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The shooting of Maurizio Gucci

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Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 6:42 pm    Post subject: The shooting of Maurizio Gucci Reply with quote

Maurizio Gucci, born 26th September 1948, Florence, Italy, at 01.10am,_Maurizio
AA data, from birth certificate.

His wife Patrizia Reggiani, who might have (?) ordered his shooting, born 2nd December 1948, Vignola, Italy at 7.30am.,_Patrizia
AA data from birth certificate.

The film about this story, starring Lady Gaga, is being released sometime.

There are big transits to Patrizia's Venus at the exact time of the shooting, 27th March 1995 at 8.30am.

The Mercury Mars aspect in Patrizia's chart suggests that she is intelligent.

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Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 2:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


thanks for posting the charts and making a focus of this... it is interesting.. i was unaware of all of it.. i am curious what it is that you see in the transits to the women patrizia reggianis chart on the date of maurizio guccis murder?? for some reason on the chart you have posted of her, on the outer wheel are solar arc directions for today, which seem less interesting to consider...

i have taken a look at the primary directions to guccis chart for the approx time of his death and i have looked at his chart regarding the transits and solar arc directions too..

the part of guccis chart that i was drawn to was the fairly close mars-pluto square.. as i have said many times this combo of planets seems to connect closely with violence or the potential for violence... as it happens this close square also has a close connection to the moon-uranus conjunction in the 12th house, the moon being the ruler of the cancer ascendant.. i am looking at all of these positions with the sidereal zodiac, so as not to confuse anyone here forward, but regardless of the signs, one can see the 45-135 from the moon-uranus conjunction to the pluto - mars positions, bringing all of this together... i suppose the imagery is appropriate in that a women of a more uranian make up who has the opposition of moon-uranus in her chart is the 12th house person responsible for his demise... by transit the mars position at the time of death is moving into this whole pattern as it approaches a conjunction with pluto.. so the potential for gucci to suffer some violence is a strong possibility if found with other astro factors pointing in the same direction.. why it happens at this particular time and not some other is harder to pin down at first..

some other features of guccis chart are how the uranus-pluto planets enclose the ascendant with the exact midpoint of these 2 planets lining up directly with the ascendant degree.. as it happens the midpoint of sun-mars happens to be exactly square this midpoint, and thus the ascendant degree as well..

at the time of guccis death the nodal axis is transiting exactly opposite its place in the birth chart.. i find this interesting..i am sure i could say more about this, but i think it is an interesting feature which would motivate me to look more closely at all this entails..

as it happens pluto is at the direct midpoint of moon-sun... thus mars squares this same position as well due the exact pluto-mars square in the chart... in the solar arc directions we see how the differential in terms of degrees between moon to pluto and pluto to sun is approx 46 degrees and this fellow has died at the age of 46.. maybe it is all a coincidence, but i kind of doubt it...

gucci not only has a moon-uranus conjunction making hard aspects to the pluto-mars square.. he also has a close pluto-venus conjunction... thus the feminine planets in his nocturnal chart are heavily coloured by these outer planets uranus and pluto which also happen to show up in a few other ways too... the primary direction of pluto to the square of uranus for mid 1995 is another coincidence i suppose... pd mercury converse conjunction to saturn brings the 8th, 12th and 3rd house rulers together using sidereal zodiac... this direction is in effect for 1995 as well and can't be considered a good thing..

in guccis solar return for 1994 mars is in a close conjunction to the ascendant with a close trine to pluto located in the 5th house of romance and children... solar return saturn is in the 8th house.. solar return uranus is less then 2 degrees on the 6th house side of the descendant as well indicating a turbulent year for the man. the solar return nodal axis is directly on the mars-pluto square in the chart as well highlighting the importance of the nodal axis and pluto-mars potential for violence again and all as i see it..

thanks for giving me an opportunity consider these charts in a passing way..i find the person whose chart it is that has died much more interesting then the perpetrator, or that lady gaga is playing her part... maybe i will look more closely at her chart another time..


additional note - the dasa period that maurize entered at the time of his death was very close to the beginning of saturn - mars which begins on april 8th 1995 using krishnamurti ayanamsa... otherwise it is the very tail end of the saturn-moon period... of course as mentioned earlier - saturn-moon rule the 8th and 12th houses and are both situated unfavourably from a house and sign point of view in his natal chart.. natal saturn would be a particular hard period given it is in the 2nd house making a direct aspect to his 8th house, while being in the sign of its fall - leo..
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