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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Part of Fortune

- Also known as 'fortuna'. One of the so-called Arabic Parts and the most commonly used. It is treated as a benefic and generally considered as a significator of good fortune when well placed or favourably aspected. Its symbol is:


The Part of Fortune is calculated by adding the Moon's zodiac degree to that of the ascendant and subtracting the degree of the Sun. Absolute longitude is used, which translates 0 Aries to zero degrees and 29 Pisces as 359 degrees, (18 degrees Taurus = 48 degrees: the 30 degrees of Aries + 18 of Taurus).

Therefore, if the ascendant is at 15 Cancer, the Moon at 6 Aquarius, and the Sun at 10 Aries:

Ascendant = 105
Moon = 306
Sun = 10

Ascendant + Moon - Sun = 105 + 306 - 10
= 411 - 10
= 401 (subtract 360 to return from absolute longitude to zodiac degree)
= 41
= 11 Taurus (the degree of the Part of Fortune).

(Tables that convert zodiac degrees to absolute longitude are available online in the study aids section.)

In nocturnal charts, ie., where the Sun is below the horizon, the formula for calculating the Part of Fortune is reversed to: Ascendant + Sun - Moon.

Since the Part of Fortune is a zodiacal point, it can be said to be aspected by planets, but it does not make aspects itself.

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