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Will this be a permanent relationship?

Judged by Olivia Barclay

Will he marry me?

The question was asked by a middle aged friend of mine who had been widowed suddenly within the past few years.

Gemini ascends, representing the querent, so Mercury is her main significator. Mercury in Leo gives a large body, a swarthy complexion, a high bridged nose and full eyes. She is an intellectual, interested in the arts and the theatre in particular. The friend and partner in whom she is interested is symbolized by Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, which is on the 7th house cusp. He is an artist.

It is apparent that Mercury moves to the conjunction of Jupiter in a fixed sign, and the answer to her question is therefore "yes". The Moon, her co-significator, supports this.

They married in November 1992 and he went to live in her house, both planets being in her 4th.

Those of us who like to study from the great works of the past will recall the chart in Lilly's Christian Astrology on page 455 about King Charles and his Queen. Lilly tells us the King had a great desire to see the Queen because his significator applied to hers. In this chart we see that the querent's planet applies to the 7th ruler and know that it is she who is the fonder.

© Olivia Barclay

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