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Of Judgements on the Lunar Nodes

    by Lucia Bellizia

cauda and caput draconis

What is the origin of the judgments given by the ancient astrologers regarding the Moon nodes? In this article Lucia Bellizia considers how nodes, from being initially just the points of intersection between the Moon's orbit and the plane of the ecliptic, became two astrological points with their own symbolic peculiarities, to which we attribute virtues previously belonging to the Moon.

About the author:

Lucia Bellizia
has a University degree in Classical languages, and has studied astrology since 1984. She is especially interested in the historical and mathematical roots of the discipline, and is frequently involved in translating ancients texts from Greek and Latin into her native Italian. She is a member of Cielo e Terra, and founder and president of the cultural association ApotÚlesma, further details of which can be found on her website:

© The article made available on this page is copyrighted to Lucia Bellizia and is offered here for private, non-commercial use. Permission must be sought for reproduction. Published online October, 2010.

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