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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms


- When a planet aspects the ruler of the sign it is in, or the ruler by exaltation, or by two of the minor dignities of term, triplicity, or face, the ruler of the dignity is said to be giving that planet a reception. For example, if Venus aspects Mars from Aries, Mars is 'receiving' Venus into his sign of rulership and therefore gives her a reception. To be received, or to be given a reception, is akin to being 'accepted' or attended to. Authors have likened Venus's position to that of a guest who is accorded the honorable respect that a host would extend to visitors. In this position Venus gains the attention of Mars and is well placed to take advantage of what he has to offer. She can draw from his strength, and if he is generally destructive she need be less fearful of the prospect of him turning his destructive potential upon her - as a host, his duty is to cater to her needs and to safeguard her interests whilst she is under his protection.

Mutual reception is where two planets receive each other at the same time ie., Venus in Leo with the Sun in Taurus (both by sign) or Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus (Moon receives Jupiter by exaltation, Jupiter receives Moon by sign). This suggests the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

See: Understanding Planetary Dignity and Debility, Part 6: Reception.

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