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Confusing chart revisited

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Joined: 13 Apr 2005
Posts: 20
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 10:23 am    Post subject: Confusing chart revisited Reply with quote

Dear Forum,
I read the replies of Deb and of Yuzuru and I am grateful for the input but I think that there has been a small mistake in the whole calculation.
On 27th of March, the DST was applied, which changes the CED to -2 and not -1.
Though the plotting of the chart does not change much of the results but there are some aspects which are confusing.
Can someone shed some light on the aspects?

Date: 12th of April, 2005
Time: 1521hrs (local time)
Brussels 4E20, 50N50
CED = -2 and not -1

The answer as Deb proposed is correct because Leo (Sun, on the cusp of 9th) is rising and the decendent is Aquarius ( 7th house governed by Saturn) and they are square to each other. Simultaneously, the square relationship of Saturn with Venus. Deb suggested in her post that as Saturn is late (28 degrees) so the qurent knows the answer, but in this chart the Saturn comes on 20 degrees.

The confusing bits are the following:

1. Even though Jupiter is retrograde, it still makes a trine with Moon and Mars.
2. Jupiter also making a trine with Mars.
3. Moon makes a sextile with Mercury.
4. Sun makes a sextile with Mars.

In additional to that, there are other underlying factors as well but I guess for a beginner, to grasp all this is already enough for a day.

Thank you in advance and best wishes
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
Posts: 4132
Location: England

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 9:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Ash,

I was using the correct time zone. I didnít say that Saturn was late, but that the ascendant was late.

1. Even though Jupiter is retrograde, it still makes a trine with Moon and Mars.

Jupiter rules the 8th house so it is carrying some signification of endings. It is positioned on the 3rd house cusp which is ruled by a combust Venus. Both could suggest a breakdown in communication, or maybe that a communication issue or an inability to be open in discussions is relevant in the breakdown of the relationship.

2. Jupiter also making a trine with Mars.

The three (Moon, Jupiter and Mars) are involved in a grand trine, but trines between unfortunate planets are not necessarily helpful. Mars is naturally difficult and is peregrine, weakened in the 6th house and conjunct Neptune. Mars-Neptune conjunctions can be very difficult because Mars strives to take direct action and express energy but Neptune brings confusion and makes it difficult to see where and how the energy can be expressed. This can lead to depression, which is often said to be caused by unexpressed anger.

3. Moon makes a sextile with Mercury.

Mercury is in the 8th house, so again suggests that some Mercurial issue could be at the bottom of this. The Moon is separating from Mercury, not applying to it, so indicates that whatever relevance Mercury has is more likely to be connected with what has already happened.

At another level, the fact that the Moon is separating from its own dispositor, and that the dispositor is peregrine and in the 8th, (whilst the Moon applies to the ruler of the 8th), impacts upon the Moonís ability to show positive expression. None of this is helpful and in addition the Moon first applies to the square of Uranus in the 7th house Ė pointing to the sudden, shocking and difficult breakdown of a relationship.

4. Sun makes a sextile with Mars.

Again itís separating, but the sextile aspect canít bring benefit if the planet is describing upset, which this Mars seem to do. The only applying aspect for the Sun is the trine to Pluto on the 5th house cusp. Thatís a hard aspect despite the trine, but suggests that if you make the effort to work through the deep issues that you are presented with in this situation, you can realise some important changes.

I donít really like commenting upon charts with late ascendants but I wanted you to see that none of the other points that were confusing you detract from the obvious answer given by the separation of the main significators. They bring in other supporting factors, and to understand them properly we would need to know a lot more about the background to this. But this is your question and if you ask a question in all sincerity on a difficult situation you will have some hard issues to deal with.

The late ascendant might be indicating that at the moment it is not possible for you to read this chart in a way that does it proper justice. Maybe later when you know a bit more about horary, or when you are less emotionally involved in getting through the experience, you will be able to take more from it. For now, I would say accept the fact that the horary doesnít give you a positive reason to try and get back into that relationship and thereís no indication that it would make you happy if you did.

she told me that she really loved me and I loved her and still love her.
In the evening when I came back, she told me that her intuition told her that it was not the right relation and that was that. I really argued and tried but I could not change her mind

What a difference a day makes. She was either lying in the morning or her capacity for love is not very deep. I hope you donít let this painful experience hit you too hard, but donít cling to false hope because then she will have wasted even more of your precious time and emotion.
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