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Part One

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Turning the Chart
Example Horary
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Learning Horary Astrology - free online tutorials written by Deborah Houlding

Chart Turning... Example Judgement

This horary is presented in a format that allows you to experiment with it and assess your own approach to judgement.

The problem and the horary chart are given below. Before moving onto the next page, try studying the chart and considering the problem for yourself. Make a few notes. Can you see any answers in the chart? What conclusions do you come to? It doesn't matter if you make mistakes because you will learn from them. We haven't yet covered aspects, planetary meanings, or many other fields of horary investigation in depth, but see if you can correctly assign the significators and then consider the location of those planets - are they strong, free from affliction and making good aspects? What does the house position tell you? Look carefully at the Moon and remember that separating aspects reflect upon what has already happened whilst applying aspects reflect events that are coming into focus. Where a planet is making an aspect, identify the meaning of that contact by considering the natural signification of the planets, the houses that they rule, and whether they are expressing themselves positively or negatively.

On the next page you will find a checkpoint of factors to consider. It will be interesting for you to see whether your own approach took account of these points. The final page gives the judgement of the chart and explains what happened.

The Horary Problem:

Will my parents be OK this year?

I was asked this question by a close friend. She was 28 at the time - her mother was 65 and her father was 68. Although they had lived in the UK for all of the querent's life, the parents were quite traditional in their views, the mother being Yugoslav, the father Polish.

The querent is the only daughter. She is a Libran sunsign (Sun at 10 degrees Libra); very pleasant, outgoing, friendly and freedom loving. Although close to her parents, she found their traditional views on life quite oppressive and for the past 8 years had come to enjoy an ideal balance between spending time with her parents and exploring an independent lifestyle by working as a holiday rep for the travel company Intasun. This entailed working abroad throughout the summer season and returning to the family home to live with her parents through the winter.

The problem has its roots in the fact that whilst the querent had been working abroad the previous year, unbeknown to her, her mother became very ill with breast cancer. She had an operation and the tumour was believed to have been fully removed. The querent wasn't told about this until after she returned to the UK, and was concerned that her parents didn't call her home during this worrying period.

At the time that she asked the question, the querent had been agonizing over whether it would be wise to accept a contract of employment for another year's work abroad - the deadline for acceptance was drawing near. From a personal perspective she very much wanted to go - she loved her work and the independence it gave her - but she was worried that, although the mother was supposedly better, the father was starting to look quite old and ill. If his condition got any worse, the querent didn't know whether the mother would have the strength to look after him.

As the only daughter, the querent felt torn between pursuing her own professional interests and her responsibilities to her parents. The dilemma hinged upon whether the parents' health would be sufficient to see them through the upcoming season without her support. She understood that sometime in the future it would be necessary for her to give up her international career so that she could live at home and nurse her parents through old age. She was prepared for this but didn't want to make that sacrifice before it was necessary.

After you have considered this problem, studied the chart, and made some notes, continue to the next page. You will find a checklist of important points to consider. Make sure you have covered these before attempting to draw your notes into a conclusion.

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Horary Astrology

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