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Houses Mean What We Think They Do!

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Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2022 1:51 pm    Post subject: Houses Mean What We Think They Do! Reply with quote

My idea was to thumb through my life..."watching aspects form chronologically," [See Note] and detail (Primary Direction) aspects involving ONLY the INTERMEDIATE Topocentric house cusps and relating that to event/circumstances at the time. ie. either the activated houses show an expected/related-to-house event or they don't!

NOTE: [these are of course drawn from my event list, but the constant reliability of activated houses with events of the houses' meanings, will be OBVIOUS to all] Wink

When the Moon, symbol of family, aspects my 3rd house cusp (0° 2'), I'm saying we should expect some 3rd house type event. [my Brother Tony was born]

We should also expect some 3rd house event when; for instance, the 3rd house cusp itself aspects the Sun (0° 2'). [my Sister Jamie was born]

It wouldn't have to only be the 3rd aspecting the Sun, it could just as easily be the Sun aspecting the 3rd (0° 4'). [my Brother David was born]

As the Sun aspected the 3rd (above) in my epoch, my Brother David was born. Now, we notice the same aspect forming in my radix (0° 1'). [my Sister Jan was born]

We could have watched the 3rd house cusp moving to aspect Venus (0° 2') and expect a positive 3rd house event. [my Brother Darin was born]

As the Node (symbol of association, often but not necessarily familial) comes to aspect my 8th (0° 1'), we should expect an 8th house type event (often death or something to do with comingled monies, Node with 8th often negative in either case). [my Uncle Jackie is shot (dead) in a bar, by an ex-felon] There might even be two, while the aspect is in orb. (0° 3') [my Grandpa Slim, Jackie's Father, dies some days later]

Next, we have Neptune coming to aspect the 8th (0° 1'). Planet of mourning comes to the 8th house, this can't be good! [worst experience of my life, as my Grandmother (and adoptive Mother) Mary dies]

Mars is coming around to aspect the 5th house cusp (0° 1'), so we should expect (most likely) romance or children. [my Son Jimi is born]

My Descendant has now moved up to my 8th House (0° 8'). [my Cousin Roy drowns, after diving into the water to try and save someone] NOTE: no mass involved Wink [ie. neither point in this aspect is a planet. This is an important distinction, because someone actually put forth the silliness that a moving point with no mass can't cast an aspect. They are implying that (for instance) secondary progressed Asc conjunct Saturn can't have any meaning or effect. Having seen hundreds of obvious instances, I'm calling (smelly, stinking, steaming) bullshit on that preposterous theory.]

These 8th house contacts are robbing me of my family! That better be the end of it. Oh, shit, here comes the Moon to contact the 8th (0° 6'). They're not gettin' Grandma. Nope, not gettin' Grandma!!! [they got Grandma!]

Venus is coming down to contact the 5th (0° 1'), so again we should expect (most likely) romance or children. I'm not having sex with my Wife at this time, so it isn't gonna be children. [I meet the love of my life]

Jupiter is now coming around to contact the 5th (0° 3'), so we should expect some extremely positive, expansive 5th house event. [married the love of my life]

By now, the Moon is moving up to contact the 5th (0° 1'), since I've already got the romance (see previous entry lol), this looks like it could be a kid. Oh give us a kid to love. [my Son Morrison is born]

Now, the 8th has moved around to oppose Venus (0° 3'), it death of an important female or is it money? I'm feeling money. [$28,000 received from an investment...thank you Venus, I honestly thought it was only gonna be $18,000]

Now, we have a double-whammy. My 9th house cusp comes to Jupiter (0° 4') in the epoch, at the same time Jupiter comes to my 9th house cusp (0° 5') in the radix. Jupiter? 9th house? Twice? No extra points if you guess this one! [we moved overseas]

Mars has now moved around to contact the 5th house cusp (0° 1'). Again, we'd be most likely expecting a romance or child event. I'm still with my Wife, Uta, so... [my Daughter Summer is born]

Nobody has died in awhile, but we can't help but notice the 8th house cusp moving around to aspect Mercury (0° 0'). [my Brother notifies me of the death of our step-Father]

Now, Saturn has moved around to aspect the 3rd house cusp (0° 3'). Sadness and/or separation related to siblings? [my Brother Darin dies]

Here's another double-whammy. The Sun is trining the 8th house cusp (0° 0') in my epoch, while the Sun is squaring the 8th (0° 3') in my radix. [my Father-in-Law dies]

So, with these 22 aspects, we have used up 0° 55' of arc total or 0° 2.5' average orb for these Topocentric Primary Directions. Partile Aspects Indeed Reign Supreme! In every one of these instances, where something major in life has happened, "magically" the related House is involved in an appropriate primary direction to just scant minutes of arc. (staying off coincidence)

When one examines Topocentric Primary Directions with the correct birthtime, major events of the nature of the aspected/aspecting houses will happen, by the standard meanings of houses...if there's a major event that happens in that timeframe...
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