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Coronavirus forecast 2022

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Joined: 25 Jun 2020
Posts: 130
Location: greece

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:31 am    Post subject: Coronavirus forecast 2022 Reply with quote

My previously posted outlook for 2022 already didn't look good. Adding asteroids in the mix, I'm even more pessimistic about the evolution of the pandemic and the vaccines this year.
I have used asteroids Vaxjo, Vacchi, Korhonen, Koronis, Labs, Apollo (god of Plagues), Pholus (the centaur who killed himself by studying the poison on an arrow he pulled out of someone else), and Panacea (drugs).

Note, I'm trying to be neutral and objective -- and when I mention problems related to vaccines, I can't tell if this is about side effects of the vaccines, or about vaccines not being efficient, or whether it's related to protests against mandates.

A loose overview for the year:

1. SOLAR RETURN COVID OUTBREAK (Jan 12 2020, time unknown, using my local time and place, I very appropriately got Wuhan conjunct MC):

Korhonen conjunct Apollo and Apollo, God of Plagues, conjunct Uranus, square Saturn. It's not over yet.
Mars conjunct Vaxjo and Panacea, square Neptune. Vacchi square Venus and Sun. Conflicts and confusion about vaccines and drugs. Doesn't look good for the vaccine efficiency.
Labs conjunct Koronis, square Uranus, opposite Saturn. We haven't heard the last thing yet about the lab leak theory.
And, not asteroid related, but important to mention: Jupiter unaspected in Pisces -- like a virus going wild.


Vacchi conjunct Eris, asteroid of conflict -- no comments needed I guess
Panacea and Vaxjo conjunct Mars, square Neptune more quarrelling and confusion about drugs and vaccines -- also, this doesn't look good for vaccine efficiency
Apollo conjunct Korhonen in the late degrees of Taurus, the weeping sisters -- bad news
Koronis conjunct Labs opposite Mercury and Saturn, square Uranus maybe some will try oppress the lab leak theory -- but don't worry, it will pop up again later this year

mid Feb-mid March
Vaxjo conjunct Pholus conjunct Panacea unfortunately this sounds like a poisonous vaccine
Koronis conjunct Labs still opposite Mercury more communication or bad communication about the lab leak

mid March- mid April
Vacchi conjunct Uranus square Mars and Venus, and Saturn squaring the nodes on top of that: expect all sorts of problems and big time upheaval regarding the vaccines (and about other things too)
Korhonen opposite Pandora: more covid
Labs conjunct Koronis opposite Mars and Venus: expect a row regarding the lab leak theory
Panacea conjunct Vaxjo trine Uranus: yes! maybe there's some good news regarding a drug/vaccine!

mid April- mid May
Vacchi conjunct North Node square Saturn More vaccine-related problems. No idea if this is about side effects of the vaccines, or about vaccines not being efficient, or whether it's related to protests against mandates. Moreover, right after the conjunction and the square, Vacchi will go over Caput Algol and the Weeping Sisters. Not good.
And, not asteroid related, but as said in my general 2022 forecast Jupiter will be conjunct Neptune at this point, high risk for more infections (and floods and other catastrophes)

Korhonen square Neptune, Apollo opposite Pholus, inconjunct PAndora: more confusion and more pandemic
Vaxjo and Panacea are going retrograde doesn't look hopeful for vaccines and drugs

Vaxjo and Panacea retrograde square Chiron: doesn't look good for vaccines nor drugs
Apollo opposite Vaxjo and Panacea: idem
Korhonen inconjunct Pluto: insidious covid problems

Korhonen square Jupiter opposite Pholus: more pandemic
Vacchi square Neptune trine Saturn:more bad news than good news for the vaccines
Wuhan now joins Labs and Koronis - they will move conjunct for the rest of the year -- and together the stellium forms the apex of a Yod with Pluto and Neptune the finger of God is pointing at them -- I think now there will be a climax in the investigations.

Vaxjo conjunct Panacea opposite Venus and Koronis and Apollo square Mars and Uranus more of the same

Panacea and Vaxjo turn direct: this may bring good news for drugs and vaccines
Labs, Koronis and Wuhan are now conjunct Venus, opposite Neptune: someone is telling lies about the lab leak and/or adding more confusion to the mix

Jupiter opposes the stellium Labs, Koronis and Wuhan is the truth coming out, and can it all be worse than we thought it was?
Korhonen opposite Saturn and Uranus I hope this means a stop to the Virus -- but it could also mean the virus creating more problems -- and given the general context of the planets, the latter is more likely
Vaxjo and Panacea trine Uranus: some good news about drugs and vaccine
Pandora inconjunct Uranus it's not over yet, more insidious problems coming out of Pandora's box

Apollo opposite Neptune: more plague and more confusion
late November Panacea and Vaxjo conjunct Pluto sextile Jupiter and Venus: hope for vaccines and drugs
Vacchi opposite Saturn, square Uranus
and Mars square Neptune, inconjunct Panacea and Vaxjo:
it's not over yet


November 20, 2019, when the first covid case was reported in China, Korhonen was conjunct Wuhan conjunct Labs conjunct Apollo (God of plagues) 6-12 Sagittarius -- the degrees hit by the November 2020 eclipse (Delta onset) and by the May and December 2021 eclipses.

January 12, 2020, when Covid reached the West, Korhonen was conjunct Wuhan conjunct Pholus conjunct Ixion (evil King) conjunct Apollo (god of plagues) conjunct Labs square Chiron (wounded healer), in the early degrees of Capricorn, where the December 2019 eclipse took place.

Instagram: @anna.de_roo
Facebook: anna.deroo.712
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Joined: 28 Mar 2020
Posts: 671

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 10:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Annadeer for the extensive work you put on this review of the virus for the upcoming year.
You are not afraid to jump in the pool and I love that!

From what we know, virus waves have been 'named', which is helpful in search of asteroids. But who knows if some Kojax or Spiderjax might not show up in the next grinding.

Best to you,
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Joined: 25 Jun 2020
Posts: 130
Location: greece

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 4:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lala Happy Lala Happy Ouranos

& you're welcome. I'm glad to have a place to share my discoveries! My real life friends can't understand what I am talking about Laughing
Instagram: @anna.de_roo
Facebook: anna.deroo.712
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