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Will I find my money or is it lost?

Judged by Sharon Knight

Where is the money?

The previous Saturday I had several hundred pounds in my purse, ready to bank first thing Monday morning. As I was going shopping, my mother advised me to leave the money at home. I remembered taking it out of my purse but had no recollection of what I did with it next.

Whilst shopping, I noticed at one stage that my handbag was open but did not think anymore about it. On the Monday morning I went to the bank to pay the money in, and realised that it was not in my purse or my bag. My parents turned their house upside down, looking in books, under the bed, in every cupboard, but to no avail. I tried to think what I had done with it but could only recall putting it back in the top of my bag. I feared it was stolen or had dropped from my bag.

On the Thursday morning I decided to draw up a horary to see whether or not my money had been stolen and what hopes I had of recovering it.

The chart corresponds with my nativity as I have Sagittarius rising. Jupiter is my significator; afflicted by combustion, which I took to represent my fears and also that I was under duress and strain. I could not see (combust) what I had done with the money.

Jupiter is also in a partile trine, though separating, with Saturn, ruler of the 2nd house which signifies my money. As well as showing that I have lost contact with my money, this separating aspect describes how the money has come to be lost. Lilly says on page 321 of Christian Astrology:

... behold from whom the Lord of the ascendant did last separate, and if he did separate from Saturn, the cause of the lost thing was through forgetfulness of the owner, who knows not where he laid it, or it is forgotten by reason of some cold or sickness which afflicted the loser, especially if Saturn be Retrograde.

Saturn is retrograde, and I was feeling tired and had a bad headache that Saturday. The weather was miserable and we had heavy rain which made for a difficult drive to the shops. However, when the significator of a missing item is retrograde it usually indicates its return (CA. p.468), so I looked upon this as a positive sign.

A strong indication that I would find my money is the applying trine between the Moon and Saturn, and the Moon's final conjunction with Jupiter. In a humane sign the Moon (which acts as a co-significator for the lost item as well as myself), shows the money to be in a place frequented by people. Within 30° of the ascendant ruler it shows it to be near the querent (CA. p.326). This is also indicated by the location of the ascendant ruler in an angle (CA. p.349). I therefore decided that the money was not stolen but merely misplaced.

The next question was where had I put it and when would it be found?

If the Lord of the term of the Moon, or the Lord of the 2nd be in a succedent House, then the things are about the Owner, and not much elongated (CA. p.349)

Lilly tells us that the significator in Aquarius indicates some place near a door or high up (p.351). Yet he also tells us to behold the Lord of the 4th, and that 'if in a fixed sign, it is on the Earth'. Saturn is also in a fixed sign, as is Mercury, the natural significator of money (CA. p355). I couldn't think where the money could be as I had searched everywhere. I kept looking at Saturn in the 2nd in Aquarius. It had to be near the earth, which I took to be on the ground, near a doorway. Then it hit me!

Aquarius rules the ankles. Saturn, lord of Aquarius is dark in colour, near a door. I remembered I had taken home with me a pair of expensive 'lizard' skin (Saturn) boots which I had not worn - they are black in colour. I had put them back in their box in the very bottom of the wardrobe, on the floor, under a shelf. I got the boots out and there in the ankle/heel part of one of the boots was my money, found at precisely 2.45 pm (GMT).

I didn't actually have to check the timing but looking in the ephemeris, the moving Sun conjoined Jupiter on that day and formed its trine to Saturn. The Sun brought the money to light!

About Sharon Knight

Sharon Knight Sharon originally studied with the Faculty of Astrology but completed her qualifications on the QHP course (Qualifying Horary Practitioner) in 1993. Sharon subsequently went on to become a Tutor for the QHP and taught astrology at evening class for the Kensington and Chelsea Adult Education unit. She has run small workshops and spoken at astrological events and given talks to interested groups.

Sharon has had many clients from around the world, and from many diverse backgrounds. Although her preference is for Horary Astrology, she also does natal work, but in the Traditional manner. Sharon has also helped couples undergoing fertility treatment to pinpoint the most likely time for a successful conception using the Jonas method.

Sharon was the astrologer for Here! magazine until it was bought out by a rival company, and became Now. In addition to her work on Here! Sharon has also written articles for the Daily Mirror, the Astrology Quarterly, Traditional Astrologer and the Astrological Journal here in the UK and for The Horary Practioner in America. Sharon now edits the Newsletter for the Association of Professional Astrologers International and is a Fellow of the same organisation. She is also a member of the Association of Astrologers and a member of the Astrological Lodge of London. Sharon recently successfully completed her M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.

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