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Is he lying to me about his disease?

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Joined: 05 Apr 2021
Posts: 38
Location: Bogotá

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 12:13 pm    Post subject: Is he lying to me about his disease? Reply with quote

hello everyone, it's a pleasure to be back here, I always read you and learn more and more about horary astrology. Today I come with a question that is spinning in my head a lot. I received an information from my partner where he told me that he could probably have a disease. I know, it's a bit crazy that I'm asking this, but I don't know why I have the feeling that he is not being completely honest with this for some random reason.

So I’m Saturn and He is the Moon, the first thing I clearly see is that The Moon is in Capricorn, in her detriment, personal integrity is mainly shown by the nature of the planet used in signification and its essential dignity, I was thinking that if he is Moon in Cap, I would be very suspicious of his honesty. It is in square to Mercury too.

Im also retrograde, the angles are cardinal. The lord of my 3th house (information I received maybe?, not sure with this) is retrograde, being Jupiter and his radical 3th house is Mercury, being cardinal again.

So did he lied to me? Does it help the fact he being the moon is on me the Ascendant? Does it give him personal integrity in this matter?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated, thank you

Here is the chart

Thank you so much
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Joined: 07 Apr 2020
Posts: 278

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 1:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Moon being angular is one indicator of truth. Lilly also considers the state of Moon's dispositor. In your chart, Saturn is fixed and angular.

Mercury, Lilly says, has also to be angular or fixed and best applying to a healthy fortune. In your chart, the Mercury is angular and applying to Jupiter, although the Jupiter is retrograde.

Thirdly, a benefic, Venus, is right on the MC (see below quote).

Do you remember what date and time he told you this? Here are Lilly's rules for whether someone has come with an honest heart when trying to persuade you of a matter. But he wrote these for mainly election:

"...Erect your figure for the moment of time when they first begin to break their minds unto you; then consider if there be in the Medium Cali, or tenth house, a fortunate planet, viz. Sun, Jupiter or Venus, or else the North Node, or the Moon applying to the Lord of the Ascendant, then judge they come with an honest heart, and the advice they give is intended for your good. If an infortune, viz, Saturn, Mars or the South Node, they intend deceitfully, and are liars."


"...If the Sign ascending be a movable sign, and the Lord of the Ascendant, and Moon in moveable Signs, he is a treacherous fellow, and comes with deceit to trap thee." (Christian Astrology, page 194)

The ascendant lord Saturn is in a fixed sign, but as you noted, the angles are cardinal (moveable).

Overall, I don't feel that most signs point to deceit. I think Moon being weak could just mean he really is ill. In his 8th house, too, you find Jupiter, the lord of his health, being retrograde. Perhaps even if he is mistaken about whether he is ill, he really is worried? I'm interested to hear what others think.
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Joined: 05 Apr 2021
Posts: 38
Location: Bogotá

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:18 pm    Post subject: <3 Reply with quote

Thank you so much Amelia for your answer, knowledge and time.

I noticed both the moon and mercury being angular and it seemed to me that it could also give a reliability issue, I doubt it just because of the fact that the moon is detrimental and Mercury is in a cardinal sign, I also check the moon depositor but being rx, didn't give a good vibe.

But now that you mention it and looking at the chart from a perspective more like you look at it, I could say the moon actually shows his state of mind as well as physical right now, He is not good with his life in general because of many family problems mostly, I can certainly feel depressive behaviors in certain addictive behaviors (alcohol and scapism, his main strength are his children atm), and the way he's withdrawn for a while now, I can see it too in his face, in his body, he has lost a lot of weight, he is not the same man I knew a while ago. so this is probably what the moon shows.

Now, regarding what you tell me, I check the time he called me, the moment he told me what he told me, Jupiter was ascending, making him Mercury. here is the chart

Thing here is that Mars (malefic) is so close to MC but also the Sun being a benefic according to what you quote but neither mars nor the sun are applying in aspect to Jupiter. But I must say something I noticed, Mercury is in detriment of Mars, so Mercury "hates" whatever Mars is, if this can make any sense.

Mercury is angular which is probably good despite is in cardinal sign
The good thing is that Jupiter is in a fixed sign although retrograde, Mercury depositor, Venus, is in a fixed sign but also in detriment and again the moon being angular and her depositor in a fixed sign. Here the angles are mutable.

Also noticed Saturn and Pluto being rx in his 8th house. uhmm

I feel chart is giving mixed signals but I don't find a reason haha.

He tells me that he has been with that concern for 6 months, so probably you are right, he is certainly not sure about his real condition for fear that it may actually be (it could be lung cancer) so probably your conclusion is what the chart really showing? ...You would be thinking so why is she asking that? I tought he made that up to just ignore the real issue that it was me about to take a final decision in a very important matter between he and me.

I just hope isn't something really bad, I care about him deeply and this would be a really difficult situation.

Thank you Amelia
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Joined: 07 Apr 2020
Posts: 278

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:15 am    Post subject: Re: <3 Reply with quote

maleja.rangel wrote:

Thing here is that Mars (malefic) is so close to MC...

You are right. Mars is close enough. It also tends to behave worse in Libra. I would still give a slight priority to the Sun though because he is in the MC sign and Mars isn't.

In the election chart, the ascendant lord is retrograde in a cadent house. All angles are still moveable. Moon is still cardinal. I think this chart is less mixed. He mightn't be lying all the way but the information isn't reliable.

Still, Sun is on the MC and mercury is angular. The Moon is making aspects to both. If you want to know the truth, it looks like it is still possible.
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