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Serious Stroke Victim - Will she be OK?

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Joined: 23 Oct 2003
Posts: 599

Posted: Wed May 19, 2004 10:57 pm    Post subject: Serious Stroke Victim - Will she be OK? Reply with quote

On Oct 4rth, my mother-in-law suffered a severe stroke which paralyzed her right side and resulted in her being unable to swallow and speak. On Oct 5th, I asked the question:
"Will her health get better?"
7:37 PM; 40N53 73W58 +4:00 EDT

At that time, the chart looked really ominous. She was represented by the 4rth (10th from the 7th, my husband), the moon. The Moon was in her 8th and about to conjunct Uranus in just 7 degrees. But before it conjuncted Uranus, it made a trine with Venus, which was the ruler of her 3rd.
6 months down the road, her health did improve. She was able to swallow and she was able to speak again - I guess that would explain the trine with Venus, ruler of 3rd, communications.
Based on some books I had read, the conjunction of the Moon with Uranus seemed to indicate 7 months, i.e. May.
On May 16th, we got a phone call at 1:30 in the morning from the re-hab home that her blood pressure was way up and she was being taken to the hospital.
I re-asked the question:
"Will she be OK?"
for the time that I received the phone call:
May 16, 2004
1:32 AM, EDT +4:00,
40N53 73W58

Actually, it seems to me that both charts are echoing the same theme.
This time she is represented by Merc, which is in its final degrees: 29 deg 56 minutes. This time the ruler of her health, Mars (turned 6th) is about to trine Uranus in just 1 degree, then sextiles Jupiter (highly debilitated), ruler of her 8th and then conjuncts Saturn. The Moon and Mars are in mutual reception by rulership.
The fact of the matter is, she came out of the hospital the very next day, and seems to be OK (atleast back to how she was). Yet the horary doesn't look so good.

Any insight would be very much appreciated.
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Joined: 26 Mar 2004
Posts: 1807
Location: Kent, England

Posted: Fri May 21, 2004 6:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Taurus Smile

I've had a look at your first chart. I take the turned 10th as your mother-in-law. The 4th would show your own parents; the 10th your in-laws. There has been much disagreement amongst astrologers as to which houses rule mothers and fathers. Personally I agree with the camp that takes the 4th as "the parents, particularly the father". But the mother is still included in the 4th, especially as you are asking specifically about a mother (in-law). Hope you followed that ok. Not sure I explained it very well.

So Saturn signifies your m-i-l. This would fit for the paralysis, and the fact that Saturn is in her 6th gives radicality. Moon rules 6th and is in M/R with Saturn. Does the illness rule her or does she rule the illness? 50/50 I reckon.

Not sure how the 6 months is shown in the chart, apart from the quincunx from the Moon to a strong Mercury. But the fact that she improved during that time is shown perhaps by the application of the Moon to a strong Venus, and of Jupiter to Saturn. As you said, the Moon to Uranus shows 7 months which brings us to May.

The Moon then changes sign and hits Mars. Not quite sure what this will indicate as my knowledge of medical astrology is sadly lacking. Perhaps someone else will join in here and offer some suggestions and/or comments.
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
Posts: 4132
Location: England

Posted: Sat May 22, 2004 1:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The link to the original post is here.

At the time we didnít have the full data to draw the chart so Iíve put it in below, and then added the 2nd chart at the bottom of this post.

In the first chart her significator was making a major traumatic contact at the 29th degree, in this second chart her significator is at the 29th degree. Traditional authors refer to the 29th degree as lacking in strength. I also recall a chart a did a number of years back concerning an old lady who was near to death and her significator was in the 29th degree as well. I donít think thereís much I can add to the comments I made in the earlier post as both charts seem to describe her as seriously debilitated. In these kinds of situations where thereís not much you can do I wonder how helpful horaries can be.

One thing I wanted to mention was that you referred to Mars, the ruler of the turned 6th as the significator of her health. I understand what you mean, but itís less confusing to refer to the ruler of the 6th as the significator of the illness. The ruler of your mother-in-lawís 1st house, Mercury, signifies her health and vitality. Often in these kinds of charts itís a case of weighing up whether the main significator demonstrates enough strength and power to overcome affliction from the ruler of the 6th or the 8th.

Mercuryís only aspect before it changes signs is a conjunction from the Moon, ruler of the radical 6th, which is on the trine of Pluto on her turned 8th. The Moon applying to conjunction with her significator is bringing matters of her health to a head. The Moon's only other contact is the sextile to Venus, ruler of the radical 8th.

Mercury changing signs shows a major change or alteration in her personal state. Some people will consider thatís the end of its current influence in this chart, but if you consider the future aspects that are presently within orb, its next contact after moving into Taurus is the sextile to Mars which rules her turned 6th and is conjunct Saturn and applying to Jupiter, ruler of the turned 8th. I have some extra observations and comments but Iíll send them to you privately.

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Joined: 23 Oct 2003
Posts: 599

Posted: Sat May 22, 2004 7:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ficina, Deb,

Thanks to both for your responses - not much else that can be said, I guess.

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