will run to.

But that will be more in the Autumn than now.

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