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the ultimate test

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Joined: 14 Sep 2007
Posts: 151
Location: lisbon

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:03 pm    Post subject: the ultimate test Reply with quote

Hi folks if this test doesnt show whether sideral or trpical ascendant is more accurate, i give up.
This astrologer made predictions for the different sideral ascendants for april-november 1998 when saturn was in sideral Aries.
I remember very well. I had moved to Holland in july, had a great time,help, social life,popularity and got the best job in my life, doing IT support by phone. Bearing in mind i couldnt speak Dutch, i was lucky.
But in the fatidic september i arrived late at work 2 days in a row and was sacked. I think i spoiled my good luck, so im not quite sure if my sideral Taurus is more accurate than my tropical Gemini ascendant. Test yourselves and tell me:


By: Prof V K Choudhry

Saturn is a natural malefic planet but its functional nature is modified depending upon the sign rising in the ascendant. Its rules the signs Capricorn and Aquarius but its mooltrikona sign is Aquarius. Saturn acts as a functional malefic planet for people born under the ascending signs of Cancer, Virgo and Pisces. Saturn signifies labour leaders, servants, jobs requiring hard work with less remunerative, industries and industrials when other planets are strong and helping. The nature of Saturn is selfish and indolent. It is cold, dry, contracting, short-tempered, worn-out and windy in nature. It rules joints, spleen, teeth, knees, phlegm and secretive system. When weak and/or afflicted it causes constant and painful diseases, leg fracture, cancer, diseases of glands, skin disease, paralysis, rheumatism, gout, consumption, flatulence.

In the year 1998, Saturn will move to its debilitated sign Aries on 17th April, 1998, and will come under the transit affliction of Rahu from the beginning of July, 1998, and will continue to remain under its malefic influence right upto the end of November, 1998. On macro level this afflicted Saturn will cause world-wide industrial recession and will magnify the problem of unemployment. For India it will cause a major setback to the Government and the country will have a mid-term poll.

For individuals its impact during the period of affliction would be grave but the areas of problem would be different depending upon the ascending sign. The gravity would be more as Saturn will act as dispositor for Jupiter from September, 1998, to the end of 1998. The results for people born in various ascendants, during the course of affliction that is from July, 1998 to November, 1998, would be as under:

ARIES ASCENDANT: Here, Saturn rules income, relationship with elder brothers, friends and fulfillment of desires. Arians will encounter problems in their earnings, will not get any help from their friends and elder co-borns and will have to undergo a lot of mental unrest. As Jupiter, ruling general fortune, would be in the mooltrikona sign of Saturn in the later part of the year, there would be all round problems.

TAURUS ASCENDANT: For Taurians Saturn rules profession. There would be obstructions in the smooth running of profession. Persons in services may face removals, suspensions and humiliation. It is more for those who have weak and afflicted natal Saturn and are running the sub period of a functional malefic planet.

GEMINI ASCENDANT: For Geminians Saturn rules the general fortune and involvement in spiritual and religious activities. The progress graph would be static with some amount of tension in marital relations and partnerships. There would be inclinations for greater involvement in religious affairs. The short and long trips would not bring the desired results.

CANCER ASCENDANT: For Cancerians Saturn rules accidents, obstructions, easy gains, involvement in mystic sciences and fatal health problems. Saturn's movement and affliction in Aries would necessitate change in business line and pose problems for those who are in job. The health of parents would cause serious concern and there would be problems in the matter of acquisition of inheritance.

LEO ASCENDANT: For Leos it primarily rules relationship in marriage and partnership business. It gives ill health to spouse and business losses and may necessitate long journeys. The efforts will turn fruitless.

VIRGO ASCENDANT: For Virgos Saturn rules good health, sound financial position and strong position with reference to enemies/opponents. Its placement and affliction in the eighth house will cause serious health problems, serious professional problems and will cause financial strain besides causing trouble to male progeny. It will cause general unhappiness and ill-health to parents.

LIBRA ASCENDANT: For Librans it rules the emotional and progenic matters. The affliction will cause strain in relationships with spouse, ill-health to children and will cause emotional disturbance.

SCORPIO ASCENDANT: For Scorpions it rules the property matters, domestic peace and learning. It indicates losses in property deals and strains the marital relationship. It also causes setback in any educational pursuits. Those in mid-forties should not ignore the symptoms of circulatory and cardiac problems.

SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT: For Sagittarians it primary rules the initiatives which would be quite low in the later part of 1998. There are chances of losses in fresh ventures due to delayed success. They should keep balanced behaviour to maintain their good social relationships. Do not ignore signals of breathing problems.

CAPRICORN ASCENDANT: For Capricornians it rules family, wealth and status. Cautiously handle the problems in family relationships and exercise restraint in retaliating the professional opponents. Do not make fresh investments out of your savings. It is advisable to delay the decision of separations in family.

AQUARIUS ASCENDANT: For Aquarians it rules general health. Try to manage tension and avoid driving. It makes Aquarians vulnerable to joint-pains, fractures of legs and nervous breakdown.

PISCES ASCENDANT: For Pisceans it rules comfortable marital relationship, good health and relationship with the state. The affliction causes disturbed peace, increased mental tension, fear of state's action, losses pertaining to wealth and status.


To minimise the above expected impacts, the general remedies are as under:

1. Offering simple salty food to the birds or helping poor.

2. Giving away brown coloured sweets to the birds or helping old aged needy persons or lepers.

3. Offering some food to a stray dog or serving/helping


135/8 M, MODEL TOWN,

GURGAON 122001

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Joined: 14 Nov 2007
Posts: 327

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Why is this test better than a well delineated chart? It seems to me if you have a well delineated chart in sidereal and one in tropical you would get better results. The argument is a bit overblown anyway.
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Joined: 14 Sep 2007
Posts: 151
Location: lisbon

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 10:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

because saturn in aries is suposed to be very nasty in all issues related to saturn in your chart. In tropical it would be in Taurus which is good. As far as i know there was no recession at the time, at lest not in Holland or the UK. They were doing very well. It should be easy to verify even without a complete chart
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