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Where is the hook?

Judged by Max J. Pokus

Where is the hook?

Several assorted fruit trees had ripened simultaneously and in the rush I had mislaid a bucket hook. Unable to find it, I drew up this horary chart for help.

Jupiter rules the 2nd house and therefore symbolises the missing hook. My ascendant ruler, Mars, is nearing conjunction with Jupiter indicating that I would make a rapid recovery. I used the symbolism of the chart to show me where it would be.

In his Key to Scientific Astrology (p.131) Simmonite writes:

If the ruler of the 2nd, Moon or Fortuna, or any of these … be in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, [the missing item is] hanging upon a line or tree, or upon high shelves above the ground.

Jupiter and Fortuna are in Libra [Lilly states this governs placed where Wood is cut, p.96] and Gemini respectively. Co-ruler Moon is in Taurus, which Simmonite describes as 'near some pavement'.

When looking for mislaid items, the quality of ground whereupon they may be found, is usually indicated by the 4th house and its ruler. Here Saturn is situated on the 4th house cusp. Lilly mentions Saturn ruling woods (p.60) and Aquarius points to 'the upper parts' (p.99).

There is a strong Mercurial theme to the chart with the Moon forming a trine to the Sun and Mercury in Virgo. Mercury is traditionally associated with nuts (CA. p.79), as are Gemini and Virgo. The principal significators being in air signs also points to the direction of west (CA. p.346), which proved to be the case.

I found the hook hanging on the bottom branch of a nut tree, just over a pile of wood which was stacked on the pavement. The late degree of Fortuna suggested that I look around 'endings' or 'borders'. In fact it was found in the last tree of the assorted line, on the bottommost branch, over the top of the wood pile.

© Max J. Pokus

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