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Skyscript Astrology Forum

Mundane & Financial Forum Guidelines-Please read

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Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:53 pm    Post subject: Mundane & Financial Forum Guidelines-Please read Reply with quote

Welcome to the Mundane & Financial forum

This part of the forum exists for the discussion of the astrology of groups, nations, organisations, and world events. Mundane Astrological discussion that is relevant here, includes political institutions, ingress charts, planetary cycles, elections, and events such as fires, transport accidents, and terrorist incidents. In terms of natural phenomena relevant topics include earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami as well as astrological weather prediction.

Financial astrological discussion here includes charts for stock markets, forex currencies, cryptocurrencies, financial institutions, companies, commodities such as metals, crude oil and agricultural produce. Issues discussed may include planetary cycles effects on markets, first trade charts, charts for specific currencies, Central Banks. All techniques to monitor trend changes are acceptable such as transits, ingresses, stations and retrogrades, declination, apogee/perigee, maximum and minimum elongation etc.

When posting, remember to include relevant data relating to such phenomena, including your source. Also take time to check if a topic has come up before. Its often useful to revive an old thread rather than start a fresh one. Equally, it can be helpful to provide a link to an old thread in a new topic.

Members are encouraged to share their personal research into charts. Apart from standard astrological delineation please offer any specific techniques you personally utilise. Examples include: AstroCartoGraphy maps, eclipses; fixed stars ; parts/lots ; comets ; antiscion points and the synodic cycles of the planets.

Nativities are relevant for discussion on this forum if they relate to government or organizational leaders. Other suitable examples are royalty or members or religious organizations.

Its recommended that initial posts are fairly short at the start of a thread to encourage other members to participate. Equally, as a thread develops consider splitting up very long posts into separate ones. Also keep in mind its easier for other members to read a post set into separate paragraphs rather than a wall of text.

None of us come to a forum like this value free. We all have our own particular perspective in regards areas such as politics, religion, and ethics. Naturally, differences will emerge from time to time. However, members are advised to exercise both respect and tolerance for such diversity. This is fundamentally, an astrological forum not a place to air our ideological prejudices.

Obviously the general forum rules apply, so if you have newly arrived at Skyscript and haven't read them yet, you should take a moment to read the forum guidelines at

Any offensive or abusive comments or language will be deleted without prior notice. Ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated on the forum.

Members are also advised to exercise discretion in providing links to any websites or video links. Providing links to material deemed offensive or in poor taste by the moderator will be seen as a breach of forum guidelines.

Failure to maintain reasonable conduct will result in membership of the forum being withdrawn.

As a member of this forum you may notify myself, or in my absence another member of the moderator team, if you have concerns regarding the comments of another member.

I hope you find this forum an informative, co-operative, and friendly place to share your ideas and research with other students of the astrological art.

Thank you

Mark Cullen, moderator

As thou conversest with the heavens, so instruct and inform thy minde according to the image of Divinity William Lilly
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