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Enneads: Tom Brady and Super Bowl 2021

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Therese Hamilton

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Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 5:34 am    Post subject: Enneads: Tom Brady and Super Bowl 2021 Reply with quote

Enneads: Tom Brady and SuperBowl 2021

Not being tuned into the world of sports, I missed a golden opportunity (before the fact!) to predict a Super Bowl winner based on the ennead chart and transits to that chart. I didn’t know until Wednesday (three days after the Super Bowl) that we had a timed birth for quarterback great Tom Brady, and that he played on the Super Bowl 2021 winning Tampa, Florida Buccaneers team. (I still had him back playing with the New England Patriots!),_Tom


Solunars (1/6/2014)
SteveS wrote: I have a copy of Tom Brady’s Birth Certificate in my hand: Aug 3rd 1977, 11:48 AM PDT, San Mateo, California.

Solunars (2/8/21)
by SteveS Mon Feb 08, 2021 9:29 am
Tom Brady has just won his 7th Super Bowl. Where in his Natal Chart do we clearly see this inborn greatness as an NFL Quarterback?

So, after the fact, here is Brady’s winning ennead chart with his natal chart, and another diagram of the ennead chart with transits for the approximate start time of Super Bowl LV (55), 7 February 2021 at 6:35 PM (approximate time within a few minutes) in Tampa, Florida. There is no guesswork in these charts, but I was disappointed that most of the relevant transit orbs were wider than 30 minutes.

Brady’s Super Bowl ennead checked in on January 11, 2021. With enneads I first look at the ascendant degree to see if any planets conjoin that degree through the houses. There are two contenders, transiting Uranus on cusp 12 (8' orb from cusp) and natal Moon on cusp 11 (24' from cusp) which receives the sextile from ennead Mercury (Brady’s ascendant lord) and Jupiter, both a degree from cusp 9.

Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon are all in terms of Jupiter. (I’ve been checking terms since reading Martin Gansten's Annual Predictive Techniques.) As Jupiter and Mercury also trine the ascendant, this is without question a positive indication of winning.

Natal ascendant lord Mercury is two degrees from the nadir, and receives the trine of ennead Venus and Moon (in Jupiter’s terms) and Uranus. (At this time I don’t know how to interpret Uranus in transits.) With the benefics fully operational on cusps there is no doubt that ths ennead chart points to victory within its 40 day time period.

Super Bowl Transits to the Ennead

Two configurations stand out in this chart:

(1) Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Mercury are at the ennead MC with Jupiter three degrees from the MC degree itself. At the start of the game, Venus was in Jupiter’s terms, but by the game’s end both Jupiter and Venus were in terms of Venus, the lord of the Taurus ascendant, and both are trine the ascendant, Venus within 2 degrees.

(2) Saturn in its own domicile and terms of Jupiter is on the cusp of the 9th house with a 26' orb to the cusp, trine the ascendant degree. There is no need to look further than the Jupiter-Venus-Saturn ennead transits to mark a Super Bowl win.

Transiting Saturn fulfills my current research requirement of one or more relevant ennead transits having an orb of less than 30 minutes to the ascendant or MC degree. Saturn is also yogakaraka for a Taurus ascendant, and currently Brady is running Venus dasa and Saturn bhukti. It’s interesting that Venus and Saturn both play a transiting role in Brady’s winning ennead chart.
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