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Artistry in Astrology

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Posted: Fri May 21, 2021 7:48 pm    Post subject: Artistry in Astrology Reply with quote

Listening to a podcast witth Brian Clark

Creating a relationship with your imagination
"I recognize that right from early on that the most important thing in working with the client was creating a relationship.
“Astrological techniques, for a successful judgment, should open up the key that unlocks our portal of imagination.”.
"The techniques that speak to us are the ones that stay with us, but the reason they speak to us is that they lead us to some way of knowing that opens something up... beyond our own knowledge or an understanding."
The clients come not to share their joyful stories with you, at least they never came to me to share their joy because there was a lot of pain and suffering and sadness and I had to be open to that." (Brian Clark)

The understanding is all within us. If I say Venus square Saturn, what comes to mind?
Let me open up my imagination here...
I see a young woman with an older man.
I see someone falling in love with someone already married.
I see The Beauty & The Beast
I see a vintage piece of clothing
I see a broken vow... and on and on

Which House system?
"Well, first of all, I guess I don’t understand why there’s contention. Because if I understood that there’s a contention, I would have to ascribe to the belief that it’s factual, because if I’m going to argue which house system is better, it would have to be based on fact, now, and that’s not going to happen. So, yes, I think that we’ve gotten ourselves into a bind a bit in astrology by this idea of house system – it doesn’t matter. It’s a symbol. And if I try to, say that my system is the better system, then I’m entering into a kind of a sense of needing to sort of prove it in some factual way and I won’t be able to do that. I might be able to say that the system I’m using has been used for a long time, that the system I’m using probably has more charts created that way. I might be able to say all these things. But I don’t I think that’s right, that that this idea of debating about house systems is actually not good for our our profession. Because basically we shouldn’t be, we should be honoring the idea that we’re working with a symbolic language. And whether it’s whole sign or equal house, which of course, as we know, it has been right there through our tradition, or whether it’s a more modern placidus doesn’t matter.
Which isn’t proof. It’s validation of a meaningful experience... and when that happens they’ll start to form their own ideas and their own opinions." (Brian Clark)

What I understand here is that you use a system that is meaningful to you. Or a system that opens up your own understanding... until you find a better one. And when this happens it will come to you like a tsunami, not like eating some piece of brocoli as a 4 years old.

"We only have the eyes to see the moments that we’re studying, but it’s happening every moment. And I think that’s very, very important. What I tried to describe in that chapter of time was to, suggest how we oftentimes get caught in the linear and chronological movement of time. We have the Saturn Uranus square. So we define that moment in time. But that moment in time has vibrations in many other moments in time. So this moment in time, it’s all engaged in the chart of this moment as well. So again, I feel my words fail. But it’s the kind of involvement with time as astrologers where we are not just dealing with literal chronological time, but we’re dealing with timelessness and a sense of eternity, a sense of a cycle that has happened over and over and over again". (Brian Clark)

If you are unsure about the orb, use 360 degrees until enough clients validate the orb with you. Remember about creating a relationship? After 7 years of teaching and reading charts for people, I woke up one day and decided that 'they would give me a reading' of their own chart. I would hold the chart in front of me and looking at a Sun square Saturn, I would say: "Can you tell me about the relationship with your father?" And then, they would start explaining me what and how the square manifest. I was learning more than reading 10 astrology cookbooks.

"Is a Saturn Venus square good or bad? And I said, Yes. Thank you very much.
Well, I think what I was trying to portray there was the fact that when astrology invites us to participate, okay, we’ve got, Saturn transiting our venus, it invites us to participate in that. Yes. I don’t want to feel like there’s a heavy weight on my chest. Yes, I do not want to feel that I’m, in the wrong vocation. But if that is the way I’m feeling, then this transit is asking me to participate with that feeling in order to know that part of myself. So, we could look at it and say, yes, it’ll be over soon. But it won’t be over soon if that part of myself that has been actually in transition has never been felt or experienced, or opened up. And so it’s like I was trying to express the idea that the invitation to participate is actually the clue and the mystery of astrology." (Brian Clark)

Brian Clark's book “Soul Symbol and Imagination, The Artistry of Astrology”, Tony Howard interview with Brian Clark Brian Clark articles on Greek History and Classics Articles
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