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Rectified horoscope of Leon Trotsky.

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Andries H. Cats

Joined: 01 Dec 2007
Posts: 92

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:36 pm    Post subject: Rectified horoscope of Leon Trotsky. Reply with quote

Rectified horoscope of Leon Trotsky.
Birth: 7 November 1879.
Birthplace: Bereslavka.
Co.ordinates: 47N54:00 ; 32E09:12.
LMT: 12h31m42s AM.
Time-sort: -02h09m12s.
M.C.: 25.51.51 Taurus.
Asc.: 03.13.59 Virgo.
Progressive aspects.
9-Apr-1917 019,28'16 Sagittarius Moon 45 mutual Ven
13-Apr-1917 019,37'14 Sagittarius Moon 135 mutual C-11
2-May-1917 029,32'14 Gemini MC 30 Pars
14-May-1917 020,55'04 Sagittarius Moon 135 C-12
17-May-1917 014,09'55 Sagittarius Merc 30 Sun
19-May-1917 021,07'31 Sagittarius Sun 0 mutual Moon
9-Jun-1917 021,59'46 Sagittarius Moon 60 C--3
16-Jun-1917 022,15'12 Sagittarius Moon 150 Mars
17-Jul-1917 -20,03'53 Merc # Pars
2-Aug-1917 024,39'45 Scorpio C--3 60 C--2
8-Aug-1917 024,27'47 Sagittarius Moon 60 mutal C--2
12-Aug-1917 024,38'15 Sagittarius Moon 135 mutual Nep
13-Aug-1917 024,39'45 Sagittarius Moon 90 C--2
13-Aug-1917 024,41'21 Sagittarius Moon 30 mutual C--3
1-Sep-1917 025,28'11 Sagittarius Moon 135 Moon
3-Sep-1917 025,33'03 Sagittarius Moon 135 Nep
11-Sep-1917 025,51'51 Sagittarius Moon 150 MC
14-Sep-1917 025,58'39 Sagittarius Moon 150 mutual Plu
30-Sep-1917 026,39'02 Sagittarius Moon 150 Plu
3-Nov-1917 028,03'54 Sagittarius Moon 135 mutual Mars
Russian revolution days:
5-Nov-1917 000,00'00 Libra Asc Nw
5-Nov-1917 000,00'00 Cancer MC Nw
5-Nov-1917 000,00'00 Cancer MC 90 mutual Asc
6-Nov-1917 014,09'55 Leo Sat 90 Sun (transit)
7-Nov-1917 024,39'45 Libra. C--2 30 C--2 (birthday!)
7-Nov-1917 000,00'15 Cancer MC 90 Chei
7-Nov-1917 000,00'15 Libra Asc 180 Chei
30-Nov-1917 029,09'55 Sagittarius Moon 45 Sun
9-Dec-1917 029,32'14 Sagittarius Moon 150 Pars
20-Dec-1917 005,13'06 Scorpio Ven 90 mutual C-11
20-Dec-1917 000,00'00 Capricornus Moon Nw
20-Dec-1917 000,00'15 Capricornus Moon 90 Chei
23-Dec-1917 000,05'39 Capricornus Moon 90 mutual Asc
23-Dec-1917 000,07'07 Capricornus Moon 180 mutual MC
9-Jan-1918 025,02'35 Scorpio C--3 135 Sat
17-Jan-1918 001,07'58 Capricornus Moon 90 Ven
16-Feb-1918 002,22'02 Capricornus Moon 30 Merc
19-Feb-1918 -10,19'35 Jup # Asc
28-Feb-1918 002,49'51 Capricornus Moon 180 C-11
3-Mrt-1918 002,58'09 Capricornus Moon 60 Jup
10-Mrt-1918 003,13'59 Capricornus Moon 120 Asc
28-Mrt-1918 021,59'46 Sagittarius Sun 60 C--3

Now I have 88 horoscopes rectified as of Lenin and Stalin and others.
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