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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Mutable / Common Signs

aka: double-bodied / bi-corporeal

- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

These signs correlate to the months that join the seasons and offer an easily adaptable nature which can be one thing or another. They lie between the cardinal and fixed signs and share qualities that are common to both groups. The cardinal signs initiate change; the fixed signs incline towards stability, but the mutable signs offer a flexible qualitiy that can adapt to requirements and eternal pressures - they are mutable in their nature. This is a different kind of changeability to that we experience with the cardinal signs - those are traditonally termed moveable because they have an active energy that seeks change; these signs are more passive; they respond to the pace rather than set it.

This passive changeability offers a dualistic nature which is demonstrated by their association with two figures, by which they are known as the double-bodied or bi-corporeal signs. Gemini is the two twins; Virgo: the maiden and bird (often depicted as a maiden with wings); Sagittarius: man and horse; Pisces: two fishes. This helps to emphasise that there are two sides to their nature, through which they are able to bridge extremes.

In electional astrology their adaptability makes them the ideal choice for many situations where swift action but easy changeability needs to be avoided as much as steady endurance and stability. In other words, if you do not wish the event to suffer from a quick loss of interest, or to last too long, then you would utilise the mutable signs as a means to offer compromise and moderate conditions.

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