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Part One

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Turning the Chart
Example Horary
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Test & Summary

Learning Horary Astrology - free online tutorials written by Deborah Houlding

Checklist for Judgement

Will my parents be OK this year?

Make sure you have answered or considered these points:

  1. Which planet signifies the querent?

  2. In which house is the querent's significator placed?

  3. Which planet signifies the mother?

  4. In the 'turned chart of the mother' you will need to renumber the houses so that the house that signifies the mother becomes her 'turned 1st house'. Her 1st house describes her physically and also reflects her health and vitality. Consider the planets that are located in the mother's 1st house - do they suggest a return to health?

  5. In this turned chart, which planet becomes the significator of the mother's illness?

  6. In which of the mother's houses is her significator of illness located?

  7. Which planet is the Moon separating from? Look at this planet and the aspect involved as relevant in describing the background to the question.

  8. Which house(s) does the Moon rule in the mother's turned chart?

  9. Make a note of the aspects that the Moon will make until the end of its current sign. These are important in describing upcoming factors that will affect the outcome.

  10. Is there is an applying aspect between the Moon and the mother's significator? If so, is this a positive or negative influence?

    - Look at any other factors that are relevant to the mother's significator and her state of health to form a judgement upon whether the mother will be strong enough to deal with the upcoming year without the querent needing to fear for her health -

  11. Which planet signifies the father? Do the aspects that his significator makes indicate a return to vitality or a lack of health?

  12. In the turned chart of the father, which planet is conjunct the cusp of his house of illness?

  13. Which planet rules the cusp of the father's house of illness, therefore acting as the significator of his illness?

  14. In which of the father's houses is the significator of his illness placed?

    - Look at any other factors that are relevant to the father's significator and his state of health to form a judgement about whether he will be strong enough to deal with the upcoming year without the querent needing to fear for his health -

  15. Now clear you mind of the factors you have seen from turning the chart. Go back to the horary and approach it from a fresh perspective, considering the radical houses and the querent's dilemma. She wants to take a trip abroad - are there any factors concerning her 9th house of overseas travel that might suggest it is to her benefit or disadvantage to do so?

  16. Does agreeing to the contract for the year ahead seem a wise choice? Take a look at the querent's 10th house of professional matters. Does the condition of her 10th house, the planets in her 10th house, the ruler of the 10th house and aspects made by the Moon or other planets to the 10th house cusp look promising?

  17. The Moon is the applying to the sextile of Mars - what do you think that might mean?

The next page gives the details of what happened after the question was asked. It is unlikely, at this stage in your studies, that you will have identified everything that followed. However, by considering the points above you should have a reliable opinion on whether the querent had a genuine reason to be concerned about her parents' state of health.

 Continue to Judgement

If you need to check your answers to the above points click here. To some extent this will reveal the outcome of the horary, so if you want to form your own judgement, refrain from checking until you have given this your best shot.

Horary Astrology

Answers to these points can be found via the link at the bottom of the page
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