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Electional Astrology (1937)
by Vivian Robson

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It's a BAD idea to organise a public conference on a new Moon

It's a GOOD idea to start an excavation with the Moon sextile Saturn

It's a BAD idea to sign a contract with the Moon opposite Mercury

It's a GOOD idea to buy machinery with the Moon sextile Mars

It's a BAD idea to start important new ventures with the Moon square the Sun

It's a GOOD idea to plan relaxing events with the Moon conjunct Venus

It's a BAD idea to recieve medical treatment with the Moon square Saturn

It's a GOOD idea to avoid contentions when the Moon is square Mars

It's a BAD idea to make important decisions when the Moon is opposite Jupiter

It's a GOOD idea to deal with correspondence with the Moon conjunct Mercury

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Electing by the Moon, by David Plant


Electing by the aspects of the Moon is the poor man's version of electional astrology. William Ramesey, whose Astrologie Restored (1653) contains an extremely thorough treatment of elections, sniffily remarked that the method is best suited to people who "have not the capacity to understand or judge the Rules of Art", though he conceded that time pressure sometimes prevents the setting of a proper electional chart. Vivian Robson saw some value in the method and commented in his Electional Astrology (1937) that "at least [it] is better than no method at all, for it ensures favourable lunar conditions if nothing else".

Two cardinal rules of electional astrology should be noted even if you are only planning to use this simplified form. Firstly, the elected moment must harmonise with the nativity of whoever intends to benefit from it. Even a technically perfect election will fail if it afflicts the angles or important significators in the nativity. Secondly, most authors agree that the Moon should never be placed in the 1st house at the beginning of any new enterprise or venture.

The general rules that follow are adapted from Ramesey's Astrologie Restored p.128-9 and the 'Aphorismes of Bethem' given in Henry Coley's Key to the Whole Art of Astrology (1676) p341-3.

moon conjunctionsaturn
Moon conjunct Saturn
Bad for most purposes, especially for dealing with elderly or saturnine people. Also bad for travel, business and beginning new ventures.

moon sextilesaturn
Moon Sextile Saturn
Bad for love affairs and friendship with women. Favourable for building, excavation, agriculture &c. and also for dealing with elderly people, magistrates and officials.

moon squaresaturn
Moon square Saturn
Bad for everything, especially medical treatment, travel, love affairs and dealing with saturnine people.

moon trinesaturn
Moon trine Saturn
Favourable for repairing and renovating old buildings and objects; good for building, agricultural work and dealing with saturnine people.

moon oppositionsaturn
Moon opposition Saturn
Unfavourable for starting new ventures or hiring employees; also bad for business or for seeking favour and advancement.

moon conjunctionjupiter
Moon conjunct Jupiter
Generally favourable; especially good for lawsuits and for dealing with lawyers, doctors and professional people generally

moon sextilejupiter
Moon Sextile Jupiter
Good for decision making and legal transactions. Favourable for marriage.

moon squarejupiter
Moon square Jupiter
Good for study and getting advice, otherwise generally doubtful.

moon trinejupiter
Moon trine Jupiter
Favourable for starting new ventures and for dealing with influential people.

moon oppositionjupiter
Moon opposition Jupiter
Said to be good for journeys, but generally unfavourable for most purposes.

moon conjunctionmars
Moon conjunct Mars
Unfavourable for most purposes but especially for journeys and dealing with martial people

moon sextilemars
Moon sextile Mars
Good for contests and fights; also favourable for buying weapons, tools, machinery, &c.

moon squaremars
Moon square Mars
Generally unfavourable, especially for marriage, forming new liaisons or dealing with influential people. Avoid contention.

moon trinemars
Moon trine Mars
Good for undertaking any strenuous or challenging activity, starting controversies, lawsuits or fights; also for buying animals and dealing with martial people.

moon oppositionmars
Moon opposition Mars
Unfavourable for new ventures, journeys, friendships and dealing with women.

moon conjunctionsun
Moon conjunct Sun

Favourable only for matters designed to be kept hidden, secret or private.

moon sextilesun
Moon sextile Sun
Good for seeking favours from titled or influential people, also for short journeys, changes, new friendships and advancement.

moon squaresun
Moon square Sun
Unfavourable for new undertakings, travel or dealing with influential people.

moon trinesun
Moon trine Sun
Good for beginning new ventures, influencing important people and seeking advancement.

moon oppositionsun
Moon opposition Sun
Bad for business and unfavourable for starting new ventures or making important changes. Good for dealing with titled people; but not with rich men.

moon conjunctionvenus
Moon conjunct Venus
Favourable for love affairs, having fun, showing off, relaxing.

moon sextilevenus
Moon sextile Venus
Good for marriage, love affairs, financial matters and buying ornaments and jewellery.

moon squarevenus
Moon square Venus
Favourable for sports and games; also good for marriage and hiring employees.

moon trinevenus
Moon trine Venus
Good for marriage, love affairs and for wearing new clothes (providing the Sun is not in Leo).

moon oppositionvenus
Moon opposition Venus
Generally unfavourable. All venusian concerns should be approached with caution.

moon conjunctionmercury
Moon conjunct Mercury
Good for writing and correspondence, sending messages, letters, etc. Favourable for preparing accounts, signing contracts and for most commercial transactions.

moon sextilemercury
Moon sextile Mercury
Favours study, learning and dealing with clever people. Good for business and for entering into contracts and agreements.

moon squaremercury
Moon square Mercury
Good for travel, buying and selling, sending messages, study and dealing with influential people.

moon trinemercury
Moon trine Mercury
Good for undertaking new studies and work which requires ingenuity or flexibility. Also good for dealing with lawyers, secretaries and literary people.

moon oppositionmercury
Moon opposition Mercury
Favourable for dealing with literary or clerical people, travel and study. Good for business, but not for signing contracts.

© David Plant.

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