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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Collection of Light

Where two planets, whether applying, separating or making no aspect to each other, both apply by to a third planet that "collects their light" and thereby establishes a relationship between the two.

Lilly writes of collection (CA., p.126)

Matters are also brought to perfection, when as the two principall Significators doe not behold one another, but both cast their severall Aspects to a more weighty Planet then themselves, and they both receive him in some of their essential dignities; then shall that Planet who thus collects both their Lights, bring the thing demanded to perfection: which signifies no more in Art then this, that a Person somewhat interested in both parties and described and signified by that Planet, shall perform, effect and conclude the thing which otherwise could not be perfected: As many times you see two fall at variance, and of themselves cannot think of any way of accommodation, when suddenly a neighbour or friend accidentally reconciles all differences, to the content of both parties: And this is called Collection.

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