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Girolamo Manfredi - Centiloquium de medicis et infirmis

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Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2021 7:50 am    Post subject: Girolamo Manfredi - Centiloquium de medicis et infirmis Reply with quote

Girolamo Manfredi
Centiloquium de medicis et infirmis

translation by Giuliano Bravenna.
Google translate

Girolamo Manfredi or Hieronimus de Manfredis (1430? - 1493) was a man of vast culture: in the Bologna studio he first taught logic, then philosophy, then medicine and astronomy, with the duty of making public annual predictions and a tacuinum . In 1476 he published, together with Cola Martino, Pietrobono Avogario and Galeotto Marzio, the Cosmographia of Ptolemy. His best known work is The Why , a vernacular readjustment of Aristotle's spurious Problemata . In his lifetime Manfred enjoyed the reputation of never having erred in his judgments of astrology. And if Pico della Mirandola, in his Disputationes (II, 9) affirms that he did not know how to predict his own death, Lucio Bellanti, in his Responsionesal Pico, denies that this is true. The Centiloquium , first published in Bologna in 1489, was reprinted in Venice in 1500 and in Nuremberg in 1530. The original Latin text can be downloaded from the Gallica site of the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France).

This book is a collection of 100 aphorisms regarding health and diseases, Catarchic astrology (Electional), Decumbiture chart (Inception chart that is cast for the moment that a person lays down or takes to their bed as a result of becoming ill.) and Horary.

Here are a few aphorisms

Although medicine is a complete science in itself, the doctor who works without astrology is not perfect.

The good doctor is the one in whose nativity Mars and Venus are united by body or with some benevolent aspect, or even Venus and Mercury. But the perfect physician will be the one in whose nativity Mars and Venus are united in the sixth house.

There will undoubtedly be a grave error on the part of the astrologer in the interrogations which they bring about the sick person when the vii house and his lord are impeded. Therefore, postpone the question or do not comment on it for fear of making a mistake.

When the sign of the sixth house is Libra and Mars is in it, it means eye pain.
Those born will be deaf if Mercury is lord of the sixth house and is injured by Saturn with a malevolent aspect, especially if he were in the sixth house. He will have the afflicted hearing in whose nativity Jupiter and Saturn appear afflicted above the horizon, I mean their being in vile and retrograde or burnt places.
Those born when Mars and Venus are afflicted above the horizon will have a spoiled sense of smell or suffer from nose diseases. (Note: Allergies)
If the lord of the ascendant is in the 8th house received by the lord of the 8th, but he does not receive it, free from the disease after having despaired.
When the disease begins when the Moon comes out of combustion, it will increase until the day of the full moon.
Do not neglect the diseases that the planets mean in the signs according to the Egyptians.
In Aries, Saturn has the chest, Jupiter the heart, Mars the head, the Sun the testicles and the thighs, Venus the feet, Mercury the shins, the Moon the knees.
In Taurus, Saturn has the heart, Jupiter the belly, Mars the neck, the Sun the knees, Venus the head, Mercury the feet, the Moon the shins.
In Gemini, Saturn has the belly, Jupiter the groin, Mars the shoulder blades and hands, the Sun the legs, Venus the neck, Mercury the head, the Moon the feet. In Cancer, Saturn has the groin, Jupiter the genitals, Mars the chest, the Sun the feet, Venus the hands and shoulders, Mercury the neck, the Moon the head.
In Leo, Saturn has the genitals, Jupiter the testicles and thighs, Mars the heart, the Sun the head, Venus the chest, Mercury the hands and shoulders, the Moon the neck.
In Virgo, Saturn has the testicles and thighs, Jupiter the knees, Mars the belly, the Sun the neck, Venus the heart, Mercury the chest, the Moon the hands and shoulders.
In Libra, Saturn the knees, Jupiter the shins, Mars the groin, the Sun the hands and shoulders, Venus the belly, Mercury the heart, the Moon the chest.
In Scorpio, Saturn has the shins, Jupiter the feet, Mars the genitals, the Sun the chest, Venus the groin, Mercury the belly, the Moon the heart.
In Sagittarius the Moon has the feet, Jupiter the head, Mars the testicles and thighs, the Sun the heart, Venus the genitals, Mercury the groin, the Moon the belly.
In Capricorn, Saturn has the head, Jupiter the neck, Mars the knees, the Sun the belly, Venus the testicles and thighs, Mercury the genitals.
In Aquarius, Saturn has the neck, Jupiter the hands and shoulders, Mars the shins, the Sun the groin, Venus the knees, Mercury the testicles and thighs, the Moon the genitals.
In Pisces, Saturn has hands and feet, Jupiter the chest, Mars the feet, the Sun the genitals, Venus the shins, Mercury the knees, the Moon the testicles and thighs.

Full text on the link at the beginning

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