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Vladimir Putin vs. Vettius Valens

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Joined: 02 Jun 2017
Posts: 21

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:13 pm    Post subject: Vladimir Putin vs. Vettius Valens Reply with quote

Hi there,

Probably Mr. president of Russia assumes to continue his questionable career in 2018 election to shine bright over the 'North- Korean' regime he almost created in Russia . And as a Russian I know what I'm talking about, trust me Cool

But this political figure has a quite considerable influence outside Russia as well.It can be arguable but it doesn't makes him less intresting 'quesited'.

I'm not going here to delve into details of his natal chart rectification. I think it is the job of his personal astrologer of whom existence I very doubt. Otherwise, why would the chart of his 'coronation' in 2012 look like this (during his 'best friend' rulership the constitution was changed to allow the extension of entitled stay in office from four years to six,why not just to change the day of inauguration?):

Russia, Moscow 7.05.2012 12:08 -the time Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin takes the oath


Here Valens would have had one important notion- the Moon is in tight conjunction with the North Node.

And here is what he says about it:

Vettius Valens, Anthologies, Book V

"3. Initiatives.
With reference to the days under investigation: if the moon is passing through the current position of the ascending node, or through the points in square or opposition, particularly if it is at the same degreeposition, beware of starting anything: do not sail, do not marry, do not have meetings, do not begin anything, do not plant, do not introduce; in short, do not do anything. What has been started will be judged insecure or prone to come to a bad end; it will be something regrettable, incomplete, subject to penalties, grievous, and not lasting. If someone seems to have begun the development of some business in these days, the business will go bankrupt, will be troublesome, subject to penalties, easily ruined, and a
stumbling block. Not even benefics which happen to be in these places do anything entirely good.
Therefore, even without <consulting> a natal chart, if anyone guards against the current transits of the moon through the ascending node, he will not make a mistake.

If one finds someone beginning some matter while the moon is passing through the ecliptic places, he can forecast that the matter will be incomplete, regretted, and subject to penalties. I myself, being as wary of such days as I could be, have cast Initiatives for activities and friendships according to the chronocratorships of the current period, and I have considered the beginnnings to be unexceptionable and easilyattainable. But occasionally I have been in error because of the untimely presence of a friend, an untimely association, or because I began something under duress, and I found the results to be grievous or subject to penalties and delays. Consequently they <Initiatives> must be cast for all beginnings: the sailing of fleets, /213K/ campaigns, commands, advancement, departures—everything that can come to accomplishment in
life. <Without> it is not beneficial to sacrifice to the gods or to dedicate sanctuaries. Prayers will not be fulfilled nor God be worshipped. He will be called lazy and inactive because oath-takers
will be perjured and oaths will not be fulfilled. Neither gifts to the masses nor expenditures on buildings will be celebrated or lasting; they will be criticized and will crumble. Neither will the treatment of bodily
ills be successful; men will be disease-ridden and incurable, especially if malefics are in aspect with these places or if the moon is passing through their degree-positions. (If it is only in the same sign, it will be
effective in a delayed and dilatory manner; but even so it will bring insecure/unsteady actions.)"

So Valens would have not even plant a flower under this conjunction...

Will Putin survive? Lala Happy
It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.
Marcus Aurelius
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3963
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi astromarie,

thanks for sharing your astro views here..

i would say putin 1 - valens 0 at this point.. the past 5 years have only strengthened putins position on the world stage as i see it.. in this time span putin has done an amazing job on the international front, in spite of many in the west wanting to make it otherwise.. but - this isn't astrology, and i do want to talk about the chart you offered up, so i am going to post it again, as your chart is not showing for me..

the chart doesn't show an exact conjunction of moon / north nodes, but it is close.. i suppose this falls into the ongoing debate about whether one end of the nodal axis is more difficult then the other.. generally north is considered favourable, but this is just a general view that may or may not hold true all the time.. what strikes me about the chart is leo rising, with the sun in taurus close to the midheaven and jupiter.. in fact - sun is close to the jupiter/midheaven midpoint which i think describes putins position during this time frame quite well..

i just don't see valens position holding much water given the passage of time here - 5 years.. thanks for sharing this though - as i would have read over this passage of valens, but not remembered it as you have here..
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