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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms


- Although in a general sense the term 'separating' is applied to any planet moving away from the conjunction or aspect of another, in strict terminology a planet is said to be 'separating' from another when the planets are within orb of aspect and moving away from perfection (exactness). Planetary motion must be considered, for if a planet is retrograde an aspect that appears to be separating from exactness may in fact be applying, and if a planet is about to turn retrograde an aspect that is currently in a state of separation may once again perfect.

Many traditional texts refer to a small distance by which the planets must be separated from perfection of the aspect before they can be considered to be in the stage of separation. William Lilly mentions 6 minutes, others mention 16 minutes or 1 full degree. This may indicate a region in which the aspect is so close to perfection that its effects are fully expressed, but since the moment of peak unification has passed as soon as the aspect begins to break up, it seems logical to describe the planets thus when they are known to be 1 minute past the point of exactness.

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