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Is there a future in this relationship?

Judged by Deborah Houlding

Will he marry me?

The querent was an attractive lady in her late 50s. She had felt herself being drawn into a relationship with a married man, but with two marriages behind her, she did not want to get involved in a complicated affair which had no future.

The Sagittarian ascendant corresponds with the querent's natal ascendant, which helps validate the chart and describes her well, for she is a very fiery, humorous, outgoing person. Asc-ruler Jupiter, her significator, is essentially dignified (in its own exaltation and term), reflecting the fact that she is a woman of independent means. She runs her own business in ladies' fashions (Libran Midheaven).

Mercury, as ruler of the Gemini 7th house, describes the man in question - it is an appropriate significator for a travelling salesman which he essentially was as an agent for a fashion supplier. It is the swifter planet and applies to the square of Jupiter, demonstrating that it is the man who is making most of the moves toward developing the relationship (CA., p. 305). Mercury is in the sign and term of Venus, showing him to be attractive and charming, but because Mercury is peregrine and cadent, he has little to offer (CA, p. 299). His significator is also under Sun's beams, so he is not free to act as he may wish (CA, p. 113), for he is influenced by another - his wife! Mars is on the MC and the querent admitted to feeling attracted to, but also uncomfortable around the man. She worried that he seemed to have a voltile temper and that is borne out by this chart.

Because Mercury applies to Jupiter by square with no mutual reception between them, there may be an attraction, but there is little hope of the relationship developing. And before Mercury can perfect the square it will square malefic Saturn. As Lilly explained (CA, p. 110), "Prohibition is when two planets that signify the thing demanded are applying to an aspect, and before they can come to a true aspect, another planet interposes either his body or aspect, so that thereby the matter propounded is hindered and retarded." The same thing happens if we use Venus as the querent's co-significator, as Lilly suggests (CA, p. 302), for Mercury applies to a sextile of Venus but meets the square of Saturn first.

Asc-ruler Jupiter is disposited by the Moon, a general co-significator, which is placed in the 5th house suggesting this to be a romantic indulgence rather than a relationship built on a basis of long-term commitment. The Moon separates from a sextile of Jupiter and is now void of course. This describes the relationship as recently looking promising but going nowhere (CA, p.299).

Very soon afterwards the querent confirmed that her feelings cooled following an argument and she ended the affair. Saturn, the prohibiting planet, rules the querent's 2nd house and she explained - 'I've worked too hard to build up a comfortable, independent lifestyle to throw that away on someone who doesn't have the means to maintain or improve it'.

© Deborah Houlding

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