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Quantum Astrology

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Joined: 28 Mar 2020
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Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2021 6:14 am    Post subject: Quantum Astrology Reply with quote

I would like to share with you an article on Quantum Astrology by

Frederique Ahond
Knowledge broker, researcher in holistic and transversal approaches
Author of the book “Les Douze Marches Initiatiques du Zodiaque” published by Éditions Recto-Verseau
Designer of an original method of Astrotherapy and the theory of the Astrological Double of the soul
Unconditional fan of humor!

She adds:
“The following pages are a summary of a long and fascinating research work. Their content does not claim to constitute 'a truth in itself'… Like any fruit of constant research, it is subject to permanent evolution and the conclusions it presents must be understood as hypotheses of work, of experimentation, of exploration and open up avenues for reflection rather than claiming to state formal truths. A bit like a photograph immortalizes a 'T' moment in a life story but could in no way claim to be representative of a human existence as a whole.”


Surfing the Internet, we can see that a majority of astrologer practitioners have happily entered the commercial niche of astrological practices seasoned with different New-Age sauces ...
However, by dint of mixing the genres, the risk is to obtain rather misshapen 'hybrids' and, by dint of mixing the colors, one obtains insipid tones ... Astrology - as a Great Initiator and wonderful Science of Man - too often loses its own vibrations ... If it gains an audience with gullible and manipulable audiences, it loses credibility and efficiency.
At the same time, few researchers in Astrology seem to have tried to build bridges between this ancestral knowledge and cosmology, the latest discoveries in astrophysics and quantum physics.
This observation remains for me a big question mark ... Because, if astrology proves unable to leave the narrow framework within which it is confined, it can only lose this very special status which made it for millennia a real tool for deciphering the relationship of being with the world around it and the forces at work there, both in the visible-tangible-material plane and in the plane of the invisible-subtle-energetic.
Many practitioners still seem to restrict their approach to the shackles of Saturnian thought; others, combining their clairvoyance and channeling practice, get caught in the nets of Neptunian mirages ... A few rare innovators take the daring paths of Uranian exploration. Few of us manage to integrate into our own psyche the vibrational qualities of the Trans-Saturnian planets whose major role is to open the way to other levels of human consciousness.
Observing the great epic of the conquest of the sky and the stars makes it possible to sense the close link between, on the one hand, purely technical progress allowing new discoveries and a new understanding of the functioning of matter and the universe and, of on the other hand, the broadening of the spectrum of human thought. In other words, it is quite striking to note the parallel existing between the discovery of a new planet for example and its purely symbolic scope in terms of opening of consciousness. It is as if the planetary bodies embodied ’evolutionary stations’, successive stages, energy keys capable of helping us to expand our fields of consciousness and understanding.
Launched on January 19, 2006, the 'Pluto-Kuiper Belt' space probe will fly over Pluto and Chiron at the earliest in 2015 and then meet the Kuiper Belt around 2026. This 'New Horizons' mission will allow us to know worlds on the edge of our system solar by carrying out the first reconnaissance of Pluto and Chiron. This "planetary pair" will be the last in the Solar System to be visited by the space probe, which will then discover several objects from the Kuiper Belt, located in space beyond Neptune. My intuition is that astronomical discoveries such as those of the trans-Plutonian planet Sedna (November 14, 2003) then that of Eris (July 5, 2005) as well as that of the 1200 exoplanets officially listed by NASA in 2011 (*) punctuate physically and energetically these levels and concretize these moments of opening of the human conscience. Likewise, space missions are, symbolically and synchronicly, stages and possibilities of growth and expansion in human understanding. If quantum physics revolutionized the universe of physics itself and definitively modified the very notion of matter by shaking up our vision of the world, it should have challenged astrologers and led them to modify their approaches and their practices, encouraging the creation of new tools.
At the beginning of the 21st century, the questions are: "Should astrology perpetuate old visions and old beliefs or fully assume its primary role of initiatory knowledge? Should it be reduced to a tool that perpetuates the various socio-cultural conditionings or work to offer a possible path of liberation? Should it symbolically maintain the understanding of the world at the Saturnian limits or definitively cross the Uranian station which opens the way for progress and the transformation of thought? "
As a symbolic language, astrology cannot be reduced to the vision of the world that men profess at a given moment in their history ... The symbol is always greater than the partial and temporary interpretation that we can make of it at a precise moment of our course and our evolution …

Note here: The Uranus-Neptune conjunction at 19 Capricorn conjunct Fixed Star Dheneb at the end of the 20th Century signals a new approach to Science. Ptolemy gives a Mars/Jupiter influence to Dheneb. An avatar of this conjunction is Ariana (Holy!) Grande (Large, Great!) with her natal ASC on the conjunction.

Looking back at the last conjunction of 1821, at the entry of Capricorn, the industrial revolution is embodied, generating our modern society.
And again in Capricorn in 1989 to 1991 as if Saturn had an agenda of unfinished business here.
Here are just a few changes below...
**The Globalization with the fall or Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall.
**The discovery of the exoplanets (planets orbiting their star, not belonging to our solar system),
**The advent of the Internet (the algorithms and Mark Zuckerberg metaverse project (If the internet is two-dimensional—text and images on flat screens—think of the metaverse as three-dimensional and multi-sensory (including touch). The word “metaverse” was coined in Snow Crash, a 1992 novel by Neal Stephenson )
**The decryption of the humane genome opening the door to cure all diseases. Remember the cloning of the sheep Dolly in 1996.
**The debate over the transgenic crops and the Kyoto Protocol.
**The Higgs bosom also called God's particle (the Higgs boson particle is so important to the Scientific Standard Model because it signals the existence of the Higgs field, an invisible energy field present throughout the universe that imbues other particles with mass. Since its discovery in 2012, the particle has been making waves in the physics community.)

Please note that we are in the first semi-square of the conjunction moving to the waxing sextile phase

---------- Back to her article

The three components at work in the Universe are energy, frequency and mass. Although this phenomenon is noticeable only on microscopic scales, modern scientific theories grant all objects an intrinsic dual nature of both wave and particle. (i.e. having wave and particle properties)
Transposed to the framework tools of astrology, we could pose the following hypothesis: as receptors-transmitters of the primordial energy emitted at the time of the Big-Bang (* classic or rebound) and constantly recycled since, the galaxies are vectors of this constantly renewed energy.

The constellations would have a quality of waves, intangible but quantifiable,
The Zodiacal belt, the signs and the Astrological Charts as fixed representations of stellar and planetary configurations would have a quality of corpuscles, measurable in the visible, real material world.

In other words, the energy - the energies - only become images, symbols and themes when they 'encounter' the particular context observable by third parties, and enter into 'resonance' with the consciousness and human intelligence which interpret them. .

Modern physics teaches us that information is independent of all material forms even though it "animates" them. The Natal Chart is therefore in-formation (entry into form), a representation of the instant T when the energy is diffracted and then "materialized" in an externally perceptible symbolic form.

According to the theory of the multidimensional universe or that of the multiple universes, I have come to the conclusion that the Being (capital entity, existing from all eternity, immortal and infinite) exists simultaneously in various dimensions and that it unfolds in multiple themes in accordance with the particular designs of this Entity, in a given dimension, in a given space-time and in a given existence.
In order to better understand, I will compare this Being - pure energy - to light. Imagine this Being unfolding in multiple dimensions just as the prism experience scatters light into a spectrum of colors visible to the human eye. This Entity can be "blue" in a given dimension and space-time; there is nothing to say that it cannot be simultaneously 'red' in another dimension and another space-time ...
This approach, exactly like quantum physics, therefore raises the question of the multidimensionality of the human being, as a subjective, quantified / quantifiable, observable and partial expression of a Main Entity of energetic and spiritual essence. We would therefore be fundamentally multidimensional beings subject to the limitations of our instruments for interpreting reality: body, senses, brain, etc.

According to the electromagnetic theory of light, a light wave consists of the superposition of an electric field and a magnetic field oscillating in time at a certain frequency and moving in a vacuum at a certain speed. The electromagnetic spectrum covers the full range of electromagnetic waves of all wavelengths and frequencies. It extends well beyond the audible limit and visible light, that is, perceptible to the human eye and interpreted by the brain. Knowing moreover that no individual perceives exactly the same thing nor the same shade of the same color… Not only do we perceive only an infinitesimal fraction of the existing one but we do not perceive it in its intrinsic reality since, for coming back to the example of colors, we perceive that the lemon is yellow while in its electromagnetic physical reality it is… blue.
The energies whose constellations are vectors and the zodiacal signs which set the space-time frame in a given dimension are all active simultaneously; only our "gaze" isolates certain particular energies at a given moment T, and it is our interpretative instruments (brain, sense, etc.) which set the frames in which they are inscribed (here, in symbolic language).

Quantum electromagnetic theory states that a vacuum does not exist; the void is teeming with intangible energy and invisible particles. The matter of which the "fabric" of our real-visible world is made is in fact only the residual material emerging from the bubbling activity of virtual particles in a vacuum ... Invisible to our eyes and to common measuring instruments.
By what quantum physicists call "the measurement problem," it has been proven that an atom only appears in a specific place if you measure it. This atom is virtually 'scattered' and therefore can potentially materialize anywhere until a conscious observer decides to measure it. In other words, it is the act of measuring or observing that creates the material universe ... So it is by thinking the world that we create and recreate it.
Brought back to astrology, this clearly indicates to us how much there can in no way exist determinism except that created by the way we look at ourselves and our life, vividly confirming what Dane Rudhyar said about it - the father of Humanistic Astrology, namely that "any individual can change his life consciously at any time" ... This implies that no point of the Zodiacal Wheel is empty and that all the possibilities virtually pre-exist in essence until the precise moment of physical birth substantializes them, that is to say, assembles them in a spatio-temporal figure with symbolic language.

Each point of the Chart being energetically linked to all the other points of the Theme, that is to say linked to all known and unknown space-time, the first 'quantum leap' in the evolution of an embodied individual would consist of in this fundamental awareness of his free will and of the responsibility which results from it since Man discovers himself as co-creator, co-author of his life scenario ...

From this perspective, Quantum Astrology is intended to be a tool for evolution and growth, a lever allowing the individual on the march towards himself to break the shackles of his conditioning of thought, to emerge from the clay matrix where false beliefs about himself and the world around him have stuck him… Likewise, in order to fulfill his vocation of liberating openness and to propose himself as a path of help to awareness, Quantum Astrology induces a reflection not only on what it can be but also on the degree of implicit confinement that the gaze of the practicing astrologer can create and the limits that his own interpretation generate. Indeed, if we admit that the observer has an interaction with the observed thing, then the question arises of the degree of interference between the energies specific to the Astrologer's Chart and those of the Chart he is studying. It becomes clear that the degree of openness and evolution of the viewer will directly influence the observer, insisting at the same time on the need for high ethics in practice and the assumed responsibility that such a method requires. .

We better understand the rigid shackles in which traditional astrology is bogged down and the incredible force of resistance to the evolution of its practices knowing that the base on which they are based allows the practitioner to take refuge comfortably behind prefabricated interpretations. , pre-established and pre-designed ...

* Currently, a new controversy is agitating the circles of cosmology ...
For eight years, Patrick Peter (researcher at the Institute of Astrophysics in Paris) and his Brazilian colleague Nelson Pinto-Neto have been refining a new theory called "Model of the universe with rebound". Inspired by quantum physics, especially String Theory, this concept postulates that the universe alternates between phases of contraction and expansion, called "rebounds".
Arrived at a point X (mathematically determined) of ultimate shrinkage on itself (a phase called the 'pre-big bang'), the contraction ceases and the universe then rebounds in an expansion phase, starting a new process of growth. Contrary to the Big Bang Theory, the universe is never here reduced to the size of a tiny dot; its density and temperature remain finite (measurable) over time.

In this scenario, many Big Bangs would have occurred, each time the universe expanded for XXX billion light years, and then retracted on itself to an ultimate point to bounce back and start a new phase of inflation, without anything ever changing at the virtual level ...

This is where quantum physics comes closest to the metaphysical notion of an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent 'Creative Force', both containing and contained, having no limits of any kind and potentially containing all. the possibilities ... The virtual quantum state could therefore be understood and considered as an esoteric synonym of the Whole.
Thus, from the origins of distant mythological astronomy to the present day, the stars, gods, matter, energy, consciousness are considered as different states of the same principle.
The axiom "Everything is in everything" allows us to glimpse the ancestral bases of astrology as a science of relations, interactions and inter-relations as well as a Law of universal correspondences including the Zodiac, through its language symbolic, could be the schematic utterance ...

Just as each particle of matter has a perfectly symmetrical anti-particle, I postulate that at the moment T of birth, not one but TWO charts emerge: the traditionally known Natal Chart and the one I call the Anti-Chart - A diametrically symmetrical chart with opposite properties. Chart and Anti-Chart together constitute the "trace" of the first and total energy imprint of this fraction of Being at the time of its incarnation on this plane and in this spatio-temporal dimension.
At this stage of my research, it would be premature to definitively define the implications of this Anti-Chart, its specificities as well as its fields of application. However, from the few studies carried out to date, I can already affirm that this symbolic representation comparable to a photo negative of the moment T of birth is perfectly operational, in itself, in connection with the Natal chart and with planetary transits.

Does the Anti-Chart teach us anything about how to achieve our uniqueness? On our global energy functioning? On the web of our "unconscious"? ... So many questions and avenues to explore.
When a particle of matter meets its twin anti-matter particle, they both annihilate each other to become energy again. My hypothesis is therefore that the process of physical death would take place at a time of 'collision' between the Natal Chart and the Anti-Chart, a process by which the individual-fraction which ceases to exist on this plane becomes pure energy again, freed then reinstated with his memories of life in the Capital Being that he is from all eternity ...

Three major Charts are in my opinion closely related to each other: the Galactic Chart, the Natal Chart and the Anti-Chart. At the Center of each of them, probably in the way the Black Holes / White Holes work, is the energetic crossing point on the Evolving Spiral:

Galactic or Astragguelos Chart (respecting the real astronomical division of the constellations) This chart is the one that connects us to the Majuscule Being, eternal and infinite that we are, coming from the Original Source and closely connected to It

Chart of the Here and Now (based on the Tropical Zodiac or Traditional Zodiac of the Seasons) Chart-Mandala of our individual Identity in a given space-time and for a given incarnation

Anti-Chart Like an inverted mirror of the previous one, this Chart works in the background and connects us to the collective unconscious. It is this “negative double” that we project on ourselves and on any other person that we demonize…

After careful consideration, it seems important to me that the Galactic Chart be mounted on the basis of a Zodiac with 13 signs since there are 13 and not 12 astronomical constellations inscribed in the background of the ecliptic on the strip of 17 ° called 'zodiacal belt'.

Absent from all zodiacal systems [including those of sidereal astrology whose ardent defenders claim to be the sole holders of the true ’Zodiac ...], the 13th constellation is highly significant ... by its very absence. Indeed, it is not because something existing on a certain level is not taken into account on another level that it does not exist ... On the other hand, the refusal to take it into account and The resulting negation is indicative of a form of blindness, the index of a closure and an inability to align with another reality ...
One can always object to me here the esoteric and mathematical reasons having motivated the development of an astrological system based on the twelve, it will nonetheless remain true that a thirteenth energy is active even if it is denied by the systems. astrological operating to this day ... Now, by this specific problematic of existing / non-existent energy, the thirteenth constellation and the thirteenth energy should draw our attention to this zone of negation in the human mind. This 'phantom energy' would be like a 'dead zone' that asks to be recognized by the human psyche, an energy dormant in the consciousness of men ...
The symbolic space-time and the energy specific to this "passage" between Scorpio and Sagittarius constitute to this day a "void" full of "something" significant and fundamentally important in these times of accelerated transformation. There is a 'logic' hidden in this astronomical puzzle and astrology will not be able to claim to be a tool for deciphering current evolution as long as it refuses to 'see' this parcel of the zodiacal totality including the thirteen constellations of his belt. The ladder of evolution is like a staircase from which one cannot 'erase' a step …

Note: The Ophiuchus Constellation is the one that contains the most Nebulaes in the sky traditionally known to produce blindness.

Man is a teenager who tries to bend the world and reality to his conceptions, his prejudices and his own beliefs. But the universe (... or the universes) in its different dimensions has nothing to do with our beliefs and our speculations; it will always be more incredible and more astonishing than all our theories and our discoveries about it ... So it is with all forms of research. The researcher's ultimate goal is to open new avenues, new channels of access to other possibilities ...
Technically, it is clear that this design requires first to assemble the Galactic Chart manually since the astrology software does not currently allow a division on the basis of a zodiac with thirteen signs ...
As for the next "quantum leap" of astrology, it will consist in modeling the Charts in 3D. This representation in space alone can allow us to grasp how the astrological aspects trace geometric figures in volume which constitute veritable waves of energy forms.
The correspondence between the signs, constellations and the Zodiacal Wheel with electromagnetic wavelengths, sound waves (especially the correspondence with musical notes) and the color spectrum (ranging from infra-red to ultra-violet) as well as their correspondence with the chakras of the human body should be investigated ...
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Posted: Fri Dec 24, 2021 6:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks a lot Ouranos for posting this. The text exceeds the limits of my understanding -- but I am convinced that quantum physics contains the key to understanding astrology, and also the other way round, that astrology may help science understand quantum physics.
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Posted: Fri Dec 24, 2021 3:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you! It is beyond my scope as well Annadeer.
Just interested by the new models in science and how astrology will evolve with the new paradigms.
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Posted: Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Haha, good to know I'm not the only one who can't fully grasp it. But yes indeed very interesting.
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