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Where is my sapphire ring?

Judged by Deborah Houlding

Where is my ring?

The querent, a French woman, was visiting one of my clients on a working holiday in London, and had contacted me at her suggestion. From the start she was keen to tell me of an incident that preceded the loss of a valuable sapphire ring. Just before flying over to England the querent had visited her daughter in Paris, and she related how she and her daughter had been having breakfast together on a pavement café, when she had noticed a strange man staring at her Sapphire ring and giving it what she called 'the evil eye'. As this continued she became so conscious of a bad feeling that she had turned the ring around on her finger, (so that the stone was on the inside of her hand), and had commented to her daughter about how uncomfortable she felt, and that she had a foreboding sense that something bad was going to happen to the ring.

She remembered that later she had removed this and another valuable ruby ring in the bathroom of her daughter's flat as she washed shortly before her journey to the airport, but after that she had no recollection of what she had done with either ring. Her first concern was when she unpacked in London, for she found the ruby ring lying carelessly at the bottom of her suitcase, but with no sign of the sapphire ring. After checking her suitcase thoroughly and searching carefully through her room, she became very concerned.

Before contacting me the querent had already telephoned her daughter in Paris, who had searched her flat, and had assured the querent that the ring was certainly not there. At this point I was asked if I could shed any light on the matter.

I was leaving for an astrology conference on the day I received this question, so I only had a short time to consider the chart and offer a judgement. The significator for the querent is the Sun, with Mercury, ruler of the 2nd house of personal possessions, representing the ring, and the Moon, as ever, acting as a general significator for the matter under investigation.

The Sun is positioned in the 11th house, describing the querent residing with her friend. The Sun has only just moved into Cancer and its ingress into a new sign indicated that she has recently experienced some major changes, more significant, I felt, than her journey to visit another country. She confirmed this, and said that she felt as if she had just started a new 'life-cycle' which involved a change of residence permanently and a new career.

The Moon is very prominently placed in this chart, and with both luminaries above the earth and the Moon applying next to the sextile of the Sun from an angle (with reception), I was confident that the querent would recover her ring. However, the Moon is slow in motion, decreasing in light, conjunct the South Node, rules the 12th house of matters that remain hidden, and is besieged between the square of Neptune and Uranus in the 6th house. All of these factors suggest that the matter is kept in darkness, and act against a full knowledge of the circumstances of this event coming to light.

The Moons dispositor, Mars, (which also rules the Midheaven) is placed in the 2nd house and receives the Sun's next aspect (after its sextile from the Moon). Mars in the 2nd also gives some concern that the querent's property has been under some form of attack, but in the context of the missing ring I viewed the Sun's friendly application to Mars in the 2nd as a secondary sign of recovery, along with the fact that Mercury (2nd-ruler) applied to Fortuna and was strong in dignity.

Although the Moon is close in its application to the sextile of the Sun, this aspect is perfecting over sign cusps, and as the Moon enters Taurus it leaves its peregrine status. I interpreted this to mean that the querent would not recover her ring until she had crossed another border and returned to her own home in France. This judgement didn't make a lot of sense because there was much to suggest that the querent had the ring near to her (2nd ruler within 30° of asc-ruler, main significators in succedent houses). I also felt that since Mercury was located on the 11th house cusp, with the Sun, Venus and Fortuna in the 11th, the querent should focus her search within the environment of her friend with whom she was staying. I read the separation of Mercury from Jupiter, ruler of the 5th house and significator of the daughter, and its present location on the 11th house cusp, as symbolizing that the ring had left the daughter's flat and been brought over to the friend's house where she was staying.

I apologised to the querent that I couldn't give her a more sensible reading from this chart, but my judgment was that she would recover her ring. I admitted that I was confused by contradictory symbolism which on the one hand suggested that she had the ring near to her, but on the other suggested that she wouldn't recover it until she returned home to France. I was quite certain that the ring was trapped in the lining of her luggage since Gemini signifies chests (CA p.94) and Mercury in Gemini is perfectly descriptive of luggage transported by hand. I also suggested that the querent should have another good search for the ring in the lining of her luggage around noon that day since the Moon perfected its sextile to the Sun at 12:30 pm. She didn't find it, and as I then had to leave for the conference I could only express my sorrow that the judgement hadn't been of much use to her, and said that I did think she had good hopes of recovering the ring in France.

About two weeks later the querent called me very excitedly to tell me what had happened. After my phone call she and the friend had examined all her luggage and suitcases minutely but had found no trace of the ring. She had concluded that it must have fallen from the case in transit and become lost. When she returned home to France she opened her case and the ring was staring in her in the face. She has no explanation of how it got there or why they were not able to find it when they looked for it earlier. Was this the 'evil eye' at work? She seemed to think so, but of course this is perfectly explained by the theory that the ring was trapped fast in the lining of the luggage and was shook free during the return journey. Before the Moon could perfect the sextile with the Sun and bring the ring to light, it first crossed the square of Uranus (a struggle to separate, a tear in the fabric?). I was just happy that the confusing elements of this chart finally came together and my judgement made sense in the end.

© Deborah Houlding

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