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Dodecatemoria in Horary Astrology

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Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 4:32 pm    Post subject: Dodecatemoria in Horary Astrology Reply with quote

The website offers good information on the dodecatemoria.

“One of the more fascinating niche uses of twelfth-parts is in the interpretation of cognition. This use was common for consultation charts, and later in medieval horary astrology. The technique originates with unknown Indian astrologers and Hephastio of Thebes. Importantly, it was adoped by Masha’allah. The basic idea is that the twelfth-part of the Ascendant gives indications about the thoughts and intentions of a native or a querent (the one asking the astrologer to divine the answer to a question). The native is really concerned about matters pertaining to the house represented by the twelfth-part of the Ascendant. The qualities and conditions of that place such as the quality of the sign, its domicile lord, and occupants of the sign are all relevant to the native’s true concerns.

The primary use of this technique in medieval astrology was to anticipate a client’s area of concern. This usage appears to have started in Indian and/or Hellenistic use of consultation charts. This use of consultation charts preceded, and likely lead to, the development of horary astrology.
Masha’allah in On Hidden Things (from the Works of Sahl and Masha’allah translated by Dykes in 2008) suggested that the twelfth-part of the Ascendant provides the best indications regarding a querent’s intention in an horary reading. If a planet is in that place then you look to that place as signifying the person’s intention. If the place is empty then you look to the place of its ruler.”

Deborah Houlding explains here the dodekatemoria concept and the table below is taken from her article.

In Astrologie 21 no 8, Nathalie Bertolino provides 3 examples on how it can be used in Horary astrology. Google Translate with corrections on technical terms.

The divisions of the zodiac (Nathalie Bertolino)

There are several ways in astrology to divide each zodiac sign and use these divisions.

• The best known is the division of each sign into thirds of 10 ° called decans: first decan from 0 ° to 9 ° 59, second decan from 10 ° to 19 ° 59, third decan from 20 ° to 29 ° 59. The first decan of the Aries is attributed to Mars and the decans following are assigned a planet according to the Chaldean order, from the slowest to the fastest: saturn / jupiter / mars / sun / venus / mercury / moon. The second decan of the Aries is therefore attributed to the sun, the third to venus, the first decan of the Taurus to the moon, the second to Saturn and so on until the last decan of fish attributed to Mars. The decans are in fact so well known to some of the great public uses them; for an overview see - especially at this time of year – your favorite women's monthly magazine. Traditionally, the decans are used to judge the celestial state of a planet. A planet in its decan has a little dignity.

Egyptian terms are a division into five of each sign. The five portions do not have the same number of degrees and are also irregular with a sign to the other. Each portion is assigned the dominance of a planet (other than the luminaries) and this dominance influences the celestial state: as with the decans, a planet in its term possesses a small dignity. In the tradition, Egyptian terms are also used in the analysis of solar revolutions, in connection with the primary direction of the ascendant.

Navamsas are a division into 9 of each sign, each covering 3 ° 20.
They are managed by a sign of the zodiac, following the order of the twelve signs without holding count the signs crossed. The first navamsa of Aries , from 0 ° to 3 ° 19, is attributed to Aries and is therefore under the influence of Mars. The second navamsa of Aries, of 3 ° 20 to 6 ° 39, attributed to Taurus, is therefore under the influence of Venus. By following the order of the signs of the zodiac, the first navamsa of Capricorn is therefore attributed to Capricorn and Saturn and so on until the last navamsa of Pisces which is attributed to Pisces and Jupiter.

Dodecatemories are a division into 12 of each sign, each covering 2 ° 30. Aries's first dodecatemory, from 0 ° to 2 ° 29, is managed by the Aries and is therefore under the influence of Mars. The others follow in the order of the signs of the zodiac, the last dodecatemory of Aries being that of Pisces. But unlike navamsas, the first dodecatemory of each sign is managed by that same sign. Thus, the first dodecatemory of Taurus is that of Taurus, the first of Gemini is that of Gemini and so on.

Navamsas and Dodecatemories grant dominance of certain portions from the zodiac to a sign as well as to the planet which controls it and therefore confers a dignity to this planet. These dignities, however, have fallen into oblivion in Western astrology and are not among those commonly used by practitioners of traditional astrology (as a reminder: major dignities are domicile and exaltation, minor dignities are triplicity, term and decan).

The dodecatemories applied to Horary astrology: the consultant's mind

The key to interpreting an horary chart is to find the right significator to provide the correct answer to the consultant. But anyone who practices knows that sometimes, despite good use of significators and techniques, the answer escapes us. Have we looked at the right significator? Going further ... has the consultant guided us properly on the real question that torments him?

The table above is of great help in determining the true thought of the consultant. It presents the dodecatemories of the zodiac as well as the "thoughts" associated with each of them. This is an interpretation proposed by Herman of Carinthia or Herman the Dalmatian, a 12th century astrologer (1110 - 1154), translated from Latin to English by Benjamin Dykes, an American astrologer, and from English to French by Eliane Bénady and myself, students of Denis Labouré. Herman of Carinthia probably drew these interpretations from earlier sources, Arabic texts or collections such as those of Ergafalau (10th century) or Hephaistion (5th century).

Note that the thoughts listed correspond to life as lived in a very distant time from ours and that the text sometimes needs to be adapted to the current context.
The consultant's thought check is to be used as a pre-judgment onsideration: the ascendant degree dodecatemoria provides an indication of the consultant's true concern.
There are other methods of determining or clarifying the consultant's thinking. We can for example take the Planetary Hour of the question and check which houses of the natal chart this planet is the almuten (planet with the most on the degree of the cusp of the house) to obtain an indication on the subject of real concern of the consultant. This method is not applied here but can be used for verification, in addition to the dodecatemoria method, developed below.

Horary Astrology

Methodology and application

The methodology proposed here remains very simple:
1) Take the degree of the ascendant of the Horary chart: find in the table in what dodecatemoria it is (sign)
2) Look at which house of the Horary chart is in the sign of this dodecatemoria: it indicates the area that concerns the consultant
3) Check with the interpretation of the consultant's thought given in the book of Benjamin Dykes (Translation note - I have provided the translation of Eliane Benady and Nathalie Bertolino at the end of the article).
: it provides details on the context already indicated by the aforementioned house
Illustration by the following examples (the analysis of the Horary chart is not developed so as not to overload this article):

8 June 2011 18h45 (UT 16h45) Puttelange-les-Farschvil 49N03 /6E55

Consultant 1, male, would like to know if he will change jobs - that’s the question asked. A priori, a question related to House X. He also mentions that possibly, he wants to know if the person he's having a relationship with is the right one.
The question is badly asked (it would be better to ask what the future of the relationship is) but what is more, in this case, we are more in the context of the 7th house.

The ascendant of the Horary chart is at 16 ° 53 Scorpio.
• The dodecatemoria is that of Taurus: the house ruled byTaurus in the chart is VII
→ Which is a first indication of relationship-oriented thinking in love (VII) rather than towards the career (X)
• The dodecatemoria says: "something that happened in a foreign country because of a foreign person "
→ Verification: the consultant had an affair with a woman married to another man, this woman is German!
→ Conclusion: house VII answers the consultant's real question

7 May 2011 14h20 (UT 12h20) Clermont Ferrand 45N47/3E04

Consultant 2, a woman, would like to know the career development of her son who is exploited by his employer but hoping for a promotion . A priori, a question relating to the X of the consultant's son, therefore to the second house of the Horary chart, by deriving from V. (10th from the 5th)
The ascendant of the Horary chart is at 2 ° 15 of Virgo (we do not drift to verify dodecatemoria!)

• The dodecatemoria is that of Virgo: the houses ruled by Virgo in the Horary chart are ASC and II of the consultant. But this is a question which relates to her son: by drifting from the V (the child), the houses managed by Virgo in this Horary chart are the IX and the X of the V, that is to say the distant travels and the career of her son.
→ This is a first indication that the consultant is really concerned about the professional development of her son
• The dodecatemory indicates: "feminine adornment, we harvest the fruits of its kindness"
→ Which corresponds well to a question aiming to know if the efforts made will be rewarded by a promotion.
→ Conclusion: house II (the X of the V) answers the consultant's real question.

21 June 2011 18h08 (UT 16h08) Naast 50N33/4E04

Consultant 3, a woman, would like to know if she will be able to stay in the house that she occupies. A priori, a question concerning house IV.
The ascendant of the Horary chart is at 16 ° 33 Scorpio [note that this is the same dodecatemoria as for consultant 1 ]

• The dodecatemoria is that of Taurus: the house ruled by Taurus in the Horary chart is VII
→ Which is a first indication of relationship-oriented thinking in love and partner (VII) rather than real estate (IV)
• The dodecatemoria says: "something that happened in a foreign land because of a foreign person "
→ Verification: this house was acquired with the former partner of the consultant and she cannot do it on her own. What she actually wants is to meet another partner (house VII) who would share with her the management of this house!
=> Conclusion: house VII is the key to the response to the consultant


The few examples used for this article show that there is material to be explored in the dodecatemories, so as to be able to choose the right significator in the analysis of an Horary chart and thus provide an answer that is correct and that satisfies the real questioning of the person. consultant.
Recovering the mastery of such a tool can only serve the astrological community.
In the dialogue that takes place during the horoscope analysis, an astrologer pointing the finger, for example, with sentimental rather than immovable preoccupation may perhaps embarrass the consultant - but also relieve him! Either way, an astrologer who can unveil the consultant's true thinking will only be more competent. Get set to expirement!

Nathalie Bertolino

Astrologie 21 no 8
Translation of the dodecatémories : Eliane Bénady and Nathalie Bertolino

Bibliography and Tools
Éditions Spiritualité Occidentale : zodiaque de travail plastifié, format A3 (affiche décans, novénaires et dodécatémories)
Denis Labouré : cahier « Les forces secrètes du zodiaque »
Denis Labouré : séminaire d’été 2011 Astrologie divinatoire 3.0
Benjamin Dykes : Hermann of Carinthia : the Search of the Heart, editions
Cazimi Press
Wikipedia :


1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Aries freedom or sovereignty
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Taurus livelihood or household goods or living things or land or a woman or elegant people
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Gemini ambushes or theft or a fugitive
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Cancer theft of silver objects or looting
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Leo property or domain of authority of someone
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Virgo management of household affairs, female adornment
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Libra enemies and an argument, or demand that we render something, or a court of law
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Scorpio a dark affair kept secret
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Sagittarius displacement by land or change or crossing
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Capricorn hope or union or pact
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Aquarius lost or stolen or something like that
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Pisces a woman or feminine subjects or flourishing things

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Taurus that takes care of the means of subsistence and food
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Gemini shameful affairs or sensual pleasures
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Cancer theft or from work or household occupations
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Leo hostility and spoils
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Virgo harmony and carelessness, friendship and kindness
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Libra the considered thing has fallen into uncertainty and doubt
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Scorpio of trouble, anxiety and a war
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Sagittarius displacement by land, a crossing
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Capricorn exchanges on the subject of women
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Aquarius complete liquidation, loss and hard work
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Pisces sensual pleasures
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Aries foreign women or life abroad or agriculture

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Gemini association, civil affairs and ambiguity
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Cancer loss of gold or silver
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Leo loss and bad luck
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Virgo loans, loss and damages
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Libra of notarial deed and business transaction
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Scorpio flight following a fire
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Sagittarius a chased fugitive or travels by land
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Capricorn a craft that pays off, an encouraging business
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Aquarius of words and deeds
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Pisces an argument, hostility
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Aries loss or fear or repentance or death
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Taurus agriculture or residence abroad

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Cancer sovereignty or high rank in the clergy or cult
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Leo a very high act, rank and position in the clergy
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Virgo fear in relation to an act relating to a woman
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Libra of administration of goods or loss or things that one wishes to recover
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Scorpio a hidden nest egg or a treasure or something on deposit
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Sagittarius displacement by land or crossing or strangers
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Capricorn arguments because of female characters and jealousy
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Aquarius loss or theft or fines or bans
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Pisces a marriage agreement and good things
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Aries sovereignty, high rank, a priesthood and the like
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Taurus theft or escape or damage to an object on deposit
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Gemini association, harmony in business, which has been brought together

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Leo rank and desire for the good of others or greed
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Virgo large-scale acts, damages and injustice
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Libra an argument, greed and uncertainty
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Scorpio accomplishment of a great deed
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Sagittarius a great thing, nobility or the foundation of something
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Capricorn hard work or work abroad or compensation
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Aquarius of enemies
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Pisces someone else's business or anxiety about others
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Aries fear and uncertainty
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Taurus a place to stroll or life in the country or abroad
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Gemini dispute and unforeseen events
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Cancer sacred things

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Virgo feminine adornment, we harvest the fruits of our kindness
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Libra income or expensive adornment or clothing
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Scorpio a secret constraint
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Sagittarius an occasion of exchange or a shared act of kindness
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Capricorn agriculture and buildings or the like
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Aquarius a person or hope, deeds and hard work
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Pisces animosity towards women, skirmishes with friends
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Aries craftsmanship or sacred works or affairs
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Taurus commodity for sale or a painful stay abroad
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Gemini insults in broad daylight or a foreigner or a country person
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Cancer theft or a case or a secret treasure
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Leo injury or disease state

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Libra income or court or gifts or things received
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Scorpio flight or absence
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Sagittarius trade or agriculture in a foreign country
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Capricorn Secret or dishonest actions
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Aquarius the profession or bankruptcy, the anticipation of hopes
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Pisces someone else's business or a woman's command
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Aries unpleasant inconvenience, passion and an argument or a moment of peace
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Taurus sickness or injury or anxiety on the part of the king [of the rulers]
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Gemini association or words or contracts
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Cancer income or high grade or a guess or a good time
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Leo ignorance or sudden pride
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Virgo bodies made available or public property

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Scorpio war or some foreign matter or story suddenly occurring
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Sagittarius a crossing or changes
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Capricorn crowd or argument and dangerous annoyance
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Aquarius to be delivered from bad deeds
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Pisces community of thought or a great trip or common affairs
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Aries an order, power and unexpected force
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Taurus something that happened in a foreign country or because of a foreign person
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Gemini provisions for a trip
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Cancer thefts or authority or quarrels with powerful people
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Leo living abroad or a donation for an activity or high rank
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Virgo theft because of a woman
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Libra income or danger or thief dissatisfied

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Sagittarius trading in a foreign country
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Capricorn war or life abroad or encampments
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Aquarius maritime affairs and transactions
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Pisces a great trip and the like
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Aries commodity
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Taurus four-legged animals
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Gemini inconvenience or a fugitive
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Cancer theft or loss
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Leo travels or ambushes
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Virgo love or similar things
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Libra income thanks to foreign women or men
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Scorpio flight

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Capricorn bad business or an insult
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Aquarius a runaway or a waste
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Pisces love or a great trip
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Aries of flocks, buildings or clothing
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Taurus agriculture or household management
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Gemini subjects of disagreement with others
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Cancer theft or inconvenience
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Leo fear or war
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Virgo craftsmanship or feminine adornment
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Libra income or inconvenience
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Scorpio a secret matter that has arisen
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Sagittarius a question that has arisen or a crossing

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Aquarius favor relating to bodies
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Pisces business or maritime goods
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Aries of gossip
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Taurus personal tasks
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Gemini comradeship or maritime affairs
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Cancer theft or sudden inconvenience
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Leo craftsmanship or association
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Virgo of public notoriety
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Libra income or adornment and a fair deal or to be in a foreign country
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Scorpio flight and treasure
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Sagittarius a great voyage or maritime affairs
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Capricorn the affairs of others or female loyalty

1st (0 ° -2.5 °) Pisces revealed damage to maritime property
2nd (2.5 ° -5 °) Aries adornment or union by marriage
3rd (5 ° -7.5 °) Taurus those who try to accomplish something secretly or a female affair
4th (7.5 ° -10 °) Gemini hard work or a partnership or a foreign affair
5th (10 ° -12.5 °) Cancer merchandise or marriage
6th (12.5 ° -15 °) Leo the goods of others
7th (15 ° -17.5 °) Virgo female art or similar things, those related to a woman
8th (17.5 ° -20 °) Libra the affairs of others
9th (20 ° -22.5 °) Scorpio income and a quality fact
10th (22.5 ° -25 °) Sagittarius a great trip or a good time abroad
11th (25 ° -27.5 °) Capricorn a female affair or a disagreement with a female
12th (27.5 ° -30 °) Aquarius loss or a fugitive
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