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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Alchocoden (or Alcochodon, Alcocoden)

- also known to Perso-Arabic authors as kadhkhudāh or al-kadhudāh
The planet that holds rulership over the degree of the planet or place taken as hyleg ('giver or life'), whilst bearing an aspect to the hyleg. It was used as the 'giver of years' since its general nature and fortitude was used to define the natural years of the life.

William Lilly writes, (CA., pp.530-531):

The Arabians did further observe, what Planet had most essential dignity in the place of the Hyleg, and with some aspect did behold that place. This Planet they called Alcochodon, or giver of years; and they were of the opinion that the Native might live the great, greater or lesser years which this planet did signify, according unto the natural course of life, if he met with no very obstructive directions in the interim, or escaped sudden casualties, or avoided the general fate of any City or Country wherein he came to reside or inhabit, for no particular fate can resist a general calamity.

The years of the planets, given by Lilly on pp.57-83, are:

Greater Mean Least
Saturn: 57 43 and a half 30
Jupiter 79 45 12
Mars 66 40 15
Sun 120 69 19
Venus 82 45 8
Mercury 76 48 20
Moon 108 66 25

For more on the derivation and use of the alchocoden, and the method of determination favoured by Alcabitius see Introductory notes to the third book of Dorotheus.

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