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Does he already fall in love with me

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Joined: 14 Jan 2020
Posts: 3

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:01 pm    Post subject: Does he already fall in love with me Reply with quote

This is a horary question. Please add in your comments:

Querent (She) = Asc is Leo, Virgo Moon in 1st house.
Capricorn Sun is Querent and Co-significator of Querent is Virgo Moon

Quesited (He) = Dsc is Aquarius, Pisces Venus in 7th house conjunct Dsc separating
Capricorn Saturn is Quesited and Co-significator of Querent is Pisces Venus
Pisces Neptune is also in 7th house and opposite Virgo Moon in applying aspect.

When ask about love question, we look at Sun and Venus too. Sun represent the male and Venus represent the female.
Querent is a female and querent asc lord is Sun
Quesited is a male and Venus is in quesited 7th house.
There are certainly a relationship here that both are attracted to each other.

Both her Lord Sun and his Lord Saturn are in 5th (Love house) and in close conjunction in same sign Capricorn may signify both love each other (Saturn is the ruler of 7th and 5th)
However, this conjunction is separation, Could it signify she (Sun) is trying to escape him for this romance? but her dispositor is Saturn also meaning she is interested in him at the same time.

While Pisces Venus is in 7th (Quesited house) is another indication his love for her and Neptune in 7th quesited house could indicate he is still confuse about this love.

The only applying aspect in this chart is the opposition of Virgo Moon and Pisces Neptune could indicate she is lost about his confusion.

So all in all, does he fall in love with this girl already? or still in confusion?
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Joined: 29 Sep 2019
Posts: 58
Location: Boston

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Great detail. I am a beginner aT Horary, and my thought is that because the 5th house is for short romance/dating, I don't think that he's already in love with her, especially because you mentioned the separated conjunctions. I'm also curious as to how you feel about him?

Can I ask where you made you chart?

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Joined: 14 Jan 2020
Posts: 3

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, this chart is a little hard to interpret as 5th house ruled by Capricorn and its lord is Capricorn Saturn (rulership) a serious planet inside and ruling the romance house.

This is a friend chart and my friend is confuse as well and like to know the guy feeling first.

This chart is generated by Solar Fire.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
Posts: 1169

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The opposition between Moon and Neptune is something I noticed right away too and dreamy Venus in Pisces in the 7th (applying to square Mars on an angle in the 4th house, end of the matter). Maybe it is the early stages and there is a cloud of hormones and intense feelings of infatuation that cloud the relationship as it truly is. Often Neptune is a sign that people involved are not seeing the situation objectively or truly, which is sort of necessary for long term relationships. It can make people feel like they are with a soul mate though and is like living in a fantasy world. Are these people young? I normally think of Venus-Mars squares being emphasized as lots of passion but some lack of social skills making it hard to be on the same page. In older men it can show lack of respect for women or even abuse though when afflicted (in this case Venus is strong and received, so unlikely).

I would say that Saturn here does show strong feelings for the querent but that they may be someone with controlled feelings or are shy and have a hard time expressing themselves to the querent whereas the querent may be someone more outwardly expressive and someone who needs affirmation if not also adoration with Leo rising. The querent may be even vain in some sense whereas the quesited is unlikely to be someone who pours out demonstrations that would appease that. Saturn in the 5th often shows someone who has trouble expressing feelings of love. I often see a quesited as combust showing someone who adores another person and that can mean love. It can also mean lust too though. Even if they do adore the querent, it is unlikely they would express that in an easy way that the querent would understand because their way of expression is likely to be very different.

The querent has only face dignity and is separating from the quesited, as was mentioned, but the orb is pretty tight still. Additionally, Mars is very angular in the 4th house of the end of the matter. I normally think of Lilly's description of the seasons as well for the signs and Capricorn is a cardinal sign, which is considered the most turbulent and unpredictable of seasons, which suggests some instability in the relationship despite Saturn often representing a grounding force. I would think the querent would be the one who is more likely to cause friction though given their planet causing combustion and that it does not have strong essential dignity. The Sun and Saturn are opposites in many ways. The Sun is gregarious and life-affirming whereas Saturn is solemn and can be somewhat dreary and cold. With Pluto, if Saturn is young it could be that Saturn has gone through some difficulties that have caused them to mature. If older, they may be someone who has a lot of power or material wealth or just controls the relationship somehow. Also, the relationship appears to weigh heavily on Saturn so the querent may feel unhappy and unsatisfied overall. She may feel controlled or inhibited in some way also. Saturn does not offer an energy that is strongly supportive of the nature of Sun, and Pluto is involved in the conjunction.

Perhaps both parties need to better work on communications of needs and wants if this is going to work in the long term. I would better evaluate the natal charts of both if I were the astrologer to try to determine what possible issues might be and why Neptune is such a focal point.

The late ascendant makes me wonder it the querent already knows the answer and just wants some affirmation? Is this person very needy in terms of praise and adoration?
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Joined: 14 Jan 2020
Posts: 3

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tanit, this is a very insightful delineation!
As I am still very new in Horary astrology and whenever Neptune coming out make me confuse about the answer should be given. Just like what you mentioned about the focal point Neptune is relatively stand out in this horary chart.

From my understanding, querent not sure the answer because the quesited should be someone who is not good at expressing himself or express in an unusual way, therefore confusion and yes the querent is someone who needs affirmation in relationship and The quesited is someone who is afraid of commitment.
Interestingly about their natal chart, quesited Sun conjunct with querent Asc. Quesited Venus opposite querent Moon. And in their composite chart, Moon in 1st partile opposite Sun in 7th.
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