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Here are some of the latest winners:
Silva Ayvaz
Dirk DeVries
Poema Querubin
Alex Simone
Stefan Windroth
Delonda Norfleet
Luis Goncalves
Hamish Saunders
Adrian Fourie
Teri Taylor
Qamar Abbas
Sabine Wernecke
Gwyneth Parry
Cathy Hand
Nan Lopez
Jasmin O'Hara
Suzana Mavricic
Christine Linwood
David Knowles
Stefan Windroth
Adele Boya
Toni Hoyle
Suzanne Pfitzner
J. Sue Gagliardi
Mihaela Dicu
Corrine Kenner
Linda Furiate
Barb Salerno
Kumar Shorav
Andy M.
Phoebe Brown
Paulo Fernando Pinto
Marilyn Mazzotta
Suzanne Richards
Raj Shekhar Sharma
Anna Nordh
John Timperman
Martin Lipson

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Just 15 questions stand between you and internet glory.
If you get the 'million dollar question' right, you'll find the secret password
that holds the key to your name to appearing in the roll of honour.

Who wants to be an astrology Clever-cloggs?
Question One for 100 points
Your Score


There are no cash prizes here, but if you beat the quiz,
consider yourself rich in astrological knowledge!

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