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Understanding Trump's influence on the Markets

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 6:51 pm    Post subject: Understanding Trump's influence on the Markets Reply with quote

This thread is going to try to understand the bigger picture related to Trump and China. To try to understand how he can influence the Markets so significantly even if he is US President.

I must admit I took my eye off Trumpy's chart recently.

He's 10:52hrs (or so) 14th June 1946 New York.

Last Sunday 5th May around 18hrs UKT he tweeted that he'd smash more Tariffs onto China.

Since then the Markets have been falling and very volatile too. China down about 7.5% and the main US ones about 3.5%.

t.Mars was crossing Trumpy's Sun that day and forming an inconjunction with t.r.Pluto.

Possibly there was a translation going on two from t.r.Saturn.

Further t.Mars was closing in on Trumpy's n.Mars/ Eclipse Point/ Ascendant too.

Now I nearly couldn't be bothered to post this as I doubted I could link Trumpy's chart to big Falls across the globe.

But there it is ? A theme.

Trump was born on an Lunar Eclipse. Kings and the likes often are. Lunar Eclipses are the poorer Cousins though.

And it looks like Trumpy's reign is right in the middle of some very big Karma.

No surprise one tweet can crash-ette the Markets.

And Eclipses are themed through History in series called Saros Series. So we just have to find out which Saros Cycles he is caught up in and then we can begin to understand why such big things happen when Trumpy tweets.

Trump is part of some historical theme that plays out. It is possible to define these themes and now might be the time to learn.

"Lunar Saros Cycle series 129, repeating every 18 years and 11 days, has a total of 71 lunar eclipse events including 53 umbral lunar eclipses (42 partial lunar eclipses and 11 total lunar eclipses). Solar Saros 136 interleaves with this Lunar Saros with an event occurring every 9 years 5 days alternating between each Saros series." (wikipedia)

Further, t.Mars was activating the natal Lunar Eclipse, as t.Pluto now is too.

Further Saros 129 held an Eclipse last July. Which I don't totally understand as the previous one was in 2000.

But Saros 129 is at its peak just now over last century and this century. So Trumpy is something bigger than even he might know.

I think he has Astrologer's on his team so they'll have worked it out.

Further a Saros Cycle has a partner I understand.


If ONLY I knew how to read it .....

Bernadette Brady does.


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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 12:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here are some other threads about Saros Cycles

"The Solar eclipses which take place in one year each belong to a different Saros series.

A Saros series is made up of roughly 72 Solar eclipses over a 1300 year period."

"It is believed by some that much emphasis was placed on lunar standstills by the builders of the megalithic sites on the western fringes of Europe and in the British Isles. Perhaps they had an understanding, on some level at least, of the Metonic Cycle (when the Moon reaches the same phase and same degree of the Zodiac every 19 years); the 18.6 year Nodal cycle, the cycle of Eclipses and possibly the Saros cycles. There are at least two eclipse seasons per year. A Saros starts with one Solar eclipse, followed by another one in the same series 18 years, 9 - 11 days later. The Solar eclipses which take place in one year each belong to a different Saros series. A Saros series is made up of roughly 72 Solar eclipses over a 1300 year period.

Some of these megalithic sites are believed to be about 5000 years old, older than the development of astrology and astronomy in the Mesopotamian civilisation and much older than Meton, the Greek (c.430 BCE), who was accredited with the discovery of the Metonic cycle. Robin Heath has explained how the Aubrey holes, the first phase of Stonehenge, were used to predict eclipses and has done much work generally in helping us understand ancient archeoastronomy in relation to stone circles. The 56 Aubrey holes were likely to have been used to predict lunar standstills as well. It is unlikely that the builders understood these cycles in the same way as we do now, but their observations over long periods of time may have enabled accurate predictions of lunar standstills and eclipses. Considering that Neolithic people did not live very long lives, this would have been an amazing achievement and knowledge must have been passed on from parent to child.

The lunar standstills, whether they were being observed during the Quarter or Full Moon phases, were apparently prominent events observed from some stone rows, such as the Merrivale Stone Row on Dartmoor in the south west of England, from stone rows on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland and at Temple Wood stone circle near Kilmartin in Argyle. Other examples are rings of standing stones west of Aberdeen, Scotland. There are many others throughout the western fringes of Europe. The combination of stones and prominent hill tops, with their notches, were one of the major ways Sun and Moon positions were noted at significant times.

The Callanish stones, at latitude 58.12 north, are famous for picking up the lunar standstills at their most southerly positions against the hills on the horizon. There is about five hours of darkness in midsummer. It is worth pointing out too that at this latitude during the major lunar standstills north the Moon hardly sets. You can observe these standstills from anywhere although it would be better to be in the country with a good view.

According to Service and Bradbery in their book, The Standing Stones of Europe, in the Shetland Islands at latitude 60 plus north, the major lunar standstills north become circumpolar, never rising nor setting. Because the Earth's axial tilt has changed by nearly half a degree since the majority of stone circles were built, the circumpolar Moon was visible in the Shetlands in neolithic times. It is not quite circumpolar today - according to the formula in Philip's Astronomy Dictionary - polar distance of 90 less Moon's declination should be less than the observer's latitude for the Moon to become circumpolar. Result is 62 : two degrees out. So terrestrial latitude would have to be 63 north for a lunar standstill north to be truly circumpolar today. The reverse would be the case in the southern hemisphere."
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 7:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This Method of mine does involve lots of attention and thought.

A very big thing is happening just now. Trump is trying to force China to change its behaviour towards the World.

Even its internal behaviour.

I've also wondered for a while what will happen when Saturn completes its conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn next year, 2020 ?

Anyway what happened last Sunday the 5th May has thrown the spotlight on this.

We've heard that China began to row back on its commitments. Recently Pluto and Saturn had turned retro. And the pressure had come off Pluto for a while.

The South Node was also in there.

That could all point to Karma NOT now being dealt with.

I'm now wondering if Pluto is playing the role of China in relationship to Trump ?

Pluto is in his 5th House. I understand that can relate to Foreign Ambassadors.

And Pluto has been stationed nearly exactly on an inconjunction with Trump's Sun. And very much moving back and forth across his very tight Total Lunar Eclipse Axis.

This all got activated by transiting Mars last weekend.

We are lucky that Jupiter is in a reasonable +VE state related to Saturn and Pluto.

I see that Saturn completes the conjunction to Pluto at around 22°47' Capricorn around the 13th Jan 2020.

Jupiter has entered Capricorn in early Dec 2019 and is ONLY at 09° Capricorn then.

Until then I think that Saturn's close journey with the South Node thru this Summer is important too as it sort of has the theme of forcing out unhealthy and lazy selfish attitudes, which possibly China's approach could be characterised as.

At the moment of Trump's birth the True Nodal Axis was at 22°49' Gemini / Sagittarius. The actual Total Saros 129 Cycle Lunar Eclipse occurred shortly afterwards around 23°05' at about 14:30hrs local time.

Therefor whatever the completion of Saturn's conjunction to Pluto next January 12th-13th 2020 forms nearly an exact very disruptive inconjunction energy to Trump's n.Uranus, (n.Moon), n.Node, and n.Sun.

We can also sweep in his n.Saturn, and n.Venus and n.Mars too by opposition and inconjunction too.

The question is how does that Saturn Pluto conjunction play out. We know Pluto doesn't like restriction and we know that Saturn is at Home and therefore very powerful in Capricorn.

Um ?

I'll leave like that just now and think a bit more about it.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 12:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Of course the Lunar Eclipse energy Trump was born under is in his intercepted 4th Sagittarius.

And t.r.Jupiter is activating his n.Moon.

If memory serves me correctly t.Mars was in opposition to t.r.Jupiter around 23°30' around when he decided to push back against China.

I think both t.Mars and t.r.Jupiter were at work, and now more so t.r.Jupiter. Perhaps making him a bit ungrounded and over confident.

I believe intercepted Signs are hard things to live with. Add in Jupiter and Wooowh !!

But it'll take till the 28th May to peak over his n.Moon and till the 15th June to oppose his n.Uranus.


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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 8:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You've got to wonder if Trumpy's n.Moon in (intercepted) Sagittarius in the 4th, reasonably tightly conjunct the South Node Total Eclipse Point, is where he gets his Make America Great Theme from.

The whole idea of the Tariffs is to bring Jobs into America. Back to America.

And of course with t.r.Jupiter crossing over that area now then he'll be full of Confidence in his Vision.

Just a thought.

r.Jupiter the worst side of Jupiter too. Over over over confident.

I'm NOT great on Rulerships but I wouldn't be surprised if Uranus rules the Eclipse.

He certainly is full of ideas that turn the Established Order on Its Head.

And remember he is riding that Saros Cycle 129/136 which is at the Total phase now.

So this is a Big Thing. BIG BIG BIG !!

EDIT - More and more I am beginning to see Trump's 4th House (intercepted) natal Moon in intercepted Sagittarius conjunct the Saros 129 / 136 Cycle Total Lunar Eclipse as key to Trumpy's Visions.

THAT MUST BE SOME POWERFUL ENERGY. We just need somebody who knows something about Astrology to explain it.

Any Eclipse Experts in the House ?

Some basics ... Mostly from Bob Marks' website

The Moon rules the 4th House. I think now so much of Trump is about this South Node Lunar Eclipsed Sagittarian Intercepted Moon.

The South Node isn't the better of the two.

"North Node in Gemini: The tendency given by this one is to be wild, untamed, and unsocialised. The negative side of that Sagittarius South Node is a total indifference to the opinions of others.

They are not listened too at all. Even when it seems like someone living on their Sagittarius South Node is listening, they hear nothing. The need hear is to develop better social skills.

Learn to see things from all sides before shooting that mouth off. Learn to communicate in specifics instead of generalities."

THAT IS NOT Trumpy At All !!

"The opposite point, the South Node, shows the place where you feel comfortable. Too comfortable. If you stay there, you get into a rut. And worse. Your life can stagnate. That effect is heightened if there are planets making a conjunction to the South Node."

Ironically Moons are NOT my forte. Dam things keep moving around.

"The Fourth House shows your home and how you tend to act there. It also shows relationship with the parent of lesser influence, usually the father, the first few years of your life, and, paradoxically, the last years of your life, what we become as we get older."

"The Moon in the Fourth House: Daddy was probably the moody type. There is probably a strong emotional need to look upon home as a place of refuge (your shell). Watch out for emotional swings getting stronger with time."

"The Moon in Sagittarius: gives an emotional need to think and talk big, to be restless, to want adventure. Frequently, there is an inner optimism that keeps you bouncing back from setbacks"

I also think that Uranus in the 10th must be in play too.

"Uranus Aspecting the Sun: Gives independence and the desire to do things "differently". When positive, brilliance to the point of genius. When negative, it can make you an eccentric who delights in shocking people, or just plain crazy."

Read the Uranus Moon for yourselves

"Faith McInnerney, as far as I know, was the first one to notice that people with stressful aspects between the Moon and Uranus have a fear of abandonment and tend to be hysterics."

"Uranus in Gemini: will tend to shock people by expressing weird, socially unacceptable ideas. A whole generation was born with this placement (1943 to 1949) and they fueled the social upheavals of the 1960’s. Remember that the whole chart has to be examined before one can conclude that someone with this placement will behave this way overtly or if it will only be a repressed tendency."

"This house indicates one’s career tendencies, public image (as opposed to private image), the parent of greater influence (usually the mother), and people who may have power or authority over you (bosses, judges, etc.). Yes, planets IN this house affect the career. So does the SIGN at the beginning (the cusp) of the house, as well as the RULING PLANET of that sign."

"Uranus in the Tenth House: Forget working you way up the corporate ladder. Organisations don’t suit you, unless, of course, it’s your own organisation, one you founded. There is getting to be less and less of large organisations lately due to the internet, which, by the way, is a very Uranian thing.

If it’s new, unusual, on the cutting edge, and even shocking, well, that’s the profession for you. And oh yes, they have to leave you alone. This is another placement of Uranus that can’t stand anyone looking over its shoulder.

If you do have a boss, they are probably a genius, eccentric, or crazy. Alan Turing, an early computer pioneer and the man who cracked the "uncrackable" German Enigma code during World War II had Uranus right at the top of his horoscope."

"Gemini-Sagittarius Intercepted: These are communication signs. Gemini is also the sign of curiosity. Wherever Gemini is located in our horoscopes, it gives us the ability to quickly gather information and objectively. Sagittarius is the sign of generalities. It takes the details Gemini gathers and puts them together into principles.

Interception breaks the balance. In the house with Gemini intercepted, all sorts of useless information will be gathered. The intercepted Sagittarius can’t help them discriminate between facts that are significant and those that are drivel. Since Taurus begins the house, there is also a tendency to be closed minded (thanks to Patricia Konigsberg for that useful tidbit). Everything presented to your mind (especially in the area governed by the house containing the interception) has to be solid and tangible, or it will tend to be rejected. There is also a tendency to keep quiet about any idea that could get you embarrassed in public.

In the opposite house, where Sagittarius is intercepted, Scorpio is on the cusp. Everything there is heavy. Scorpio likes to get into things in depth. But with Sagittarius intercepted, you could find it difficult to express your opinions with enthusiasm, or even to express them at all! After all, Scorpio does like to keep secrets. Since Gemini is intercepted on the other side of the horoscope, you may have a problem coming up with reasons to back up what you say so your claims can sound like dogmatic (take it or leave it) assertions. Too often, other people will leave it and not pay attention to your views.

To deal with the problems of this interception, first look to the sign, house, and aspects of Mercury and Jupiter. These can indicate possible solutions. Then check your duplicated signs. They show more ways out of your interception dilemmas. "


We just need to flesh out more info on the Saros 129/136 Cycle Theme.

Why is in so obsessed with Make America great Again ? Why does he feel America isn't Great now ? Does he feel he has lost something due to changes in America ? Is it really a Mid Life change that Men seem to suffer from ? Things are NOT like they were when I was younger !! What is the root of that ?


This piece is on the Moon South Node conjunction. Key point it that the Native is stuck in the past.

Make America Great Again ? 4th House being The Home.

"A conjunction or conjunct symbol is an aspect that emphasizes and brings together the energies of the planets involved. Conjunctions focus and intensify the energy much like a laser beam on an exact point in your chart. These planets have their own uniqueness and when tag-teamed their energy is intensified even more.

It is important to understand that the Moon rules the home and the family. It also rules the emotions, feelings, sensitivities and moods, while the South Node rules the past and where one has been. The South Node basically says, "Been there, done that!" The South Node is where an individual might find themselves stuck in the past, especially when the Moon (emotions) conjunct the South Node. This conjunction makes it difficult for an individual to synchronise with what is currently occurring. In other words, their present timing is just off. Emotionally, they just cannot seem to catch-up or synchronise with the emotions of someone else. The reason timing is off is because the South Node represents the past (as in timing) so they are always stuck behind. These people are notoriously a day late and a dollar short.

Keep in mind that the South Node is the bottomless pit, which cannot be filled because it is like having a hole in the bottom of a cup. No matter how much energy you pour into it, the energy falls right through. When the Moon conjuncts the South Node, there is a tendency to get stuck in a negative emotional pattern with the feeling that it will never end. This can lead to periods of loneliness, depression and self-imposed isolation. This would be someone who incessantly worries and yet never does anything about their issues. It is a never-ending holding pattern of being stuck in the past and never moving into the present.

The better choice would be to use the emotions to push oneself forward. Instead of using fear to hold oneself back, the individual should use fear to drive them forward. The challenge is to use the intuition of the emotions, meaning what the emotions are telling them to do, in order to respond better to others.

The interesting take on this is that if an individual can be sucked into a holding pattern, then they can also have the equal and opposite reaction, which would be to use their resources and meet adversity with shear determination and courage. Even though this is a very difficult conjunction, the individual can still overcome it by using their gift of concentration to become more disciplined. In other words, if an individual has the ability to concentrate (which they would have with this aspect) even if it is negatively, then the also have the ability to concentrate positively."

And 'll give it to Trumpy he has got the Communication going spot on

"When unbalanced: a complete lunatic/baby who is so wrapped up in their neuroses and insecurities that no form of support or comfort is ever enough

When balanced: a very soulful, sensitive person who knows how to emotionally tune into their environment without losing their reason or maturity "


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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 9:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Right so I read thru those Copy and Pastes very carefully. I picked out about 20 points. Or 20 points jumped out at me.

Much is so so spookily Trumpy, but NOT so much the bit about the Moon conjunct The South Node.

I think the fact that Moon is involved as part of a (Total) Lunar Eclipse changes things.

Eclipses bring the Yang of the Sun and the Yin of the Moon together. They are very special times when even the Earth's Atmosphere changes in quality in some way.

It is going to be interesting to try to follow one Saros Eclipse Cycle from start to Total.

How ? I'm NOT too sure.

Of course the 10th/ 4th House is the Parents as well. Where you come from and we know that Trump's Mother was an Immigrant Highland and Island Scot.

Strong Protestant values ?

I'm sure she wouldn't have let Young Donald forget about her/his Scottish Roots.

Really and truly a right old mix of things here.

Some one coming from the Islands to New York.

Could it be any different ?

But we are also into the old debate about 4th Mother and 10th Father or vv.

But I think we can also see that Jupiter at Home in Sagittarius just now is making a big effect on Trumpy.

Further, the Neptune square has to be VERY SIGNIFICANT too. What affect is it having on Jupiter.

Making Jupiter even more expansive ?

Trump is really really going for it.

"President Trump's allies praise him for his willingness to take on issues long neglected by U.S. policy makers: confronting China's unfair trade practices, taking on Iran's malign regional behaviour, working to replace Venezuela's dictator with democracy, and deploying carrots and sticks to denuclearise North Korea, to name just a few."

But it won't be pretty for All of Us when Jupiter completes the square and moves off into Sagittarius.

I think you are looking about Xmas for Jupiter to pass out of his 4th House.

Early December for it to pass out of Sagittarius.

Still all pointing to understanding the Saros 129/136 Eclipse Cycle at least to start with.

Ok so Trumpy is "Going for It" as Jupiter runs back and forth over the tight conjunction of his natal Moon, South Node and the related Lunar Eclipse Point.

Neptune will soon enough be left to square all the planets involved with the natal Eclipse.

Further, if you think about it t.Neptune and t.Pluto are forming an ongoing sextile and that has a powerful mid-point too.

For me Neptune is The EU. Pluto could be Russian, and the mid point China.

I think those are his main competitors. And I think he'll come seriously a cropper once Jupiter has passed the 23°03' Sagittarius point in very late October.

Her is what Bob Marks is saying about t.Neptune related to Uranus, Jupiter and the Moon.

"Neptune Aspecting Uranus: Any aspect between these two will stay around for a few years and can affect a whole generation. Neptune rules the ideals, dreams, and illusions of the entire generation into which we are born. When there is any aspect with Uranus, planet of "I’m going to change everything", well, that’s not going to be a conservative generation. Uranus wants freedom and independence, and those ideals will tend to be strong, for better or worse."

Again the following do NOT recognise the defined energy the Lunar Eclipse has on the Moon.

"Neptune Aspecting Jupiter: Jupiter is cheerful and expands whatever it touches. Neptune is dreamy, idealistic, and other-worldly. The harmonious aspect tends to make you idealistic, and the things you imagine seem to have practical application more often than not. The stressful aspects increase the chance that you will be just plain gullible. Remember, things are real when they exist, and not just because you imagine them. Take a course in logic."

"Neptune Aspecting the Moon: The Moon shows our emotions and emotional needs. When it is aspected by Neptune, the need is for imagination and escape. Excessive day-dreaming is a danger, but this can also be a very creative trait. Stay away from any job that doesn’t utilize your imagination. If you can’t, then at least take frequent breaks. The harmonious aspects mean that people always seem be doing things for you. As with all so-called "harmonious" aspects, be careful that you don’t overdo it and blow your luck. In this case, you could become a leech who can’t do anything for themselves. The stressful aspects tend to attract spacey women into your life, starting with the mother. who could have been so involved with her own fantasies that she forgot to take care of you. Be careful about attracting women "friends" who always seem to drain you emotionally with their never-ending "problems", most of which are self-caused. And PLEASE, whatever you do, don’t think that you can "save" these people by falling in love with them. "

"Jupiter Aspecting the Moon: The Moon shows your feelings. Jupiter is optimism. This combination gives an inner optimism that always seems to bounce back no matter what the circumstances. But the Moon also rules the stomach. Watch your weight if you have the stressful aspects. All Moon-Jupiter contacts increase the sense of "noblese oblige", a desire to be generous."

Again still we are lacking the understanding of what the Lunar Eclipse does to change the Moon's influence here.


NEW YORK, June 17 (Reuters) – The Federal Reserve may lower U.S. interest rates to near zero by the spring of 2020 if U.S.-China trade relations deteriorate further and tip the U.S. economy into a recession, according to Morgan Stanley analysts.

Such a dire scenario would knock the S&P 500 toward 2,400, nearly 500 points or 17% below its current level, while benchmark 10-year Treasury yields would slip to 1.75% later this year, down 33 basis points from current levels, they wrote in a report "Beyond the G20" released on Monday.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK So I've had to factor Trumpy's Chart into my Rolling analysis in a Big Big Way now.

Because he is dominated by a Saros Cycle and that Lunar Eclipse is in Sagittarius.

He also has a very powerful configuration with Uranus, The Node and r.Jupiter. A Uranus r.Jupiter trine ?? Wooooooooooowaaah !!

Just now early on the 27th June UKT till very late on the 6th July UST (sic) that configuration is being calmed by r.Saturn. And abandoned by r.Jupiter.

We saw at the peak of the t.r.Jupiter activation how he interacted with Kimmy in the DRK.

The several 1,000$ question just now is how will this change in Mood for Trumpy as he heads into the G20 Meeting with Xi-Hie-Wee-Hie (sic Scots) affect his negotiating.

He'll be feel pretty Down I'd imagine.

My feeling is that he has to accept something he doesn't want to. But people in Japan who claim to know suggest No Deal will be completed.

He's seen what happens to the Markets when he Hangs Tough. But he loves the idea of those $Billions coming in from the Tariffs.

Clearly it is a Re-balancing Act. But easy to Balance when you've got Jupiter fully inflated, n'est pas ?

And if you are struggling with it now then Gott help you (and us) when Jupiter deflates.

Um ?

Don't know.

That Sober Mood continues thru till late on Friday 6th July (UST) and you have to wonder if he gets serious Ear Bending about threatening Iran ?

I think finding a good Chart for Iran would be excellent. They have been getting a serious Doing Over these last few years and have been equally Pugilistic in the Middle East, n'est pas !

I might try to dig one out. You'd feel it'd be valid to consider when the Shah fell to the Islamic Revolution, n'est pas ?

Anyway I've reduced my Positions leading into the Weekend.

Gold has been undercut by Powell's Hawkish comments, and that has to have weakened Oil a bit too.

Personally I'd like to see the Rate Cuts start and Trump to agree a Deal. That then means they are Cornered.

I've played down what this Eclipse Season will bring but the Total Solar Eclipse falls very close to Trumpy's Ruler Mercury. And the Lunar Eclipse falls very close in opposition to his Saturn.

And The Nodes are being afflicted by t.r.Saturn which is crossing the mid point between his Mercury and Saturn.

He has to be feeling the Heat in some way now and NOT enjoying. He certainly will be front and centre in the coming days.

And there is where knowing more about the Saros Cycles, and the other Cycles that link Eclipses has to be developed and used more.

It certainly is a fascinating topic for research.

But the Long and the Short of this post is that I'll have to wait till the Markets open in Asia to see what Trumpy has cooked up.

Clearly he will be hating the G20 Meeting this time.


I'd imagine Trumpy won't be himself till the 7th July UKT, and even till around the 19th August he'll be constrained by r.Saturn, which will block Jupiter's support for his Visions.

After that he'll be fully back to his Cwazy Self.


PS Now let's find a decent Chart for Iran.

Jaaaaaaaaaammmes !?!
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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I feel that Trumpy has been more Grounded since t.r.Jupiter passed away from his Uranus and Moon. And his own r.Jupiter.

Added on top of that t.r.Saturn sweeping up behind. But for the longer run probably more dangerous for the World.

His Chiron will be healed by t.r.Jupiter though in sextile.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 2102

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Without transiting r.Jupiter or Jupiter to over enthuse him, and r.Saturn putting the brakes on, I feel Trump is being more Grounded.

But perhaps when he hits he is even more Dangerous, and we'll have to suffer plenty more of this once Jupiter moves away in November.

I heard he said that any Deal with China is still a long way off being agreed.

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