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Turning the Chart
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Test & Summary

Learning Horary Astrology - free online tutorials written by Deborah Houlding

Summary and Final Test

It is hoped that you now have an adequate knowledge of house meanings to reason your significations effectively. The final test, below, gives you an opportunity to assess your knowledge of house signification and check that you are confident in what you have learned.

The form is designed to be printed and completed offline. Answers are available here.

Which house would you use to signify issues relating to:

God  Contracts 
Employees  Your mother-in-law 
Sorrow & misery  Benefactors 
Bad luck  Missing children 
Tarot-card readers  Telephone calls 
Slavery  The opposition 
The Buyer of your property  The cure or medicine for an illness 
Diplomats & Ambassadors  Rumours 
Foreign countries  The postal system 
Water supply  International trade 
Newspapers  Your feet 
Your career  Hospitals 
Agents  Commuting 
Magistrates  Flowers 
Awards  Your sister 
The government  Loss 
Parties  Hope 
Illness  The direction north 
Your husbands  Work & chores 
Spies  Buried wealth 
The garden  Marriage 
Music  Priests 
Secrets  Your house 
Your public image  Wills 
Authority  Asylums 
Philosophy  Ancestry 
Sickness  Your Father 
The Church  Newspapers 
Drowning  Destination in a journey 
Dreams  Money 
Ambition  Health 
Games  Mining 
Your known enemy  Foreign Travel 
Friends  Your car 
War  Prison 
Neighbours  Income 
Lawyers  Thieves 
Pregnancy  Your wardrobe 
Judges  The throat 
Public Health Service  Verbal disagreements 
Your mother  Your country 
Gossip  Release from Prison 
Your team  Self -undoing 
Astrology  Land 
Your watch  Your cat 
Gambling  The Prime Minister 
Universities  Theatres 

© Deborah Houlding

Horary Astrology