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Ingresses: An Introduction to Mundane Astrology

"... the true time from whence judgement is to be raised for the exact knowledge and predicting of future natural events in the Elements for any year, is when the Sun enters the first point or minute of Aries"
- William Ramesey, Astrology Restored, 1653

Mundane astrology, the study of heavenly cycles upon groups and nations is the most ancient branch of astrology. The affairs of a nation can be judged from the horoscope set up at the time of its official inauguration, the birth chart of its leader, and various phenomena such as eclipses, lunations, great conjunctions, stations, comets and ingresses. Among these, ingresses have a traditional reputation as the most important mundane event. With the Sun's entry into Aries imminent, now is the time to consider the potential of the ingress for 2004.

The word ingress comes from the Latin ingressus, to 'go in' or 'enter'. The chart of the Aries ingress is drawn for the moment that the Sun enters the very first minute of that sign, which is the beginning of a new cycle for the Sun. A general rule in traditional astrology is that if the ascendant of the ingress chart is in a moveable (cardinal) sign the chart remains valid for three months only, and it is necessary to draw further charts for the Sun's entry into Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If the ascendant is in a common (mutable) sign the chart remains valid for six months, and the Sun's ingress into Libra should be used for the remaining half of the year. If the ascendant is in a fixed sign, however, the chart remains valid for the whole year.

As in all mundane work, the meanings of the planets and houses need to be adapted to the circumstances of a nation rather than an individual. The following offers an introductory guide.


The Sun, Moon and planets have a special significance in Mundane Astrology as they represent certain classes of the community in every nation and country. The following are the different classes and particular matters ruled by the planets:

The Sun
- represents the Prime Minister, monarch, aristocracy, magistrates, judges and all persons in authority and of distinction, Cabinet ministers and the like. It also represents public heroes and national champions.

The Moon
- denotes the common people, women generally, crowds, and all matters of a common or public nature. The position of the Moon in a mundane chart will show where the public's attention falls.

- governs the literary world, newspapers, publishers, ambassadors, trade and commerce, and the intellectual world. The nation's communication and telecoms industry. Local transport issues.

- governs women's issues, national birth rate, social factors connected to marriage and children. Artists, musicians and the arts. Facilities for sport and entertainment. Peace and diplomatic resolutions.

- governs the military, soldiers and noted military and naval men. War, terrorist attacks, industrial disputes, strikes and conflicts. Opposition forces. Fire, fire services, arson and incendiarism.

- rules the religious and judicial world; the national or state religion, priests, divines. The justice system and prominent judges, barristers. National inquests. The nation's wealth, banks and bankers.

- has chief influence over elderly people and governs the national death rate. Life-threatening epidemics. Land-owners, farmers, mines, coal and industries connected to metals and minerals. State funerals, public sorrow and dissapointment.

- has a general influence over rioting and outbreaks of political tension. Right-wing political ideas, free-market enterprise, fascism, and the urge towards individualism. It rules separation, scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, explosions, anarchy and nihilism.

- rules socialism, communism and left-wing political ideas (its urge is towards collectivism). It is linked with mobs, secret plots, sedition, fraud and swindling, all illicit undertakings, bogus companies, loss and vice.

- denotes the principle of metamorphosis and regeneration. Various modern authors include the following in its mundane signification: Refuge and excrement, sewers. All aspects of life that are carried on in the dark or hidden from public view - political undergrounds, espionage, organised crime. Great wealth and power. Violence, rape. All activities that are transformative (like death and rebirth) or that bring hidden information to light (such as detective work).


The First House
- The country and its inhabitants as a whole; its general condition of prosperity and health or the reverse.

The Second House
- National wealth, the exchequer, revenue, and all places and activities concerned with money making, such as banks, the Stock Exchange, financial institutions, money markets and trade.

The Third House
- All means of inland transit, locomotion, or communication, such as railways, road and river traffic, cars, etc. All means of disseminating news and information, such as the Post Office, communication networks, internet, telephones, faxes, newspapers, magazines, ephemeral publications and periodicals. It also rules neighbouring nations.

The Fourth House
- Land, the owners of it and the workers on it. The crops and produce of the land. Mines, buildings. The people as contrasted with the monarch; the democracy as contrasted with the aristocracy; the opposition in Parliament. A planet close to the cusp of this house may influence the weather according to its nature. A malefic in this house may afflict the government through its opposition to the 10th House.

The Fifth House
- Theatres, public houses, all places of amusement, entertainment and pleasure. The birth-rate, children, sexual concerns. Sports, speculation, gambling. Some consider that it is connected with 'high society' and formal social functions. It has also been suggested that it relates to the House of Lords, the opposition of the 11th. Traditional astrologers included ambassadors under this house.

The Sixth House
- Public health or sickness. Epidemics. The health service. The national services: army, navy and Civil Service as servants of the country. Workers and employees generally. Trade unions.

The Seventh House
- Foreign affairs; relations with other countries, whether friendly or hostile, political or commercial. National marriage/divorce rate.

The Eighth House
- Public mortality, death-rate, the kinds of people who die. Death duties. Financial relations with foreign countries.

The Ninth House
- Shipping, sea traffic, the aeroplane industry and long distance traffic generally, whether connected with passengers or commerce. Long distance or international communications. Religion, the churches, preachers. Law courts. Universities, professors, philosophical and scientific institutions and publications.

The Tenth House
- The monarch or president, the government, people in authority. Royalty, eminent and famous persons. National trade. The national reputation, credit, and power. Public employment rate.

The Eleventh House
- Parliament, especially the House of Commons. Town and County Councils and similar bodies. Friends of the nation. Legislation.

The Twelfth House
- Prisons, reformatories, criminals, spies, secret enemies of the country at home or abroad. Hospitals, asylums, institutions for those who are weak, infirm, or in need of charity. The welfare state. Possibly secret societies and occult religions.


Australia | UK | USA

chart for Australia - set for Canberra

Aries ingress 2004 - Australia

Fixed signs on the angles of the Aries Ingress chart for Canberra mean that we can expect the influence of this chart to be long ranging, lasting until the next Aries Ingress.

The Leo Ascendant is ruled by the Sun, which is in the 7th house. As the house of foreign affairs, it indicates that the concerns of the Prime Minister and those in authority will continue to be dominated by relationships with other nations. Aquarius on the 7th house cusp and its ruler, Saturn in the 11th house, suggest that the issues will involve relationships with Allies rather than enemies. One of the frequent criticisms of Prime Minister John Howard is that he is too easily led by the wishes of George Bush. The Sun in the 7th house shows that this perception will continue.

The war in Iraq and the question of whether intelligence information used as a basis for going to war was accurate will continue to dominate. The Moon in the 7th house shows that the attention of the public is very much concerned with our relationship with other nations. But the concern here appears to be not so much whether we were right to go to war with Iraq but whether the Australian government was right to rely on the advice of other nations.

Australia is due for an election towards the end of this year. The ruler of the 4th house, which denotes the opposition party, is Jupiter in the 1st house. Jupiter is not in very good shape but neither is Mercury, significator of the government. Jupiter, in its detriment and retrograde, is opposite Uranus on the 7th house cusp, showing a possible desire to break free of the constraints of others while remaining on friendly terms (7th house ruler in 11th). Uranus denotes individualism and its opposition to Jupiter, in the 1st house, the house of the country as a whole, suggests that, come election time, the opposition might be seen as offering a stronger stance on the individual rights of the country. Mercury, significator of the government, is on the cusp of the 8th house, possibly indicating the 'death' of the current government. Pluto in the 4th, squaring both the Sun and Moon, is days away from stationing to go retrograde possibly bringing to light information that has previously been hidden from the public.

The recent signing of the free trade agreement between Australia and the US has raised many concerns, one of them being that it is designed to benefit the US to the detriment of Australia. Mars, as ruler of the 8th house and significator of the financial arrangements we have with foreign countries, is in the 9th house in its detriment. However, Venus as ruler of the 2nd house and significator of the local economy, is strong and in the sign of its rulership. The Australian dollar is the strongest it has been in years and is likely to remain that way for some time.

Chart for UK - set for London

Aries ingress 2004 - UK

The UK ingress has a cardinal sign on the ascendant, so its effects are limited to a period of around three months.

The Moon applies to ascendant-ruler Mars, which is placed on the 2nd-house cusp, about to leave its sign of detriment. This brings financial concerns to the fore, with the change of sign indicating that hard-hitting new initiatives are about to be introduced. Overall, the nation's reserves are looking in a poor state, ruled by a low profile 12th house Mercury, which is tied to Neptune, a planet which generally blurs the issues. With the Sun and the ruler of the MC both suffering from a weak and precarious condition, the government may suffer criticism that it has tried to bury bad financial news.

Mars in the second reveals problems caused by overspending so a viable consequence of this would be a rise in interest rates. Mars being what it is, proposals for rectification will seem extreme, and phases like 'tough action' and 'tackling the problem head on' will be bandied about. The Moon's immediate square to Pluto on the 9th house cusp shows strong public resistance to attempts to reorganise the university fees system. Pluto promises major reform but Jupiter, which rules the 9th, is retrograde and weak, so initial plans are likely to be rejected as not transformative enough.

This chart suggests a difficult period due to the stellium of planets - including the Sun and Moon - in the 12th house, along with debilitated MC-ruler Saturn lying low on the cusp of the 4th house. This augurs a rise in unemployment and a fall in house prices, which would buck all recent trends but could result from a rise in interest rates.

The separating sextile between Saturn and Uranus in the 12th shows the government still suffering from conspiracy theories and revelations of half-truths being offered in support of its actions. The 12th house theme brings attention to 'hidden institutions', making the prison system, terrorist threats, and the nation's intelligence prime targets for concern, re-evaluation and investment. The main focus will probably fall upon the problem of illegal immigrants which, with the Moon squaring Pluto on the 9th house cusp, shows up as a powerfully emotive issue of public concern, likely to drag the government into controversy whichever approach they take. The period is marked as one in which heavy issues that need correction or investment will be tackled, but it will not bring public favour at this time as the possible advantages will be difficult for the 'man on the street' to comprehend.

Venus, ruler of the 7th, is the strongest planet in the chart, showing that involvement in international politics will continue to dominate headlines. Venus rises in the 1st house conjunct the north node, offering hope for beneficial diplomatic treaties, resolutions to outstanding foreign problems, and a relaxation of recent criticism. Unfortunately, Mars changes signs before Venus makes contact, so some of the positive indications that cause that relaxation may later prove groundless.


Chart for USA - set for WaSHINGTON dc

Aries ingress 2004 - USA

Like all charts the angles in the ingress chart are of paramount importance. The angles in this chart are cardinal indicating a year of initiative. This is appropriate as this year the American electorate will choose to stay with the current President or select a new one. There is also a war going on, continuing problems in Iraq, and serious problems in Korea, as well as in Iran and other Middle Eastern nations. The American economy is always in the news, and while gaining considerable strength, has yet to show convincing staying power to investors whose money powers the economic engine. It will take quite a bit of initiative to get those problems under control and solutions moving in the correct direction.

The closest planet to an angle is Saturn in Cancer in the 7th house. Saturn would represent the American nation as a whole (Capricorn on the ASC), and the economy (Aquarius on the 2nd cusp). We see the country in the house of open enemies, appropriate for fighting on foreign soil, and woefully, in detriment indicating more money going to Iraq. Mercury, ruler of the 9th house of foreign affairs and journalists squares (albeit widely) Saturn. Mercury is also conjunct the Arabic part of discord. Early degrees on this cusp indicate there is a long way to go with this ugly situation. Ugly aptly described by Saturn in detriment on the cusp. Saturn is conjunct the US natal Jupiter, which will make the difficult tasks somewhat easier.

President Bush, in this chart, is shown by the MC at 24 Libra, the same sign and degree as the President's natal IC. The IC is the end of the matter, so it is tempting to interpret this as a defeat (reversal) for the President at the polls in November. However, in the Ingress chart, the MC ruler, Venus is strong in rulership in the fixed sign of Taurus and in a powerful mutual reception by exaltation with the Moon (the people) in Pisces. I would never make an election prediction based on this alone, but it does look good for the President.

What does not look good for the President is his ASC exactly conjunct the 8th house of death in the Ingress chart when it is cast using Regiomontanus cusps, which I did by mistake. I usually use Placidus for everything but horary. If the 8th cusp shows the kinds of people who will die, Leo is on the cusp regardless of which house system is used indicating death of a leader.

There are other things to consider in this chart, such as Ingress Jupiter on the contra antiscion of the GW Bush's natal Jupiter, and Mars at 29 Taurus about to change signs and 0 Gemini is the President's 11th house. In mundane astrology the 11th is "advisor to the king (vice president) and has Mars ruled Scorpio on the Ingress cusp. Perhaps Vice President Chaney will not run with President Bush in December.

© Deborah Houlding, Tom Callanan, Sue Toohey

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