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Algol - Muscular paralysis

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Andrew Bevan

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Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:17 am    Post subject: Algol - Muscular paralysis Reply with quote

This horary chart came in this morning and I am showing it to the group with permission. It concerns a 14 year old girl who is fit and active and follows a sportscourse at her school. Then 3 days ago her body locked and she can hardly move. She walks like an old lady. She was examined at hospital and the doctors couldn't figure it out. The report is that the young girl is somewhat better today, but I am being consulted to see if I can cast light on the situation, what is going on and what can be expected.

I am treating the chart as a question regarding an absent person, judged from the first house and not turned in reflection of any relationship between the querent and quesitive. The first thing to observe is the solar eclipse, the Sun is the Lord of the 12th house of hidden causes, but the eclipse is occurring on the cusp of a fortunate house, the 11th, and the Moon will move into the 11th house as the eclipse is completed and she transcends further away from the Sun. The 11th house is an indication of relief and cure. The matter will be resolved.

Next thing that stands out is Algol on the MC. This is the star that incapacitates. Someone looses their head, is spellbound or looses their ability for action. Chiron is on the cusp of the 7th - maybe something outside the ordinary, maybe neurological rather than physical cramps.

The Moon passed in opposite to Pluto only 3 degrees back, which converted into days is when the infection struck. After eclipsing the Sun, the Moon moves to the square of Saturn and needs 2 degrees to get there. The state of incapacitation is likely to last for 2 more days, but after this, and counting from the present date, the Moon needs 4 days to reach the cusp of the 11th house. A period of rehabilitation is to be expected, which would relate to the 7 degrees/days it would take for the Moon to move out of combustion, and 15 degrees/days to move out of the Sun's Beams. Because the luminaries are in cardinal signs and benefical houses, and the Moon has virtue there, matters move swiftly. Andrew
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