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Will she leave her husband for me?

Judged by Deborah Houlding

Will she leave her husband for me?

The querent had felt attracted to his friend's wife for many months and at the time of the question had just begun an affair with her. No one knew about the affair and he wanted to know if it would continue and whether his lover was likely to leave her husband for him.

The significators for the querent are ascendant-ruler Saturn and the Moon. Although he is a young, attractive man, Saturn accurately describes him as being very 'dark', both in appearance (dark hair and complexion) and personality. Positioned in the 12th house it shows the relationship to be a secret, illicit one. Saturn rejoices here - for naturally Saturne is author of mischeife, said Lilly. Moon on the descendant suggests that, of the two, the querent is straining most to develop the relationship.

His lover is signified by the 7th house ruler, Sun, and Venus, general significator for women. The Sun is situated in the Via Combusta (15 Libra - 15 Scorpio), associated with fear and hidden matters, and is positioned on the 8th house cusp showing feare and anguish of Minde (CA p.54). Venus is also combust, further emphasizing the hidden, constrained and fearful nature of the relationship. This suggests that the lover does not feel free to follow her heart, but experiences guilt and discomfort over the situation.

An argument that the relationship will continue is the application from Venus to Saturn by square. Although this is not an easy aspect there is a mixed reception between the planets showing a willingness to get together. (Saturn is in the triplicity of Venus, and she is in his exaltation, triplicity and face.) However, at best this promises many obstacles to overcome. With Venus afflicted by combustion and Saturn in the 12th, neither party is strongly placed to resolve the difficulties facing their relationship.

The main significators, Sun and Saturn, are beginning to separate from a square aspect. With no strong reception to assist, this aspect cannot help the situation, especially from such weak houses. The fact that the significators are separating indicates that the relationship will dissolve, rather than develop.

The Moon applies to a sextile of both Venus and Sun, but neither receive the peregrine Moon so, again, this aspect is not forceful enough to promise a positive result. It only shows the querent's desire to continue the relationship. (Note that Sun and Moon are peregrine, whilst Saturn and Venus, though essentially dignified are accidentally debilitated - both parties were keenly aware of a lack of integrity in their actions.)

My answer to the querent was that, despite her genuine affection for him, his lover would not feel able to leave her husband. She was already uncomfortable about the affair and would probably want to end it soon. The application of the Moon to midheaven ruler Jupiter, on the 7th house cusp, was an indication that events would be brought to a head quickly.

In fact, the querent's lover did leave her husband, almost immediately, telling him that she wasn't sure about the strength of their marriage and needed some time to sort out her confused emotions. During this time the husband did his best to convince his wife they should stay together. I took him to be mainly signified by Jupiter, as ruler of the querent's 11th house of friends, which positioned on the descendant shows a friend becoming an opponent.

Five days after the question the husband encountered his wife with the querent and an emotional scene ensued, the upshot of which was a black eye and several other injuries for the querent. (Note that Jupiter on the descendant activates the grand trine between angular Mars, its dispositor Mercury and the ascendant, showing arguments and violence to the querent, whilst Saturn square Sun is literally a 'black eye') The wife was given an ultimatum to choose between her lover and her husband and she chose her husband. She has not been in contact with the querent since.

© Deborah Houlding

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