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Please Read Before Posting In This Forum

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Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:02 pm    Post subject: Please Read Before Posting In This Forum Reply with quote

Welcome to the Horary Forum, the most active forum on Skyscript. The forum is chiefly moderated by myself and Deb. Although we hope that all posters enjoy their experience on this forum, we want to make this forum useful for astrologers who are committed to studying this subject intently. This means we sometimes need to be a critical voice in this forum, to make sure that the policies that keep the forum instructive, are kept in place:

Not for the merely curious
The purpose of this forum is to facilitate discussion amongst horary practioners and committed students, but it is worth noting that it is not designed for the general public or the merely curious. Members submitting charts for discussion with just a few basic signification notes and asking other members to offer their thoughts on what the chart means are not encouraged in this forum as our focus is on facilitating discussion wherein members develop their own recognition of chart meaning. This forum is not designed as a free chart interpretation service so such posts may be deleted without warning, including contributions from other forum members. We ask all members to keep this policy in mind and not to respond to requests for chart interpretations.

Acting in the role of astrologer
If you submit a horary that is based on your own person question, you have understaken the role of astrologer and so the responsibility for judging the chart belongs to you. This can be a daunting prospect for the beginner, so if you are not ready for this responsibility then it is advised that you seek a professional astrological service and not post your questions for judgement here. To minimise the risk of embarrassment to new members who may not understand our policies, new members are not allowed to create threads relating to their own chart (or a chart of personal interest to them) for the first 30 days of their membership. Members who are seen to repeatedly instigate new threads about charts they have a personal interest in without contributing to other discussions are likely to have their membership cancelled.

However if you do post a chart for analysis, take on the role of astrologer, and make a genuine attempt to describe the background of the question and the judgement you have formed, and are asking for clarification on particular techniques or issues, you will find the members here are very obliging to beginners. Any advice or clarifications given are provided to encourage you to come to your own conclusions and help get recognition on chart meaning. Any advice given or any judgements made by other members are only to help you reach your own judgements as the astrologer of the question.

You don't have to be an 'expert'
We do not expect that you know everything there is to know about horary before posting here, only that you demonstrate a genuine commitment to studying horary and understanding its philosophy - keeping the focus on the horary techniques and principles and not on your own personal issues.

Guidelines we wish to emphasise
The general forum guidelines apply to this forum also, but there are a number that we would like to emphasise:
When including chart data in your posts please include the place name, (including state if necessary - and co-ordinates if possible), time and time-zone used. Also give the degree ascending so that other astrologers can verify that they are working with the chart that you are using.

When quoting from texts, remember to acknowledge your source, and include relevant page references. And please use traditionally established sources whenever possible.

The internal private messaging service is provided so that members can chat in private and continue to discuss (or argue) points that are not of general interest or suitable for open publication. It is strictly against the policy of the forum to use the PM service to request another member to give a private astrological judgement on a personal chart. Anyone who does this, or who harasses another forum member through the PM system, will have their access to the PM system suspended.

Treat one another with respect
Above all else, remember to treat others with dignity and respect, especially when other people's view or opinions differ from your own. We want everyone to enjoy their experience on Skyscript and for it to be as pleasant as it is informative. From time to time heated debates may occur on the forums, but remember that others who hold views different to your own or who contradict you are likely to be just as equally passionate about the subject as you are.
If anything occurs on this forum which disturbs you, please report to myself or one of the other moderators via the PM service.

We work hard to ensure that this forum remains an informative, helpful and pleasant experience for all posters and a constructive vehicle for astrological expression. We hope everyone realises why these policies are being emphasised here, so that everyone is clear about what to expect, and to make sure that no one experiences embarrassment or frustration. And now we hope you will find your experience of this forum to be not only exceptionally useful but also exceptionally pleasant!

Paul & Deb
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