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Evidence that chart rectification works
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Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:36 pm    Post subject: Rodden Rating for autobiography Reply with quote

The classification used by Lois Rodden and Astrodienst is explained here.
It is essential to have accurate data from which to draw accurate conclusions in astrological studies. Lois Rodden has created the Rodden Rating system to classify data reliability.
Since data are always volatile, no rating system is infallible and data are often updated when new information comes to light. The AA, A and B data are fairly stable. The C and D data are the one's that tend to change with the continued upgrades to the Astro-Databank
If you read the text well, the classification is based on the reliability of the source, not on the precision in time that the sources gave.
Accuracy and Rodden Ratings
AA, A, and B data are the only data that should be used in astrological studies. Data rated "AA" (from birth certificate or birth record) are the most accurate obtainable. Data rated "A" (from memory) are usually accurate, but there are exceptions. Politicians and entertainers are notorious for giving misleading birth dates and times, except when consulting their astrologer. "B" data (from biographies) are similarly accurate because authors who give times are likely to have obtained the data from the subject, the subject's immediate family, or from a birth record.
Data rated "C" (Caution) are not reliable, since they have no direct link to their source. In all cases where there is no source or data classification, the data can only be considered hypothetical.

So a rounded AA BC time from the 19th century - when almost all birth-record times were recorded for whole hours - should have a time-span of at least an hour. A more precise C-time without source that popped up somewhere in the astrological literature, maybe because it seemed to be "working", could be mentioned in the sources.

But a rectified, speculative, but somehow "working" birth-time cannot be considered a priori as reliable. As the reliability of the predictive methods used still have to be proved.

For this reason, the reliability of the indeed often imprecise, but well documented sources, and not the results of progressions, determine the accuracy in Rodden Ratings dealing with the historical reliability of birth-times.

And this subject is difficult enough.

Rodden Rating for autobiography
AA just means: being most close to the sources.

Now suppose you have accurate data (access to The sources), and want to multiply them. That is the spirit of the real Data Collector. What do you more need? A type writer / copy mechanism, email/ internet etc , etc. You might write a book. Maybe your original book was by hand copied by others and others (your very needed maids). But some changes thus could occur in it: In the (re)production of well established facts.
This could be the sad story of many wholly (but later distorted/changed, but still maybe wholly) reproduced wholly books.

Sad end: AA does not deal with hourly or minute precision.
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