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Jupiter Saturn conjunction - Danièle Jay

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Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 11:53 pm    Post subject: Jupiter Saturn conjunction - Danièle Jay Reply with quote

This article was published in L'Echo d'Hermes no 48 – Autumn 2020, a free astrology periodical published quarterly.
As always, Danièle Jay provides one of the best comprehensive overview I have read on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. I hope her books will be translated in English with the traditional astrology knowledge she brings.
Google translate with adjustments on astrological terminology.

by Danièle Jay

"Ptolemy said (Note1):" Do not neglect the power of the one hundred and twenty (Note2) conjunctions of seven wandering stars, because in them lies the greatest knowledge of what happens in the world of generation and corruption ”. (Centiloquy, Al-Daya, Sentence L)
There follows an enumeration of all these conjunctions according to the Chaldean order, starting with the doubles (Saturn-Jupiter first, then Saturn-Mars, Saturn-Sun, Saturn-Venus, etc.), the triples (Saturn-Jupiter-Mars , Saturn-Jupiter-Sun, etc.), quadruples (Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Sun, etc.), quintuples (Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Sun-Venus, etc.), sextuples (Saturn-Jupiter- Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury, etc.), finally the sevenfold and last (Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon).

The first and most important conjunction cited is that of Saturn-Jupiter (Note3), which brings to perfection the movement of the four elemental qualities of the world, “movement which acts physically on the sub-lunar world” (Note4). As Albert the Great (Note5) says, “the sphere of Saturn excites the cold and the dry, that of Jupiter the hot and the humid, and consequently, the first qualities are all set in motion by their sphere, thus one can well say that the two superior planets (Saturn and Jupiter) have the capacity to cause the biggest mutations of the world ”.
In the 8th century, the technique of the great conjunctions of the upper planets was born, which we owe to the astrologer Abu Ma’shar (Note6). These conjunctions have been classified into minor, medium, major.
***(Note1 “Thanks to the remarkable works of Franco Martorello and Giuseppe Bezza, we know today that the Centiloquium was not written by Ptolemy, but by Ahmad Ibn Yusuf Ibn Al-Daya. It is a collection of a hundred aphorisms, of which the fiftieth here present, which signals the importance of the great planetary conjunctions in the prediction of world events. For Ptolemy, on the other hand, events occur only “according to luminaries (syzygies, eclipses), (passages)transits, sunrises (heliacals), and planetary stations.” (Tetrabiblos, II, Introduction, translation by Nicolas Bourdin).
***Note2 The aphorism written in Arabic mentions one hundred and twenty conjunctions, while the aphorism translated into the Greek language mentions one hundred and nineteen conjunctions.
***Note3 Saturn cold and dry, Jupiter hot and humid.
***Note4 Domenico Maria da Novara, I Pronostici, 1484. Novara was in Italy the teacher of Nicolas Copernicus.
***Note5 Albert the Great, Speculum astronomiae, Magdeburgi, 1506, I, 2.9.
***Note6 Abu Ma’shar, Latinized in Albumasar (787-886), De Magnis coniuctionibus.

1) The minor Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is renewed every twenty years.

To stick to the twentieth century, we see it operating during the triplicity of Earth:
November 28, 1901 at 13 ° 53’Capricorn - assassination of Humbert Premier.
September 10, 1921 at 26 ° 33’Virgo - the "Roaring Twenties".
August 8, 1940 at 14 ° 27’Taurus - 1940-45 War
February 19, 1960 at 25 ° 12'Capricorn - Decolonization of Africa.
December 31, 1980 at 9 ° 26’Balance - François Mitterrand, AIDS. (Air incursion)
May 28, 2000 at 22 ° 36’Taurus - Concorde crash.
December 21, 2020 at 0 ° 31 'Aquarius - Coronavirus.

2) The medium Saturn-Jupiter conjunction recurs every 240 years or so.

The 20 years of the minor conjunction are repeated, in fact, 12 times in the same triplicity (20 years x 12 times = 240 years).
After which, it changes triplicity. So for example:
from 1007 to 1226, the conjunction occupies the triplicity of Earth.
from 1226 to 1425, the triplicity of Air.
from 1425 to 1603, the triplicity of Water.
from 1603 to 1842, the triplicity of Fire.
from 1842 to 2020, the triplicity of Earth.

In December 2020, the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction will abandon the triplicity of Earth, to enter the triplicity of Air. Note the regularity of the course of the triplicities, which always takes place in the same order:
Fire (from 809 to 1007).
Earth (from 1007 to 1226).
Air (from 1226 to 1425).
Water (from 1425 to 1603).
Fire (from 1603 to 1842).
Earth (from 1842 to 2020).
Air (from 2020 to 2219).
Water (from 2219 to 2398) etc.

Triplicity changes announce major events, political, social, or religious changes. For example, the accession of Louis IX, known as Saint-Louis, to the title of king in November 1226, coincided with the entry of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction into the triplicity of Air. At the conjunction of 1603, which ushered in a triplicity of Fire, England and Scotland united around the advent of James the First. At the conjunction of 1842, the year in which the triplicity of Earth sets in, we see the development of the railroad and industrial era.

3) Finally, the major Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is renewed every 960 years

(240 years x 4 triplicities = 960 years), according to Abu Ma’shar. The major conjunction returns to the same degree every 960 years. For example, between the major conjunction of 1087 at 3 ° Taurus and that of 1881 at 2 ° Taurus, we find 794 years, or between that of 1226 at 3 ° Aquarius and that of 2020 ° at 0 ° Aquarius, we find 794 years (not 960 years). Could these values ​​be correct? Were there any rigorously exact planetary positions available at the time? What could be done, if not to use inevitably approximate positions and deplore the ineffectiveness of predictions based on no reality?

4) Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of December 2020 set for Paris, France

It would now be interesting to examine the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction which is very close to us. (This article was written June 26, 2020). It is partially formed in December 2020, with a change in triplicity from Earth to Air. It is therefore a major conjunction, announcing important events in its course.
The study is done in placidus domification, with only the stars of the septenary, the terms of Ptolemy, the stars and the parts in mundo.

The chart is nocturnal. The conjunction does not respect its haïresis (Sect ruler). This is a rather bad first point. Leaving on December 21, 2020, she has just entered the triplicity of Air, at 00 ° 29 'Aquarius, solid sign, masculine sign, suitable for the foundations and the construction of buildings, winter sign during which can occur cruel storms. It stands in a remarkable position on the horizon, near the DSC.
Extremely powerful, it also receives the applying square of Mars, the highest dignified planet, which raises fear of violent circumstances, as also announced by the square of the Part of fortune. Note also, acting partially on this conjunction, the unfortunate star Rasalhague (Saturn-Venus nature); on the Sun, the Arrow of the Archer (M 8, Spiculum, azemene degree, Mars-Moon nature); on Daimon Markab (Mars-Mercury nature), on the North node El Nath (Mars nature), on the Algorab sky background (Mars-Saturn nature, star of destruction), finally on Venus, the formidable Antares (Mars-Jupiter nature). This abundance of evil factors risks making us suffer (deprivation, shortages, poverty, famines, diseases, numerous deaths).
But, by the way, who is more powerful in this conjunction, Saturn or Jupiter? Who dominates the other? A predominance of Jupiter would be welcome, it could be a game changer. Is that the case ?

Does Jupiter have dignity in Aquarius? No, we know that. Does his astronomical data allow us to conclude in his favor? For the same longitude of the two planets (00 ° 29 'Aquarius), we have:
Saturn Jupiter
Latitude: - 0 °, 23 Latitude: - 0 °, 29
Variation: - 20 °, 25 Variation: - 20 °, 31
Height: - 0 °, 35 Height: - 0 °, 39

Contrary to what one might think in view of the chart, it is therefore Saturn who is the highest: he is the most powerful, it is he who will impose his law! Moreover, it is the Ruler by domicile of Aquarius, the Ruler of VII, the Ruler of VIII, the Ruler by exaltation of IV, the Ruler of the AS by term and by rulership of the Sun, this one in detriment! Him, the Ruler of Mercury, which refers to the 12th house. It is him, Saturn, the undisputed Ruler of this Saturn-Jupiter conjunction!

To tell the truth, since the Middle Ages, to make annual predictions, the chart of the conjunction was inserted into another chart called "revolution of the years of the world", this chart having been codified in the 8th century by Theophilus of Edessa ( 695-785) (Note7), followed in this by many astrologers. It was a question of determining the Ruler of this chart by its phase (Note8) vis-à-vis the Sun, or at most, in the absence of a phase, by its aspects, beneficial or malefic, as well as by its relations with the ASC.
This "revolution of the years of the world" was established, for such and such a year, for such a place, for the moment when the Sun entered the first degree of Aries (beginning of the year, spring ingress). The degree that rose at the time of the Sun's ingress in Aries was called the "conjunction Horoscope". It was therefore necessary to study both the place of the conjunction, and the place of his horoscope. The place of the conjunction having just been examined (0 ° 29 'Aquarius in VII), it remains to look at the placement of the ASC. We will find him at 1 ° 40' Aquarius.
***(Note7 Seminar by Giuseppe Bezza, Riparbella, April 21, 2009.)
***(Note8 By phases, we mean the distances of the planets from the Sun, when they express a notable change in their cycle vis-à-vis the Sun, either by a change of light (heliacal rise or apparition, heliacal set or disappearance), either in their movement (stations, retrogradations, direct movements), or in their acronycity (the planet rises when the Sun sets). A planet that makes its appearance (heliacal rising) will have a fundamental role to play. She is then "like a man cured of his illness" (Al Biruni, beginning of the 11th century), "like a warrior coming out victorious from the fight" (Bonatti, 13th century). When she disappears (burned by the Sun), however, she behaves "like a man in prison" (Ibn Ezra). In his retrogradation, she is "like a man who knows nothing" (Ibn Ezra).

This chart of spring ingress is valid for France, since March 20, 2020

Until March 20, 2021. It's a nighttime chart. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction (0 ° 29 ’Aquarius) does not respect its Sect, once again. Venus, dignified in Taurus, western, has just made its heliacal rising: will the latter be enough to improve the living conditions reserved for the people, while the Moon, Ruler of VI, joint to the Part of Sickness (14 ° 04 ’Aquarius) will disappear under the rays? And among the most important, most harmful stars, we find Algol conjunct Saturn, Markab with ASC, Acubens with DSC, Algenib with Daimon.

Let us not forget a total solar eclipse, on December 14, 2020, at 23 ° 08'Sagittarius, whose first ruler is none other than Jupiter, in XII, and the second Saturn, angular on the Ascendant, ruler of the next 'Angle' that follows, thus undermining our Saturn-Jupiter conjunction.

Finally, when the Sun enters the 1st degree of Aries, the sign and the rising degree are in Air, a triplicity which sheltered some notorious epidemics (as in 1347-1348 the terrible Black Plague or in 1980, AIDS for example ). Aquarius being a solid (fixed) sign, it is likely that the year begun on March 20, 2020 will generate the same difficulties, the same major constraints until the following year.
The insistence on the sign of Aquarius, which we find at every corner of the page, should prompt us to reflect on its deep meaning, led by the ruler of time, Saturn. We will have to give up the frivolities of life, and live in a more modest way.

Danièle Jay
June 26, 2020

- Abu Ma’shar, De Magnis Coniuctionibus, in E.S.Kennedy and David Pingree.
- Al'Biruni, The Book of Instruction in the elements of the art of Astrology, Edition R. Wright, London, 1934.
- Bezza, Giuseppe, Arcana Mundi, Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli, Milan, 1995.
- Bezza, Giuseppe, I Pronostici di Domenico Maria da Novara, Leo S. Olschki, December 2012.
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- Ibn Ezra, Abraham, The Book of nativities and revolutions, translation and notes by Meira B. Epstein, Arhat
Publications, 2008.
- Jay, Danièle, “Le Ciel en mouvement”, Editions Sep-Hermès, Paris, 2006, 2010.
- Jay, Danièle, “Mémoires d’Astrologie mondiale”, "Trois / Sept / Onze", n ° 78, June 2015.
- Mandl, Michaël, « Pandémies : une perspective astrologique », L’Echo d’Hermès n° 46, 2éme trimestre 2020.
- Masha’allah, “Traité sur les éclipses du Soleil et de la Lune, sur la conjonction des planètes et sur les révolutions des années,” manuscrit BN, Edition Io. Heller, Nuremberg, 1549.
- Théophile d´Edesse, CCAG, Brussels, 1932
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