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The suggested interpretations are offered as a guide to aspect meanings.
For refined interpretation, consider the general condition of the planet, its dignities, sign, and house location.
Remember, generally:
conjunctions unite planetary influences and show a strong focus of energies
trines and sextiles bring planets together in an easy release of energy
squares suggest tension
oppositions show resistance and swings between extremes

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Aspect Meanings in Birth Charts

Aspects involving the Moon
by Michael McClain



moon conjunctionsun
Moon conjunct Sun

This aspect suggests a joining of your emotional urges and your natural drive instincts. The temperament becomes more unilateral, unaffected by the wants and desires of others. You are satisfied with yourself and the goals you hope to realize. You won't adapt easily to changes in your life, unless you sense these changes are in your best interest. You stay clear of the business of others and expect the same from them. You are highly motivated to achieve your agenda, focusing well on objectives, and normally gaining successful results. Even if you don't succeed in the eyes of others, you are self-satisfied with your accomplishments.

moon conjunctionmercury
Moon conjunct Mercury
The Moon and Mercury in conjunction marks an increase in your sympathetic and understanding nature. You relate well to people because of the ease with which you communicate your feelings. You find it easy to learn new material and you have no problems retaining what you learn. Your most effective means of learning is by experiences, not study. At an early age you were taught how important it was to develop your mind and you are always likely to be interested in doing so. You adapt readily to change and progress. You may be a little sensitive to criticism because you read more into circumstances that may exist. Nonetheless, this aspect will make it easy for you to work and deal with people even when some aspects of the reading suggest otherwise.

moon conjunctionvenus
Moon conjunct Venus
The Moon and Venus in conjunction shows an ability to relate very easily to people. You find it easy to be friendly with just about everyone. Occasionally, you can be so friendly that you may arouse suspicions in some more jaded souls. You're never one to wait for the other person to make the first gesture when introduced, and you can put anyone at ease with your affable ways. You are extremely responsive to friendliness and abhor rudeness. There is little pretense about you. You act the way you do simply because you think it is and because of your early training.

moon conjunctionmars
Moon conjunct Mars
The conjunction of the Moon and Mars shows much emotional anxiety and impatience. It is an aspect that seems to energize emotions and those emotions may often come out with Martian or aggressive qualities. Your feelings are usually very active, and always in a state of turmoil. In short, your emotions are intense. This conjunction can show passions that are very ardent and demanding, and actions can sometimes be blind to caution and common sense. There are tendencies that may lead you to accomplish much if you can only guide these energies with some wisdom. Often, however, a more destructive vindictive facet to the personality results from this aspect.

moon conjunctionjupiter
Moon conjunct Jupiter
The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter shows a deep sensitivity to your environment, which you truly want to understand as fully as possible. The aspect confers sympathy and generosity. Often individuals having this combination find jobs working with the underprivileged, in rehabilitation programs, or a similar type of occupation. Your honest concern for others brings you the trust and cooperation of most of those with whom you come in contact. You are a giving person and you find success because of this. Beware of over-extending your physical energies.

moon conjunctionsaturn
Moon conjunct Saturn
The conjunction of the Moon and Saturn suggests that you are emotionally defensive, cautious, and reserved. You are apt to question your self-worth and worry about whether you really make a difference. It's hard for you to form close emotional ties because of your negative and restrained attitudes. The affects of this aspect may stem from harsh discipline or other traumatic experiences in your formative years. For whatever reason, you have a tendency always to expect the worse. Success does come easy to you because of your stern, but always fair management style. Honesty is a hallmark of your nature, and you can always be relied on to render unbiased opinions.

moon conjunctionuranus
Moon conjunct Uranus
The conjunction of the Moon and Uranus denotes strong intuitions. It also makes you very independent. You rebel against set ways of doing acting and orthodox principles. High emotional tension can produce sudden impulses in your behavior that cause difficulties. Dull routine duties are a problem for you, and these can have a damaging effect on your nervous system. You moods change rapidly, you seem irritated, and you aren't very reliable when this aspect is active. Often, you are viewed as a character and you express yourself with verve. You are popular because of your tolerance and understanding of others and your ability to see both side of almost any issue. Your optimism and honesty are refreshing and will carry you far.

moon conjunctionneptune
Moon conjunct Neptune
The conjunction of the Moon and Neptune shows daydreaming, or at least a highly imaginative and sensitive nature. You have strong psychic abilities that makes you aware of stimuli others fail to detect. You're the type who is willing to help anyone. Yet somehow you end up getting blamed for their failures and rarely get much credit for their successes. Because your mind wants to wander, you need stimulating challenges and you must avoid boring and repetitive tasks. You are a little idealistic in accessing people, and you often get fooled and disappointed. You're very much the romantic, and it's hard for anyone to measure up to your expectations.

moon conjunctionpluto
Moon conjunct Pluto
The conjunction of the Moon and Pluto produces an intense romantic nature. You seek relationships with those who feel as deeply and as tenaciously as you do. You are a very possessive and demanding person, rarely impulsive or casual. It's hard to satisfy your emotional needs for the perfect relationship because you are so idealistic and demanding. These traits often extend to friendships, as well. Because of this your friends are few but extremely close. You are a hard person to live with because you require so much of those to whom you are near. You can be tyrannical and alienating, at times.


moon sextilesun
Moon sextile Sun
The sextile formed between the Sun and Moon is usually an indicator of a tranquil and happy life. This aspect makes relationships easier and more harmonious, especially with members of your family. Your attitude about the past and the present are balanced and positive. You remember the lessons of the past, but have no need to hold on to, or return to any previous part of your life. While you can and do assert yourself, you are careful not to offend people, and for this you are well-liked. You have many ideas to draw on. You don't feel threatened when challenged, and you understand the principles of compromise. There is every indication that you will succeed as a person.

moon sextilemercury
Moon sextile Mercury
The Moon in sextile aspect with Mercury gives a thoughtful and sensitive disposition. Your ability to absorb and retain information is outstanding. Your emotions are in tune with your intellect, and you need to be useful to others by sharing your knowledge. You can convey your thoughts in a simple and concise way. Intellectually curious and well read, you are an interesting conversationalist. While having a positive and happy disposition, you are so sensitive that you can feel when others are being dishonest or insincere. This aspect improves your potential in business because of your attention to detail and the tendency to avoid wasting time.

moon sextilevenus
Moon sextile Venus
The sextile aspect formed between the Moon and Venus shows the need and disposition for happy personal relationships. There is a sense of sharing and communication in partnerships that will usually produce good results. You succeed socially because you can usually think of something good to say about nearly anyone. You're willing to discuss problems, but your optimistic attitude keeps you from becoming preoccupied with them. You feel matters will work out well and most of the time they do. Rarely is your progress impeded by misunderstandings with others.

moon sextilemars
Moon sextile Mars
The sextile aspect of the Moon with Mars gives the emotional force necessary to win many battles. Any tendency to argue and flare up on occasion is kept under control, and you aren't a person apt to have difficulties with people. It does make you an energetic person, and one who has an infectious and personable manner. You respond to people eagerly, and your enthusiasm stimulates them to respond to you as well. While impulsive by nature, you have due respect for the feelings of others. Even when you do lose control of your temper, you are not one to hold a grudge. You simply work out your differences, and proceed.

moon sextilejupiter
Moon Sextile Jupiter
The sextile aspect of the Moon with Jupiter produces generosity and emotional sympathy. Your intellectual ability is tempered with sympathetic feelings. You can succeed in many ways, and when you do, you are not likely to forget those that helped you along the way. Often this aspect is associated with strong religious or idealistic practices. Honesty, integrity, and a genuine fondness for people are marked in your nature.

moon sextilesaturn
Moon Sextile Saturn
The Moon sextile Saturn shows a degree of reserve and caution in your feelings in close relationships. You have a willingness to discuss problems that arise, and you sincerely try to understand. You are modestly ambitious, but never likely to sacrifice integrity to get ahead. Determination may be stronger than otherwise indicated in the chart. You communicate well, and teaching comes naturally for you. You project knowledge clearly and with real authority. You seek a partner who is sincere and has clearly established plans for achieving goals. You respond to people with good resources of mind and spirit, and besides these traits they must have stable emotions. In your free time you read or study, recognizing that growth is possible only if you continue to expand knowledge.

moon sextileuranus
Moon Sextile Uranus
The sextile aspect formed between the Moon and Uranus shows quick emotional responses. This promotes rapport with people. You are very progressive in your views, looking to the future with little regard for the past. Your imagination is uniquely designed to solve everyday problems in unusual ways. You are quick to embrace new ideas and take advantage of opportunities.

moon sextileneptune
Moon Sextile Neptune
The sextile aspect between the Moon and Neptune shows such a vivid imagination that you may possess psychic potentials. Your hunches, that are often accurate, may stem from an unconscious prompting connected to this placement. Your keen emotional sensitivities forms empathy with others. There is a tendency to idealize and sometimes fool yourself, confusing the real and the imagined.

moon sextilepluto
Moon Sextile Pluto
The sextile between the Moon and Pluto generates emotional understanding in your nature. You are deeply emotional, but controlled. You enjoy personal contact with others, yet you will not waste time with casual relationships. Occasionally, you may withdraw into yourself, and alienate others. You are an excellent manager because you can remove the nonessentials in your life. You have the innate ability to understand and respond to others.


moon squaresun
Moon square Sun
The square formed between the Sun and Moon shows conflict in certain aspects of the life. Self-expression is blocked by emotional hangups or habit patterns that may be inherited or conditioned by past events. Family and domestic affairs keep you from developing the way you would like. The conditions in your early family environment may have caused difficulties in understanding and getting along with the opposite sex. In these relationships you can be too argumentative and defensive. You may need to get the chip off your shoulder sometimes. This aspect suggests a conflict between the ego and the emotions. There is a presence of tension between your outer and inner self.

moon squaremercury
Moon square Mercury
The square formed between the Moon and Mercury suggests conflict between your mind and your emotions. You have difficulties making reasonable judgments because your feelings get in the way. Irrational decisions place you at odds with people sometimes, and you have the feeling that you're being treated unfairly when this may not be the case. You dwell on trivial personal matters and may have a real sense of insecurity. You can communicate well with those that are very close to you. Yet your peer group outside the family can be a problem with which you must deal before you can achieve success. Avoid the tendency to discredit the ideas of others when they disagree with your ideas or challenge you. Try to evaluate the ideas of others in an objective and quiet manner.

moon squarevenus
Moon square Venus
The square formed between the Moon and Venus shows you are apprehensive about forming close emotional ties because of the responsibility they bring. Something in your upbringing or experiences makes it hard for you to admit your feelings. This aspect doesn't make you reject companionship, but instead you form connections that are not desirable or for some reason not workable. It may be preferable for you to be independent for some time until you have learned to understand people and have an accurate sense of their motives. A high degree of emotionalism and sentimentality must be understood and overcome before entering into a binding commitment.

moon squaremars
Moon square Mars
The square formed between the Moon and Mars shows that you have an emotionally volatile nature. It suggests the tendency to become easily upset. You may take matters entirely too personal and often loose your cool. This aspect makes human relationships more difficult because of being demanding or very sensitive. You need to make your way in the world with no interference, and this is very difficult for anyone to do. With maturity you will likely learn to be less demanding on others and refrain from taking offense so easily and quickly. Channeled properly, your energy is boundless, and you can move mountains. Often this aspect results in many emotional crises that can lead to poor health if not handled properly. Harmony in relationships must be a conscious goal.

moon squarejupiter
Moon square Jupiter
The square formed between the Moon and Jupiter shows a state of emotional excess. This aspect causes you to make hasty, sometimes regrettable decisions. Often, you have a lack of concern about what others think when you make snap judgments and irresponsible decisions on too few facts. You are self-indulgent, and frequently too indulgent of others, as well. You can be generous to a fault, periodically finding yourself short of needed funds. Your happy-go-lucky demeanor makes you popular, but not always stable. Mood swings vacillate between periods of intense enthusiasm and periods of nonproductive apathy. This is a difficult aspect that requires constant restraint and effort to gain balance and moderation. This placement has a dampening effect on any ambitions shown elsewhere in the chart, and must be overcome before success can be attained.

moon squaresaturn
Moon square Saturn
The square formed between the Moon and Saturn suggests a serious side to your nature. There is a strong urge to get ahead. Yet your demeanor can get heavy sometimes and you can turn moody and depressed. Being temperamental in youth can cause you many problems. A guilt complex falls away with maturity. There is a lot of negativism and insecurity associated with this aspect, but there is also an ability to learn by mistakes. You understand yourself well, and you work harder than most people to prove yourself. With this aspect in your chart, you must learn to handle your frustration, depression and dissatisfaction. Although determined and apparently ardent in emotional matters, you can be pretty cold when it suits your purposes. Little of a personal nature is allowed to interfere with the main stream of your intentions.

moon squareuranus
Moon square Uranus
The square formed between the Moon and Uranus promises an ingenious imagination. It also produces emotional perversity and sudden inexplicable changes in moods. You become easily bored, throwing over one activity for something else more exciting. Frequent upsets and changes in circumstances, may be the order of your life. Your hair-trigger temper can fly whenever, even toward those close to you. This aspect denotes much emotional tension. As you mature, this aspect may mark you as an advanced thinker, but one likely to remain a law unto self. Tact is something you have to learn to fit more comfortable into society. Your uncompromising honesty and painfully truthful criticisms can make life difficult at times.

moon squareneptune
Moon square Neptune
The square formed between the Moon and Neptune suggests you have difficulty separating fact and fiction. You may be artistic talent, but reality and imagination often blur. You try to adjust reality to fit your emotional view of the matter. When this is not possible there is usually an effort to escape or avoid confrontation. You feel that you are persecuted by your responsibilities at home or at work. You may try to escape or reject them. There is a need to examine situations intellectually instead of emotionally, and then to make fair and firm judgments. There is a naive charm to your character. Yet your impractical approach to problems can impede your progress until you get your feet more firmly planted on the ground.

moon squarepluto
Moon square Pluto
The square formed between the Moon and Pluto shows you have an intense emotional nature. There are some difficulties in relationships because of it. Emotional responsibility is a burden for you. You may forget the past, and break any ties that confine. You are a loner at heart, but an ardent nature can prompt relationships that don't impose to many limits. This aspect shows a lack of interest in material matters. You're likely to be put off by trivialities and petty details of any sort. You're concerned only with issues that you consider important or unique in some way.


moon trinesun
Moon trine Sun
A trine formed between the Sun and the Moon shows a harmonious balance between your will and your learned habits and emotions. Your natural reactions to circumstances encourage success and the healthy growth of your ego and self-esteem. Early relations with parents were helpful and you were probably encouraged to express your individuality and become your own person. People respond to you freely and with ease. You are comfortable with responsibility because you are capable of getting others to follow you without becoming domineering and dogmatic. If a problem exists here, it's a lack of assertiveness caused by your not sensing the need to be firm.

moon trinemercury
Moon trine Mercury
The trine formed between the Moon and Mercury shows a shrewd, careful, and common sense mind. You evaluate your reactions to people, events and situations quickly. You have much comprehension in your dealings with people, and an amazingly retentive memory. You have a logical, judicious, and pleasant way of expressing yourself and you do so in a straightforward fashion. You have few, if any, emotional anxieties, and any you have you're very aware of and can handle. This aspect is favorable for communicating with others and especially in handling domestic affairs. You don't dwell on negative thoughts and with your natural compassion and sincere concern for people, you can often help those that do.

moon trinevenus
Moon trine Venus
A trine connecting the Moon and Venus smoothes the disposition, and makes life more harmonious in many ways. There is an attractiveness and a gentleness in the personality that can help you socially, if you let it. You trust people, and usually feel secure in your relationships. Optimism marks your approach to life, and matters work out well for you. Even when they don't, at least you had good intentions. You are never coarse or vulgar, and people who display such traits offend you. Your judgment is good, but you don't try to override other people's opinion. Unless your chart is a very difficult one, you are rarely, if ever, negative. Artistic talents are often present with this aspect.

moon trinemars
Moon trine Mars
The Moon forms a trine with Mars denoting a very active emotional nature and much psychic energy. You possess the ability to back your strong imagination with will and action. You do more than is physically required, whenever you can. You have strong feelings, but these feelings are controlled and constructive. In general, you deal with people well. You can be firm and forceful without becoming abusive and violent. You express a self-confidence that assures you won't be threatened by associates or competitors. You have the need to fight for what is right, but you do so in a fair and evenhanded way. Actions are unbiased and just.

moon trinejupiter
Moon trine Jupiter
The Moon forms a trine with Jupiter showing you possess a glowing, generous personality. You relate easily to people because when everything is said and done, you are a very magnanimous person. You have a confidence that you can deal with about any crisis in your life and your enthusiasm generates optimism in those around you. This position shows a civic-minded person, with altruism and religious devotion well marked in your makeup. Your imagination is expansive, and you can see ways to work out most problems.

moon trinesaturn
Moon trine Saturn
The trine between the Moon and Saturn shows that early upbringing and experiences have given you a prudent and common sense approach to life. Honesty runs strong in your nature. A sense of responsibility and of carrying out obligations are characteristic of this placement. You can develop a very good business sense. You have a firm understanding that personal effort and patience are the ingredients necessary for long-range achievements. You may not develop a large circle of friends unless other ingredients in your chart suggest a social attitude. Yet those friends you do make are very durable and lasting. Personal dignity and a sense of responsibility are very strong in your outlook and in your actions.

moon trineuranus
Moon trine Uranus
The trine formed between the Moon and Uranus suggests that your early environment and experiences gave you an inquiring mind. You're mentally alert and able to absorb knowledge easily. You relate well to people because you listen well and appreciate the opinions of others. You hold your own in an argument because you are always well armed with the facts. You're not exactly a rebel to authority, but you never hesitate to challenge anyone who assumes power irresponsibly. Your thinking integrates experiences of the past with a clear vision of the possibilities in the future. You've learned from your past, yet you're anything but old-fashioned. Your colorful expression is original and spontaneously imaginative.

moon trineneptune
Moon trine Neptune
The trine formed between the Moon and Neptune denotes close ties with the family. This bond may not be consciously apparent to you. There is a link from the past producing an unconscious prompting that plays an important part in your decision making. You have a keen psychic sensitivity, and you express your creativity in prophetic or intuitive ways; you are in tune spiritually. This apsect often gives a love of the arts, especially music. You may dramatize life, and exaggerate and distort events. Apathy may be one of your larger liabilities.

moon trinepluto
Moon trine Pluto
The favorable aspect formed between the Moon and Pluto strengthens your will to handle emotional problems in your life. This aspect provides you the talent to improve domestic and business matters by uncluttering your life. You're able to relinquish old emotional habits. You know your capabilities and you know your limits. You can neither be forced into doing what you don't wish to do, nor deterred from gaining your intended objectives. You are well respected because of your character and your ability to hold important issues in confidence when this is required of you. You have much energy which is well regulated and controlled.


moon oppositionsun
Moon opposition Sun
The placement of the Sun and Moon in opposite signs shows an inconsistency of the flow of energies in your life. There is some conflict between your conscious will and your emotions. You may experience an ebb and flow to your ability to express yourself, and in your productivity. You may find yourself frequently at odds with those with whom you must come in contact. Relationships mean much to you, and you need them to be solid. To succeed in relationships, you must give more than you receive. You may have difficulties releasing the past and forcing yourself to move forward.

moon oppositionmercury
Moon opposition Mercury
The Moon and Mercury in opposition suggests that it's hard to bring emotions and reason into balance. Issues are clouded by concern over trivialities, and emotional response often wins over common sense. Conversely, cold logic sometimes overcomes due concern for the individual. In either case, you find it hard to integrate feelings and thinking. It's hard to predict your conclusions on any particular issue. Occasionally, you become nervous and emotionally troubled. When this aspect is active by transit, you may be easily irritated and argue at the slightest provocation. This is not necessarily your normal mode of response.

moon oppositionvenus
Moon opposition Venus
The opposition between the Moon and Venus shows a degree of conflict in relationships no matter how hard you try to please. And you do try hard to please. You may be generous in your praise of others, but somehow your sincerity is called into question. You may become emotionally over-sensitive, and make special efforts to avoid disapproval despite your need for acceptance. When you expect too much from those you are close to, you are often disappointed. As a substitute for emotional satisfaction, you are somewhat self-indulgent. You display a weakness for comforts and luxuries. Your money conditions can cause problems if not carefully controlled. Sexual excesses can be a product of your feelings of being unloved.

moon oppositionmars
Moon opposition Mars
The opposition between the Moon and Mars shows continuous crises in relationships because it is so hard for you to compromise. You get into disputes about the most insignificant matters. Your personality is sparkling and outgoing, but feelings are intense, and you are quick to strike back when criticized. You meet people easily and eagerly. This eagerness often gets you involved with individual with whom you have little in common. Permanent relationships are difficult for you to cultivate. This is partly because of the individuals to whom you are attracted, and in part because you become so overbearing and dominating. You become emotionally pushy and intolerant of anyone who refuses to submit to your demands. In business you meet competition well, but have difficulty dealing with authority. You have trouble following the rules.

moon oppositionjupiter
Moon opposition Jupiter
The opposition between the moon and Jupiter shows a lack of appreciation of your actual worth. You may be a highly developed individual with much creative ability, and still question the importance of those abilities. You feel the need to be around people you highly respect, to have their reassurance of your talent, and their advice. You often place your faith in those who don't deserve it, and you can be too generous with these types. You attract money easily, but your judgment in spending it is sometimes not so sound. You are generous, but you have a tendency to give to the wrong causes.

moon oppositionsaturn
Moon opposition Saturn
The opposition between the Moon and Saturn suggests a negative mental attitude and often a restriction of the spontaneous flow of ideas. Intellectual responses are somewhat slowed. Even if you are very bright, the inability to express self in other than a prosaic manner often hides real mental abilities. Thus, you are more contemplative than conversational, but nonetheless a good listener. You are austere in your behavior and having fun is something that is hard for you to do chiefly because you worry too much. You function well when you are self-employed or at least have a free hand in deciding what you do. You lack emotional flexibility and optimism in your dealing with others, and you may sometimes display a stiff formal manner that can make others ill at ease.

moon oppositionuranus
Moon opposition Uranus
The Moon and Uranus form an opposition in your chart. This opposition suggests a conflict in your life regarding emotional matters. The Moon denotes emotions and Uranus produces unstable situations. Thus, you may be called on to deal with unpredictable emotions that may appear as nervous tension. It may require conscious effort on your part to maintain a responsible role in your domestic affairs. There is a tendency for you to attract a mate displaying forceful traits. This individual is likely to dominate you. Males have more difficulties than female with this aspect because it frequently sets up problems with females, including the mother. In either sex, there is a constant demand to decide for others that generates stress between the mental and emotional faculties.

Moon opposition Neptune
The opposition between the Moon and Neptune shows talent and creativity. Yet emotions govern most of your actions. You have some difficulty separating truth from fiction, and you may create illusions about yourself and others. Objectives are obscure, and you lack the ability to plan your life in an orderly fashion. You may experience periods when you are lacking in self-confidence. You can become an escapist at these times. People sometimes take advantage of you because you become so emotionally involved with their problems.

moon oppositionpluto
Moon opposition Pluto
The opposition between the Moon and Pluto suggests a very demonstrative show of affections and a strong sensitivity to any signs of rejection. Occasionally, this aspect denotes the loner. You try to control your family and friends, often displaying emotional vehemence in your relationships. This aspect may show an alternating from aggressiveness to austerity in love and romance. This aspect brings jealousy, impulsiveness and sensuality. Perhaps because of your relationship with your parents, you may feel rejected occasionally, and you may seek drastic solutions to your problems. You must learn to handle your attitude of intolerance in relationships.


Robert Pelletier's Planets in Aspects, (Whitford Press, 1987) has inspired some of this work and is recommended for a deeper discussion of aspect meanings.

Michael McClain has called astrology and numerology a hobby for more than 28 years. His work, all of which has been shared online, entertains thousands around the world every day. Michael lives with his wife Fran, in Savannah Lakes Village in South Carolina. Visit his site at

© Michael McClain


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