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Where did I lose my glasses?

Judged by Deborah Houlding

Where did I lose my glasses?

When this question was asked, in 1989, astrology was a part time interest; my main occupation was retailing ladies fashionwear. The querent was a new member of staff at one of the wholesalers where I purchased my stock. He had been told of my interest in astrology and came over to ask if I might be able to help him locate his glasses, which were quite expensive and had been mislaid several days before.

The querent is signified by the Leo ascendant (which rises in his birth chart), and its ruler, the Sun. The Sun is peregrine, apt because the new employee was an Indian immigrant who had recently settled in Britain and had joined the firm as its most junior member of staff. (His recent immigration is also suggested by the separating opposition between the Sun, and the Moon in his 4th house of home and ancestry.)

The glasses are symbolised by Mercury, ruler of the 2nd house. It is angular showing that they are near to their owner (CA. p.202), and retrograde, indicating that they will turn up again (p.468). Both significators in the same sign show that they have been lost in the place that the querent has been frequenting most (CA. p.202). Since he was working a lot of overtime this indicated his place of work, also shown by the location of the main significators in the 10th house.

It was clear that the querent would recover his glasses soon because the Sun and Mercury are less than 4° apart and mutually applying to each other. The recovery was quick because both are angular and the conjunction is hastened by Mercury's retrograde motion, which suggested that the glasses would turn up somewhat of their own accord and be discovered unexpectedly.

It was three days later before I had occasion to speak to the querent again. I mentioned that the chart showed that he would recover the glasses at work - to which he replied that he had found them that morning. At the time of the discovery the transiting Sun was perfecting its conjunction with Mercury and the Moon was sextile Fortuna at 29° Sagittarius. Lilly uses the application of the Moon to Fortuna as a good way of judging when a lost item may be recovered (p.357).

The glasses were found in the company van, which the querent used to make regular deliveries to and from London. In fact he had been doing so many deliveries that the Van was the location he most frequented, although I had assumed this would be the office where I had seen him. The two main significators are in Gemini, a sign which has affinity with London (CA. p.94) and both are in the terms of Mercury, associated with carriers and deliveries (CA. p.78).

Venus, the 10th house ruler, in Gemini, accurately describes the nature of his work, since he traded in women's clothing. Venus also governs the 3rd house of inland journeys. The glasses were found on a return trip from London which is shown by the Sun's conjunction to Mercury upon the trine of the 3rd house cusp.

Lilly tells us to look to the 4th house and its ruler for the quality of ground upon which the lost item lies. This is useful as a further clue of where to look. Ruler Mars is a general significator for engines or items that generate heat and energy, and is positioned in the 11th house since the van was the property of his employers. The 4th house cusp and its ruler are both in water signs, indicating a location in or near to fluid. The querent had run out of petrol on his way back from London, and had found his glasses behind the spare petrol can, underneath the dashboard. Pluto in the 4th house, is associated with sources of power in modern texts, and the 4th house ruler is in its sign of fall showing that the glasses had fallen from their original location. The Moon in the 4th also suggests that we need to look down, and since the opposition to the Moon in the 4th was the last aspect of the asc-ruler, it describes the manner by which the glasses were lost - a sudden loss of the object as it fell to the ground, involving an item of everyday use.

© Deborah Houlding

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