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Material Wealth and Part of Fortune

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Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:50 pm    Post subject: Material Wealth and Part of Fortune Reply with quote

(by Daniéle Jay)

This text presents the recommendations made by Ptolemy to judge the wealth of natives. They are, as always with him, very concise, but they were enriched by Giuseppe Bezza during a seminar held on February 19, 2005 in Milan. (Danièle Jay)

In her book 'Le Ciel en Mouvement' Danièle Jay explains how to calculate the Part of Fortune 'In Mundo' using the day formula of Ptolemy ASC + Moon – Sun. Robert Hand and Robert Schmidt have a different view on this but I have found the approach of Giuseppe Bezza and Danièle Jay interesting enough to share it with you here.
This article was published in L'Echo d'Hermes no 33 – Winter 2017
Please note that the Part of Fortune is calculated 'In Mundo' for each chart.
How to get an idea of the prosperity that awaits, or not, such or such native?

Ptolemy designates a single and unique signifier of wealth: the Part of fortune
Ptolemy (Tetrabiblos, IV, 2), whose calculation our author recalls, distance from the Sun to the Moon carried over from Ascendant 2, day and night 3.
(2 “... so that the Moon has the same relationship and the same configuration with regard to the Part of fortune as the Sun with regard to the Ascendant (Tetrabiblos III, 11, chapter devoted to the lifetime).
(3 This calculation is done in mundo, according to the method adopted with good reason by Giuseppe Bezza and Marco Fumagalli, method exposed in “Le Ciel en mouvement” (Daniéle Jay).)

It is the Ruler of the sign of this part who will inform us about the material fortune of the natives. It will be necessary to consider their condition and the most prominent aspect 4, which is Overcoming.
(4 Overcoming): said of a star which precedes another in the direction of the diurnal movement; it rose before it. If it appears the other by square, that is to say if one culminates while the other rises, it exerts a great power over it. The aspect will be very harmful if the supreme star is an evil one.)
that they receive from planets of the same Triplicity or opposing Triciplity. The natives will be rich if these Rulers are powerful, especially if they receive the favorable configurations of the Lights (Sun and Moon)
Saturn ruler of the Part can bring wealth through the construction of buildings, through agriculture, navigation, or what comes from the ancients;
Jupiter, through fiduciary operations, financial, administrative or religious ministries; Mars, by military operations or by the command of men;
Venus, by gifts from friends or women;
Mercury, through science or trade.
When Saturn is closely related to wealth, and if he has familiarity with Jupiter, this in the upper angles (ASC and MC), the native can be adopted and he will inherit the property of others, mainly if Jupiter is in a bicorporeal sign, (Bicorporeal signs are signs of the zodiac said to be “double bodied”: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces. As originally used by Ptolemy, bicorporeal referred to all of the mutable signs, which are the three signs mentioned above plus Virgo) or if the Moon applies to it.
If the Rulers receive the testimony of planets of the same Triplicity as them, they will indicate the stability of the fortune.
If they receive the testimony of evil planets or of opposing Triplicity, in particular by overcoming aspect, they will announce the deterioration of the fortune.

Will the natives get wealth? Will they lose any? Such changes will only occur when these planets move towards angles or successive places (by direction).

Do these precepts of the prince of astrologers have any value today?

Let us examine the theme of a rich man.

Bill Gates, born October 28, 1955, ê Seattle, ê 9:15 p.m. (5:15 a.m. UT October 29).
[Source Didier Geslain]

The Part of Fortune, calculated in mundo, it should be remembered, is found at 21 Sag 54
Its Ruler is Jupiter. This one, by nature, means prosperity. Located at 27d47 'Leo, a solid sign which authorizes duration and stability, the star is dignified by triplicity. He is oriental vis-à-vis the Sun, visible, direct, rapid, all conditions fulfilled for Jupiter to show his power, especially since he is conjoined with the royal star Regulus, which makes “the rich. and the powerful ”(Fomalhaut). The man will be provided with immense wealth, acquired by “financial or religious operations” in (Jupiter).
Contrary to what is shown on the map, no aspect of trine is possible between the Ruler and the Part of Fortune, these being noted in the movement of the sphere: the addition of the DH of the part 6 (4, 47 h) to that of Jupiter (1.83 h) cannot reach the 8 hours necessary for the formation of a trine in mundo.
(6 The DH is the distance of a factor from the meridian, expressed in temporal hours. For more details, the reader can consult 'About the DH ”, published in the number 29 of the Echo d'Hermês of 2015. No overcoming aspect touches Jupiter, and the star is not angular. However, he occupies the MC of the Part of Fortune 7, so he appears in a very strong position.
(7 The Part of fortune is considered as an Ascendant, the lunar Ascendant, from which it is possible to draw up a new theme. In this new theme whose Part of fortune is the Ascendant, Jupiter is on the cusp of X.)

Moreover, being in the nativity on the cusp of 3rd House, in sextile to the Ascendant, he can claim a place of honor at the first angle. And he receives, at the same time in zodiaco 8 and in mundo 9, the welcome sextile of the Sun, of the same Triplicity as him: the luminary will take care, not only to stabilize the fortune, to develop it, but also to carry it at its peak !
(8 The in zodiaco aspects are formed in signs, on the ecliptic. Thus, in this chart of Bill Gates, Jupiter at 27 ° 47 'of the sign of Leo is aspected by the Sun, at 5 ° 01' of the sign of Scorpio , by sextile in zodiaco. The two stars are separated by 67 ° 14 'degrees of the zodiac.)
(9 The aspects in mundo are formed in house, according to the movement of the hours. Each placidian house contains 2 temporal hours. The MC and the IC are, by definition, distant from the meridian of 0h (DH: 0h), the AS and the 6h DS (DH: 6h).
in this Bill Gates chart, Jupiter has a DH (distance from the meridian expressed in hours) of 1.83 hours (DH of 1h50mn: 50mn multiplied by 100 and divided by 60 = .83 (comma 83), so 1.83 hours ); it is aspected by the Sun which has a DH of 2.26 hours. If we add, in fact, the two values, 1.83 + 2.26, we obtain the distance of 4.09 hours, that is to say the value of a sextile (4h exactly), this time in total. )
Let us now analyze, from the angle of wealth, the theme of Thomas Edison,
born February 11, 1847 ê Milan, Ohio, at 3 a.m. (8:30 a.m. UT)

The Part of fortune calculated in mundo is found at 13 ° 34 ’Scorpio, in the bound of Venus.
Its Ruler is Mars. This relates to builders, engineers, business leaders, the "command of men". From a humble background, Edison succeeded in building a personal fortune of several million dollars, thanks to his multiple patents and his entrepreneurial spirit. He's a businessman (Mars).
In what condition is Mars, dispositor of the part in this theme? Posited at 0 ° 35 ’Capricorn, he is dignified by exaltation and is also in a term of Venus, which will undoubtedly have a role to play. The hourly distance from Mars to the meridian (DH) is 5.06 h. In the angular house, the ASC, the most powerful of all with the MC, it is Eastern to the Sun, visible, direct, fast: this Mars does not lack strength!
In addition, to the Ruler of the part (Mars), it is linked to it by sextile in mundo: 4.13 hours separate them 10.
(10 In Edison’s chart, the distance from the part to AS is 3.19 hrs (6 hrs - 2.81 hrs DH from the part).
The distance from Mars to AS is 0.94 h (6 h - 5.06 h DH from Mars).
The distance from Mars to the part is therefore 4.13 h (3.19 h + 0.94 h). Remember that a sextile in mundo is worth 4 hours.)
It also receives the very dynamic application of the Moon, by conjunction, a large in mundo sextile of Venus, the small benefic, of the same Triplicity as itself, and an exact meridian equidistance, equivalent to conjunction, of Jupiter11, beneficial star, star prosperity!
(11 In this Edison chart, Mars and Jupiter have, on either side of the meridian, one the hourly distance of 5.07 hours, the other of 5.06 hours.)

Do we not also note a very important trine in mundo of Venus and Fortuna: 7.53 hours separate them12!
(12 Still in Edison’s chart, the distance from the part to AS is 3.19 hrs, as we have already seen.
The distance from Venus to AS is 4.34 h (6 h - 1.66 h DH from Venus).
The distance from Venus to the part is therefore 7.53h (3.19h + 4.34h). Recall that a trine in mundo is worth 8 hours.)

The two beneficial ones thus see themselves consolidating a fortune already established by the qualities proper to Mars, which, moreover, respects its hairesis (In Sect): it will behave without harming the native.
As Vettius Valens states, "when they are active in appropriate places and when they are in their hatred, even the evil stars dispense good and indicate the highest situations and success"
(Anthologies, I, 2).
Wealth was assured!

On the other hand, let's see the theme of Vincent Van Gogh, born March 30, 1853, at Groot Zundert at 11 a.m. (10:41 a.m. UT). [Source Didier Geslain].

The Part of fortune calculated in mundo is 18 ° 34 ’Aquarius

Its Ruler is Saturn, not particularly keen on acquiring wealth. We know the painter's state of poverty, which could only survive thanks to the help of his brother Theo. He sold only one painting during his lifetime ...
The star, cold and dry in nature, has no dignity on the sign of Taurus it occupies, at 15 ° 58 ’: it is peregrine. Western to the Sun, which weakens it, it is unfortunately united with Tolma, part of Mars (Part of courage) full of animosity (DH from Saturn 2.83h; DH from Tolma 2.97h).
Nothing comes to fortify this mediocre Saturn, which is aspected neither by the stars of its Triciplity (Sun, Jupiter), nor by those of the opposite Triciplity (Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury vespertine, setting in the West after the Sun), nor by the beneficial ones (Jupiter, Venus), nor by the luminaries (Sun, Moon). Nothing. No planetary aspect.
The part itself is not related to Jupiter, despite appearances (The chart shows a sextile in zodiaco). And to make matters worse, Saturn is dominated by Mars, the little evil that is overcoming to him. The only relationships that we can identify concern the rather fatal aspects between the Part of fortune and its Ruler: square in mundo, meridian equidistance being a conjunction. We must note the sad condition of the Part of fortune, the total planetary isolation and the weakness of its Ruler, which can only manifest itself according to its own nature, that which announces misery and poverty!

Danièle Jay
November 6, 2016


In Resume:

1) Use POF day formula ASC+MO-SU and calculated In Mundo. Check this article
2) Look at the condition and the most prominent aspects especially the Overcoming position: a star which precedes another in the direction of the diurnal movement; it rose before it. If it appears to the other by square, that is to say if one culminates while the other rises, it exerts a great power over it. The aspect will be very harmful if the supreme star is an evil one.)
3) The Ruler of POF is powerful when it receives from planets of the same Triplicity especially if they receive the favorable configurations of the Lights (Sun and Moon).
4) Favorable also if the Ruler is Dignified (Angular, In Sect, Triciplity, Rulership or Exaltation), Direct, Visible (not under the Sun's rays) and Fast.
5) Look at the POF as being the Moon's ASC and see the position of the Planets by Signs(like Whole House), Angular being the best position, next conjunct, trine or sextile by sign to POF and in aspects to the Luminaries.

- Bezza, Giuseppe Commento al primo libro della Tetrabiblos di Claudio Tolemeo Nuovi orizzonti, Milano, 1990, 1992.
- Bezza, Giuseppe Arcana Mundi, Antologia del pensiero astrologico antico, Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli, Milan, 1995.
- Bezza, Giuseppe Secundo Libro del Quadripartitum, Editions Agora & Co, December 2014.
- Bezza, Giuseppe Scripta Minora posthumous work, a cura di Emanuele Ciampi e Ornella Pompeo Faracovi, Editions
Agora & Co, Lugano, 2016.
- Jay, Danièle Le Ciel en mouvement, Editions Sep-Hermès, Paris, 2006, 2010.
- Ptolémée, Claude Tetrabiblos, translation by Nicolas Bourdin, Editions Vernal / Philippe Lebaud, Patis, 1986
- Ptolemy, Claude Tetrabiblos, translation into English by F.E. Robbins, London, 1940.
- Ptolémée, Claude Le Livre unique de l'astrologie, translation by Pascal Charvet, Nil Editions, Paris, 2000.
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Michael Sternbach

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Location: Switzerland

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2021 2:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The idea of the Part of Fortune having to do with one's material success intuitively makes sense to me. Although I would not limit this to its version calculated in mundo.

Thanks for bringing this up, Ouranos. Smile

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